Personality tests answer the questions that matter. How can we help you?

Our scientifically validated personality and career assessments can help you understand yourself, appreciate the people around you, and make career decisions with confidence.

Which career is right for me?

Our free career tests will help you identify your key personality factors and occupational interests to give you targeted career advice and specific career suggestions.

What's my personality type?

Our comprehensive, validated TypeFinder personality test is based on Myers and Briggs' 16 personality types—and expanded to offer more insights than any other online personality type test.

How can I use my strengths at work?

Our TypeFinder for the Workplace personality test helps you understand your personality type according to Myers and Briggs' theory, and shows how your type drives your work style.

How can I truly understand myself?

We offer a variety of personality assessments based on different theories, from Big Five to the Enneagram. All of our tests are free to take, with an option to buy a more in-depth report.


We build powerful, user-friendly personality tests based on proven theories.

Curious how you stack up on the Big Five, or which of Myers and Briggs’ personality types fits you best? Maybe you're wondering how to use Holland Codes to match your personality to a career that fits. We’ll help you understand the most popular personality systems—and give you practical advice on how to make the most of your profile.

Big Five Personality Assessment

Our Big Five personality test is based on the gold-standard personality theory used in academic research. See how you measure up in Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism, and understand how your Big Five personality traits show up in daily life.

Myers & Briggs' Personality Types

Our series of TypeFinder® personality type tests are based on Myers and Briggs' personality typing, and designed to be user-friendly, accessible, and actionable. We offer an in-depth personality type test, a career test based on Myers & Briggs' typology, and a personality type assessment for team-building.

Holland Code Career Testing

Put psychologist John Holland's system of career interest assessment to use in your career planning with our career tests. Using Holland's RIASEC system in an accessible, jargon-free model, our Holland career tests are developed to be both in-depth and easy to apply to your career search.

DISC Behavior Assessment

Understand your behavioral style according to this popular system. Our 5-minute DISC assessment helps you discover where you fall on the behavioral spectrum.

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