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Unlock your team’s true potential with a Truity at Work personality assessment. You’ll increase productivity, reduce conflict, enhance communications and clarify motivations. Designed for busy professionals, our research-backed, web-based and self-contained platform lets you get started in minutes: no consultants or wasted time — just results.

Methodology you can trust. Results you can act on.

Setup in a snap

Simply pay with a credit card, create your account with email and password, and log in to see your dashboard and send test invites. That’s it.

Best-in-class insights

We are the online personality testing leader, with millions of research-backed tests administered worldwide over a decade in business.

No training needed

Our business personality tests are all-in-one: you do not need any on-site consultant or special support to give tests, or interpret results.

Superior value

Our business tests start at $29 per team member, and scale down in cost as your team size scales up.

Which Truity at Work assessment is right for your team?


TypeFinder® for the Workplace

  • Based on Briggs Myers’ theories, validated by decades of research
  • Fuels professional development with enlightening reports
  • Drives appreciation of diversity & improves teamwork and communications

The Enneagram for the Workplace

  • Easy and fun to take, based on popular Enneagram test
  • Helps teams uncover core motivations
  • Enhances collaboration & reconnects teams — especially in remote work

Big Five Personality Test

  • Most widely accepted personality system in the scientific community
  • Research-backed insights into the strengths and blind spots of your team
  • Reduces turnover by identifying potential areas of stress and burnout

The DISC for the Workplace

  • Simple 4-type system is easy to understand and use
  • Focuses on behavior that others experience for practical insights
  • Helps build balanced teams and identified success factors for different work styles

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What people say about our tests

Founded in 2012, Truity is now the online personality testing leader, with millions of research-backed tests administered worldwide. Truity’s research on the impact of personality has been featured in CNBC, Entrepreneur, The Today Show, Real Simple and more.

“I am so thankful for the Truity team. They provided insights to our team that helped us realize our strengths and how to best work with each others as peers and as managers. We left the session energized and engaged! You will benefit greatly from having the Truity team go through your assessments and take you through the workshop.”



“Truity's research-backed personality tests and reports are making high quality self-discovery tools much more accessible for those looking to grow and improve their lives.”

Paul D. Tieger
Internationally recognized behavioral scientist and best-selling author of Do What You Are, Just Your Type, and Nurture by Nature.


“I love Truity! As a career & leadership coach for Gen Z & Millennials, Truity’s personality tests have offered me insight into how my clients think, operate, what motivates them and also what their potential blind spots might be, making me a much more effective coach.”

Sarina Virk Torrendell
Career Coach and Founder of withSarina Career Coaching.

“Truity’s assessment questions alone were thought-provoking and helped individuals in our re-entry program consider new things about themselves — their strengths, preferences, and habits for example, that they might not otherwise have been aware of as they work to build their future career paths.”

Erin, Senior Program Manager
The Last Mile.

“We appreciate how easy it is to acquire the test credits, distribute them to students, and the detailed information that they provide. They are great tools that help us know our students better while also helping them learn more about themselves in relation to their future career.”

Michele, Director of Student Support Services
Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences - University of Pittsburgh.

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