How We Hire

We hire highly skilled, experienced, self-managing professionals on a freelance/contract basis only. Our team is entirely remote, so you can do your thing from anywhere in the world. 

We do not typically contract with entry-level workers or people who are new to freelance or remote work. Generally, our team members come to us with a solid track record of delivering results in their chosen field with a minimum of guidance.

Currently Hiring:


We run an active blog and offer both paid writing gigs and guest blogging opportunities. For more information, click here.

Aside from blogging, we develop a wide range of written and multimedia content for our audience. If you have expertise in any field of content creation and an interest in developing unique, engaging content about personality types, please get in touch by filling out the form below.

Other Areas of Expertise

At this time, we are not actively looking for freelancers in other areas. However, we periodically hire freelancers in the following areas of expertise. So, if you feel your skills may be useful to us, please feel free to submit your information. Please note that we are unable to respond to all submissions of this nature and will most likely only reach out if we are considering your application.

Design & Digital Art

We work with talented UI designers, graphic artists, and illustrators who are interested in creating beautiful, engaging artwork and digital experiences for our visitors and fans.

Marketing, Social Media, & Community Management

If you have a proven track record growing digital communities and a talent for engaging audiences—and if you just can't stop talking about personality types—you may be a great fit for us.

Public Relations

Interested in helping Truity get the word out about our original research and unique content? We welcome experienced, independent PR and media relations pros to get in touch.


We have ongoing projects in psychometric development and social science research and are always interested in hearing from skilled researchers who have a passion for understanding what makes people tick.


We are currently exploring the possibility of translating some of our resources into other languages and are interested in hearing from experienced translators, especially Spanish and Portuguese.

Anything else?

If your field is not listed above but you believe you would have something to contribute to the Truity team, you may get in touch using the form below.

To Apply

For all opportunities except blog writing, please complete the form below. If you are interested in blogging, please go here

If we are considering your application, we will reach out to you within 10 business days.


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