Discover Your Ideal Career

Looking for your perfect career? The Career Surveyor assessment uses the established model of Holland Codes (RIASEC) to give you a comprehensive assessment of your interests, talents, and potential. Plus, get personalized career advice based on your personality.

Price: $29

Career Surveyor

The Career Surveyor™ is a comprehensive, scientifically validated career test that uses the powerful Holland Code system to help you find the best career path for you. You'll discover:

  • The best careers for your unique interest profile
  • The top earning and fastest growing careers that suit you
  • How to stay motivated by choosing a career that excites you
  • How to harness your natural talents to achieve success

Get personalized career ideas and individual advice that will help you choose a path to keep you motivated and successful for many years to come.

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Bring Personality to Work

Ready to turn your team into a productivity machine? The TypeFinder for the Workplace helps everyone understand how they work best.

Price: $29

The TypeFinder® for the Workplace

The TypeFinder for the Workplace allows you to quickly and conveniently assess your team. Based on the 16 personality types created by Isabel Briggs Myers, the TypeFinder provides an efficient and accurate assessment of your team's personality preferences.

Discounted group pricing and our easy-to-use Pro platform make it easy to prepurchase assessments, track your group's progress, and review everyone's results.

The TypeFinder for the Workplace report provides a comprehensive overview of each teammate's personality type and how it drives their work style, motivation, and way of interacting with teammates and employees.

Try the TypeFinder for the Workplace yourself, or learn how to set up testing for your team.

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