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The ENTJ at Work

ENTJs are drawn to leadership positions that allow them to develop strategies to achieve greater efficiency and productivity. They prefer to be in management or supervisory roles, and want the ability to initiate and lead organizational change.

ENTJs enjoy the challenge of solving difficult problems, and enjoy understanding complex systems so that they can determine where improvement is possible. ENTJs naturally see opportunities to improve systems, and want to lead teams to carry out their vision. They appreciate an environment where innovation is encouraged, and where traditions are not held sacred.

ENTJs want structure in their work. They prefer that their work and that of their colleagues be evaluated based on a set of clear guidelines. They appreciate an environment that is businesslike and fair, where performance is evaluated objectively and rewarded generously. ENTJs are typically motivated and hardworking, and want to be recognized for their efforts with money, power, and prestige.

An ideal organization for an ENTJ values competence and logical thinking, and includes coworkers who are intelligent and ambitious. An ideal job for an ENTJ is one that challenges them to address complex problems with strategic planning and clear goal-setting.

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Top Careers for the ENTJ

Top careers for the ENTJ include:

Business and Financial
Architecture and Engineering
Life, Physical, and Social Science
Arts and Media
Education, Training, and Library
Entertainment and Sports
Computer and Information Technology
Building and Operation
Law and Order

ENTJ Careers to Avoid

It is important to note that any personality type can be successful in any occupation. However, some occupations are well suited to the natural talents and preferred work style of the ENTJ, while other occupations demand modes of thinking and behavior that do not come as naturally to the ENTJ. Occupations that require the ENTJ to operate outside their natural preferences may prove stressful or draining, and often sound unappealing to ENTJs who are choosing a career.

The following occupations have been found to be unpopular among ENTJs, based on data gathered from surveys of the general population.

The ENTJ on a Team

ENTJs are commanding team members who typically want to take charge. They are strategic thinkers with an intuitive sense of what needs to get done and how everyone can contribute. ENTJs typically have a clear vision and often see how systems can be improved. They may not want to take much time explaining themselves to others, and although the clarity of their ideas is often convincing, they may have power struggles with teammates who question their ability or authority to lead the team.

ENTJs are objective thinkers who are willing to consider many options, and typically listen to their teammates’ ideas openly. They are good at synthesizing information and can often incorporate many ideas into a single plan of action. Although ENTJs are open to ideas, they are also decisive, and may take it upon themselves to deem when a discussion has been concluded. Personal issues rarely command the ENTJ’s attention, and may be neglected in their drive to finalize a concept. ENTJs want to create a definitive plan for change, and move decisively to action.

For more information: What's Your Type of Career?

The ENTJ as a Leader

In leadership positions, the ENTJ excels at organizing and implementing long-term plans for change. They prefer to be in control and will take on as much responsibility and decision-making power as possible.

ENTJ leaders are democratic about ideas, and often willing to listen to new perspectives; however, when the time comes to make a decision, they are commanding and unwavering. ENTJ leaders who have already made up their mind are singly focused on action, and leave little room for dissent.

ENTJs are focused on long range plans and vision, and lead their teams systematically towards their goal. They enjoy attacking tough problems, and want to organize people and resources strategically to achieve goals on time. They focus on results and can be blunt and critical; they may have difficulty with employees who want a more personal touch. ENTJs do best leading no-nonsense, goal-oriented teams who share their desire to get to work.

ENTJ Career Stats

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S (not verified) says...

Thank you, this is so accurate both in the good and bad aspects of myself! I'm 100% an ENTJ. No idea why some people are moaning that this is not accurate, honestly. Maybe they need to retake the test.

Omar (not verified) says...

I am happy I took the teat, I see myself within these words, many ppl told me that I have this skill. I wonder if I could be a Motivational speaker or a trainer, I wanna open a Youtube channel, my friends adviced me to do it without thinking but I am kinda thinking of the content that would suit my caracter. Any advice would be appreciated from my leader mates.

entj? (not verified) says...

