Truity is proud to provide free or low-cost career assessments for charities, non-profits, and schools. If you need to provide reliable career guidance to disadvantaged students or adults, we are here to help.

High quality career assessments can be very costly. Often, they are out of the budget for the disadvantaged students and adults who need them most. Our mission is to ensure that professional quality, scientifically validated career assessments are available to every student and adult who can benefit from them.

Through this program we offer our comprehensive assessments, the Career Surveyor (a career interests and personality inventory based on the Holland Code and Big Five personality models) and the TypeFinder personality test (a personality type indicator based on the work of Myers and Briggs).

The assessments are completed online, and are designed to integrate with our career information database so that participants can easily use it as a springboard for further research. Your group's leader has access to a system that gives him or her full control over the group's assessment process, from signing up participants to viewing their results.

If this sounds like a program that could benefit your organization, please fill out the application below and we will contact you to discuss your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you!