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Unlock your team’s true potential with a Truity at Work personality assessment. You’ll increase productivity, reduce conflict, enhance communications and clarify motivations. Designed for busy professionals, our research-backed, web-based and self-contained platform lets you get started in minutes: no consultants or wasted time — just results.

Methodology you can trust. Results you can act on.

Setup in a snap

Simply pay with a credit card, create your account with email and password, and log in to see your dashboard and send test invites. That’s it.

Best-in-class insights

We are the online personality testing leader, with millions of research-backed tests administered worldwide over almost a decade.

No training needed

Our business personality tests are all-in-one: you do not need any on-site consultant or special support to give tests, or interpret results.

Superior value

Our business tests start at $17 per customer, and scale down in cost proportionately as your team size scales up.

Which Truity at Work assessment is right for your team?


TypeFinder® for the Workplace

  • Based on Briggs Myers’ theories, validated by decades of research
  • Fuels professional development with enlightening reports
  • Drives appreciation of diversity & improves teamwork and communications

The Enneagram for the Workplace

  • Easy and fun to take, based on popular Enneagram test
  • Helps teams uncover core motivations
  • Enhances collaboration & reconnects teams — especially in remote work

Big Five Personality Test

  • Most widely accepted personality system in the scientific community
  • Research-backed insights into the strengths and blind spots of your team
  • Reduces turnover by identifying potential areas of stress and burnout

The DISC for the Workplace

  • Simple 4-type system is easy to understand and use
  • Focuses on behavior that others experience for practical insights
  • Helps build balanced teams and identified success factors for different work styles

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