What are you talking about? In what way is it flawed?

Ray says...

Hi all, I'm ENTJ (female, 27) both 3 years ago and now. So I reckon that is my right type. I've been going through some career difficulties as well - I started to work 2 years ago after graduation in a foreign country for a boss who is a bit control-freak and never listen to me or support my own career development. I soon feel very underemployed and trapped in this team as most of the work I was assigned were really not challenging for me. I feel I'm such a capable person but I have to hide everything to suit this boring job. I wasn't able to change jobs at that time due to visa/sponsorship issues, and frankly speaking, it's still hard for me to nail a better job I wanted with a temperory visa in the industry. So now I'm still actively looking for great job opporunities and sponsorship, it's not a good timing as most companies are freezing headcounts, but I'll keep going. Meanwhile I always have the long term plan to start my own business and be my own boss as I really don't like others to tell me what to do, especially some lame bosses.

So that's my story for now, honestly I'm still quite stressful for I haven't found the job that suits me better and let me shine. But I always believe in myself and I know I'll achieve my goal one day and be a truly great global talent. Happy to chat with anyone who got similar experience or at the same phase of their life!

Aob (not verified) says...

hello Ray,

I share the same personality type as you and I've experienced the same situation 4 years ago, and I survived this difficult time.

If you want to hear the whole story just let me know

Kentj (not verified) says...

Oh girllll I can totally relate 

I'm a lawyer and my first job was interning at an incompetent firm.. It was so frustrating but I left soon as my contract was up... And opted for non renewal Because I felt the same way you feel about working for incompetent people... Im also equally driven and I'm currently job hunting for something more challenging even though I'm already working... I feel for us we know our value and we tend to be brilliant so incompetency is a No no

Because I relate I say don't give up I'm also actively looking for a job even though corona slowed me down I'm not stopping till I g free t what I want and where I need to be 

DH. ARA (not verified) says...

Are you sure you're an ENTJ? 

Experienced ENTJ (not verified) says...

First, why would your boss give a sh*t about your career objectives...? Reassess your expectations around that.

Second, analyze the people around you including your boss. What's their plan?

Life is a chess game. You've demonstrated an inability to put yourself in someone else's shoes. And like chess, life is about perspectives and if you can't figure out what other people want, then you won't be able to develop strategies to get what you want.

Trent A Ballard (not verified) says...

Actually I just wanted to encourage you that what you are feeling as constrained by a boss and not challenged is not uncommon for an ENTJ. We love new things!  but we don't always like to stay with them to completion because we get bored.  ALso, we love to learn!  and if your current position is not forcing you to learn, well you get bored and dread it.  Being your own boss might provide you a great option especially if you build a solid team.  Your first partnership should be with someone who likes details and day to day stuff so you can lead, create, etc.  Blessings

Nearu (not verified) says...

I'm a 12-year-old ENTJ here and I got this facts really with me. I like this website too. Finally understands who am I. Also, it must be the reason why my classmates sometimes hate me when it comes to group activities. They find me arrogant which is accurate. I really like understanding myslef now. Thx to this.


Maya S (not verified) says...

I'm 13 and I feel the exact same!

Yan (not verified) says...

Me too  😂

Guest A (not verified) says...

Hi All. Late 20s Entj/Estp here. I've aways been outgoing, able to speak with anyone and always worked hard. Three years ago I had a career break and travelled. Loved it! I then moved to another country and found the job process difficult along side poor living conotions. Self doubt crept in and I began to beat myself up. Lost all interest in socialising, sport, my new surroundingsand learning. I moved home and felt trapped and hopeless. I should have reached out for help but didn't want to bother others even though I don't mind lending a hand. The real trigger was having a temp job overseas and for a good company. I felt isolated from other colleagues and unable to deliver the results with me becoming fearful and lashing at others. It really crushed me. Totally out of character. I've been in Sales and looking toward consultancy or project management as a career change.  I've always been the life of the party too and goal orientated. I get ENTJ/ENFJ in MBTI since I first started the test 5 years ago but think I maybe an ESTP. If anyone has advice on the above please share your thoughts. 

Trevor says...

I personally think the move from sales to consulting or PM is a good guess. Unless you are leading a large sales team you are only using part of your strength (extroverted) and not so much the (Intuitive, Thinking, Judging). I moved from a sales role to a consultant strategist role and it is infinitely more engaging. Good Luck!








VT (not verified) says...

I went through something similar as you about 10 years ago. Moved to a different country, tried to start a business with a local and did, but felt isolated, unproductive and was the beginnings of a long and confusing depression. My suggestion start small again, just put one foot in front of the other and find your interests and hobbies again. Regarding work, if you are an ENTJ, then you need to be around people (a team) leading and guiding them towards a common objective or goal. Hindsight really is 20/20! And life changes as well in 2020!! Best of luck to you - baby steps all the way


T (not verified) says...

I can relate to your story. The first thought regarding your text is that the Selv doubt you experience is not nessecary due to a change in your personality (ref. Are you ENTJ or ENFJ.


Due to the question if you are T or F, the answer would be easy to find since these letters are polarized. On other words the T and F has a vital impact on your personality and are easy to distinguish. If the question was: am I ENTJ or ENTP, the answer would be rather more difficult to exploit since the J/P is more alike than the F/T - question.

For me the ENTJ-question was easily answered due to my connection with my feelings. There is clear to me that feelings are extremely introverted. While thinking is in the other hand extremely extroverted which tells me without doubt that I am an TJ and not an TP. 

As you write I would recommend you to take a closer look on how your connection with feelings are rather than how you live as an career person. This might help you to set some of the letters and then focus on the more questionable part of the personality traits you are asking for. 


Hope this helps. 

Sam (not verified) says...

Hi mate, thanks for the reply. Really appreciate all your information there. I totally relate to the feelings bit. After my previous post I took some time out of my career and worked at a cafe (low pressure environment) to focus on myself internally. It’s one of the best decions I made. 

Ive become happy with my feelings- it’s bettered my self awareness led me to finding balance in life and find more joy in daily life. I’ve also become empathetic to others after having empathy for myself. The process has helped me loosen up and be my humorous self again. 

I still get ExTJ a lot when testing but still think I relate more to ESTP description when reading. 

Im now back in the corporate world but an environment that suites me and living off my internal values daily. Having purpose and have done this i am now really enjoying the ride with self awareness.

Thank you for sharing 

Tumi Nyembe says...

Wow. Took the assessment and have never been described so accurately!!!!! Thank you to Truity team as well for responding to my (panicky) requests on billing and further insights on the report. Am encouraged to engage further with them and trust their feedback as they're available (even in face of geographical/time challenges) and respond to your queries. Thank you for the revelation (hey, I'm a poet!) and painless experience :-). 

Joshua Velazquez (not verified) says...





Please check out C S Josephs youtube video on the shadow functions there should be 16 of them in total divided into 4 personalities with one being the ego which is which every person presents when taking a personality test. it will expand your knowledge and give you greater understanding. 

Ming (not verified) says...

As an ENTJ female I have finally realised what was the cause of all my work related problems - having a boss in the first place! Now I work blissfully from home, hustling towards that self employment goal. 

Mp556 (not verified) says...

Entj choose their battles and will walk away from people who talk back because they know those people will self destruct. We entj do things for the reason being that we care and want you up there like us. We are crass and rude because we wake you up in a slumber stare of mind. Please don’t scorn a entj. They generally mean well. They are leaders because they want order in that we care of the whole society. 

Xam C says...

Very very true. Everyone hates my "straightforwardness" but to me I think I'm doing them a favour because I wake them up and they will think me in the future. 

Reizel (not verified) says...

Hi ENTJ's!
I created a FB group so there will be at least one place where everyone is as awesome as us! join :)

Ryan Hadley (not verified) says...

Where are these people getting percentages? Everyone wants a label, just go be a human and let your life define you .

3 decades of ENFJ changes to ENTJ (not verified) says...

I was first introduced to the MBTI in my psych class in college decades ago. I was a ENF(60 percent Feeler, 40 percent Thinker) J. After college, and in business, I noticed that I used my thinking traits more frequently. However, when tested thirteen years later, I still scored the exact same, ENFJ. Now, with young adult twin daughters, I encouraged my daughters to take the MBTI. I re-took the test myself and was really surprised that my results switched to ENTJ, Thinking now 60 percent and feeling 40 percent.

I can relate to the isolation-friend factor. I have been told my entire life that I don't have a filter and not to ask me, if you really don't want to know my opinion. I do not respect anyone who doesn't pull their own weight or is lazy. I prefer straight shooters and those who are ever learners, like myself. But, where they are....I have yet to locate them.  


ToStand (not verified) says...

I would switch ESFJ and ESFP in your graphs.

ENTJWOMANTHEBOSS (not verified) says...

There is no doubt in my mind that I'm an ENTJ woman, goals in life include sitting at the round table making boss moves & being a shot caller. Sounds pretty accurate to the description I'd say...hahaha

He's not real and you know it as an ENTJ (not verified) says...

Jeez the Christians really ruined the comments on page 2

CapriciousCat (not verified) says...

Some of you seem to think being ENTJ makes you unemotional. It doesn't. It simply means you process and prioritize emotions very differently than the majority of people. I am an ENTJ woman and I've taken the test many times over the past 15 years in hopes it wouldn't result in ENTJ because it can get lonely not being understood by others. Ultimately, I've come to embrace precisely who I am and I take a lot of pride in being different. I'm glad I am more on the charismatic end of the scale as it has really helped with cultivating social circles. But I have a very low tolerance and patience for people who can't match me intellectually and professionally and I've struggled to tame the desire to push ahead without them.

Mp556 (not verified) says...

I appreciate your comment and I don’t like being diffferent. I want people to get there like myself. Superman May be a infp but I understand why he felt he wanted to fit it. Buddha was one too. He wanted society to learn his ways and get there. I am not Christian but have Christian and Buddhist principles. I admit that I walked and ran and sometimes stumbled on the way to greatness but I would never separate from myself from people because we all have flaws and greatness is created and evolved because we always improve on ourselves no matter what.

Katie-ENTJ (not verified) says...

I am an ENTJ woman, through and through! I too do not get on with "typical" women. I believe that most women are over sensitive and I have a more practical approach to things. I do have friends that are women but they come to me for an honest practical answer, they know that they won't get a "poor you" response from me. I am ambitious and career driven and always find a broken link in any process. 

Niik Natt (not verified) says...

wow I knew I never really clicked with women my age and the only women whom seemed to get me were my moms age ??‍♀️ I never felt like I fit in because my perspectives were always different on how I would analyze things, people, situations. And this makes me feel less like an outcast lol 1% is why I cannot find like minded. Men and I organically become friends then women. 

Guest (not verified) says...

What I notice about me which distinguishes myself from others:

* I find it very hard to find other women similar to me. I find it hard to provide emotional support ("get over it" is usually what's in my head).

* Maybe it is my confidence or knowledge, but I do find that most men find me very attractive. I'm not sure if this is linked to ENTJ, since I would assume ENTJ men would attract a lot of women also.

* I earn significantly more than anyone I personally know my age (yet still not satisfied, I keep aiming for every larger figures and this intimidates people) 

* I can work and neglect EVERYTHING (No food, no sleep, no social interaction or emotional fulfilment - no problem).

My hobbies and leisure revolves around earning me more money. For example I see no reason to follow sports since I am studying law, it's inefficient use of my time and would give no monetary return for my time. I might join a golf club or a certain religious group or learn a skill to build the career connections needed, not because I have any enjoyment or any belief in it.

I can be arrogant, see myself 'better' than others, label people's priority for 'love' or 'fulfilment' as stupid. I'm working on this but this naturally comes back in my mind ever so often.

I like interacting with people, so I make friends very easily. I am still quietly judging and observing though. When I let you in, you're in my life for life and have my full support in all areas.

I'm known to be a judgemental b___ch by some women. Also arrogant and high maintenance to some men who can't get past date one. Oh also, greedy but I see this as ambition hehe :). People's opinions don't matter to me, so I'm not too fussed.

Additionally, I am known as highly efficient around the workplace, smart and charismatic  to my dates, hardworking and loyal. I take charge during conversations and my opinions are well known.


Crystal Lake South High School (not verified) says...

YAAASSSSS! I agree with 99% of what you just said. 

Only I'm not a judgmental person at all... atleast when it comes to superficial things like your clothes,  where you grew up, what school you went to.  Only thing I'll judge someone on is their character and genuineness.  If you're a pompous dick for no reason , I'm probably not going to like you. 

Also I dont think being arrogant means you think your better than other people,  I think you can have high opinions of your self and be confident in your own abilities without making it seem like you think other people are worth less than you. 

It took me many many years to understand empathy.   For so long if a persons feelings about a topic didn't make logical sense I'd tell them they were being irrational and how they felt was wrong because if they looked at the facts they'd see that they overreacted emotionally. 

Finally after years of effort and having a more emotional but brilliant friend. I realized that because I don't agree with someone's feelings or understand why they feel a certain way about things because their feelings aren't logical .  Doesn't mean THEY DON'T  STILL HAVE THESE EMOTIONS.  And it's wrong of me to stay their feelings are invalid because they lack a logical argument.    It took me so unbelievably long to truly grasp this concept.  But once I did I became a much better manager, because then I could ask better questions and give better answers,  instead of making someone feel bad and unmotivated because they felt upset and I dismissed them.  It took the simple change of asking them , "why do you think you're feeling this way over this situation ?"  And hearing their answers to effectively motivate and coach.  

I'm still very logical and analytical,  and unemotional with my own feelings and generally give zero f*cks of others opinions of me . But I'm not a monster like alot of these posts say about entj women.  


Jhon (not verified) says...

I am an entj . And it is 100 accurate . 

I do like talking politics .

I do like  competitive sports or fights 

is anyone like me 

Serena Wong (not verified) says...

Spot on! I'm 100 percent ENTJ and embracing it now. Only 1 percent of women. Wow! Now I understand....

Guest (not verified) says...

Please do keep in mind that personality test have flaws. Though, they do help you get an idea on how you generally act but personality is fluid so therefore there is no way to accurately determine personality.

e-pig (not verified) says...

I need to meet some of these entj women...
But where?

Guest (not verified) says...

Just want to point out that the list of suggested books -for- the ENTJ should be corrected to "Recommended reading -about- ENTJs." These are skills, habits, and information we as ENTJs are already very familiar with as they speak to and build the foundation of our "personality type"

Guest (not verified) says...

Wanna know the real entj? Look at the comment. The one who shouting "OMG, so true!" Ordered "its so me!" are likely wannabe. The real one will analyze, making harsh comment or probably leaving without read the comment. So for all the wannabes, go off, be true to yourself, find out who you really are.aand i was being polite

Amen (not verified) says...

This guy's so right. Not sure why he wasted his time telling the rest of you a**holes

AllyR (not verified) says...

I am ENTJ woman and often find it difficult to connect with other women. (Although I am in a relationship with one currently). I don't think of myself as masculine or 'like a man' due to my personality, I do see myself as different to most women, but to be honest I don't know many men like me either. I think lots of people assume men to be more driven, which generally just means they get away with doing less. (My ENTJ personality doesn't miss these things ;))

For the past year, I have been having an identity crisis - because I changed jobs and don't feel like I really connect with anyone here, which is unusual for me, as I always have at least one person I am very close to at work - usually someone I don't work directly with. Anyway, I now understand why, because I do instantly judge people and decide whether they are 'my kind of person' and I literally can't bear anyone who isn't driven, and women who talk about diets and dating - just aren't for me. I have also realised that I have the tendency to literally ignore anyone I find uninteresting or 'stupid'... I should work on that!

V. interesting to hear from like-minded people, though, and it has taught me to embrace who I am because it is who I am and there are some great strengths that come with my sometimes difficult self.

Julianna Antonio (not verified) says...

I'm a true ENTJ to the fullest. Thank you for the information Truity.com.

Guest (not verified) says...

i don't see myself as entj maybe on my part only.

Neil Mangan (not verified) says...

I'm 42 and considering a new career. I have always been headstrong and ambitious, and forward thinking. Since thinking about a career change (currently I have my construction company and had enough of dealing with idiots on a daily basis) I took 5 separate personality tests - 4 out of 5 came back ENTJ, which is great and about right in summing me up. The thing is, coming from a building background I have little idea of what to step into (despite the corporate world and computer softrware industry ) appealing to me. What I'm trying to say is I would like to hear from anyone in a similar position and what they have done/are considering to do???


wisteria07arcane says...

At last, I finally found the right personality that describes me most! Before I was INTJ and now ENTJ, wow! I changed BIG...

Sobhan.eslami says...

I am really ENTJ 100%
thanks for your test

Guest (not verified) says...

omg...I am a female ENTJ and I have FEW female friends. I was never really part of a huge group of girls that just like to hang out all the time - i just don't get along as well with them as guys!!! wow!

Omar (not verified) says...

I like a girl who has the Character, if u r the type who is highly motivated and full of new crazy ideas. Then pali.oth is my insta, am serious.

Guest (not verified) says...

...coming to this party 'late'. I am ENTJ-A female. Fist obtained this score a few years ago. Amused at its accuracy, puzzled by comment like 'thankfully small percentage of pipulation...'
On a personal note, the ENTJ characteristics consistently noted are not new to me at all... I have been critiqued by friends, lovers and even (ongoing) my own mother as being insensitive (I call it logical, or less-common sense), brutal (when I thought I was insightful or honest), dispassionate (when I took time to prepare the most honest or enlightening response)... On the flip side I have worked very hard and enjoyed career success... Not instantly because I found most jobs limiting, slow or filled with inefficient, time consuming, non-productive processes.... But I worked my way up, and eventually started my own business. Yes, stimulating conversations are VERY hard to find... I no longer have that expectation, going out most days armed with a selection of banal banter to amuse myself. Age and experience have lowered my expectations, but I do try to be a better listener than I was in my youth. It is easier to listen, than it was to initiate great conversations and watch eyes glaze over as they struggled to relate, -or listen to eager responses that clearly misunderstood my point or story... Or (the worst) they lean in, so intent, and say 'Wow, you really know a lot...". There are some really great aspects about ENTJ personality types! We don't just think we are right, we 'know' - a combination of observation, education, intuition and - ideally - experience positions us to be confident and excited to share, for the purpose of improving 'whatever' we have set out to improve. Others not on board? That's okay, they will be later when they 'see' (since we have not succeeded with clear description, we will niw show what we mean)... This is usually well received by employers or clients... Seldom by friends or family. No friends? That's okay, we like our own company and are more than able to challenge and entertain ourselves.
1% of the population, you say? Well, that expains a lot of the conversations I have endured that began with, "Why are you so..." or "Nirmal people would..." or "Why do you always..." or "Why can't you be...". Believe me, I spent years delving into self-improvment and introspective dissection to try to answer those questions. After the pain, the hearache, the hurt... I woke up older and wiser... Took a good look at my critics... and realized I was a talented, emotionally balanced, content, successful, happier, fulfilled person. Those who can't see that in me are missing out!

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