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Unlock your client’s true potential with one of our rigorous, yet easy-to-take assessments. Whether clients want to maximize their strengths on the job, improve relationships with their relatives, or shed light on blind spots with a significant other, our tests can help clients move forward.


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Methodology you can trust. Results clients can act on.

Setup in a snap

Simply pay with a credit card, create your account with email and password, and log in to see your dashboard and send test invitations. Simple as that!

Best-in-class insights

We are the online personality testing leader, with millions of research-backed assessments administered worldwide over almost a decade.

No certification needed

Our assessments for coaches and counselors are all-in-one: you do not need an on-site consultant or special support to give tests, or interpret results.

Superior value

Our assessments start at just $29 per test, with volume discounts when you purchase more tests at a time.


Purchase Test Credits

Add credits to your account and use them whenever you need.

1 credit = 1 test

Test credits do not expire


$22 per test

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Test credits do not expire

Good to Know

  • Test credits can be used for any of the tests that we offer through the Truity @ Work platform (see full list of available tests).
  • Our pricing is variable with larger discounts for larger orders. Tests cost as little as $9 per person for orders of 100+ tests.
  • One test credit allows you to send a single test to a test-taker.
  • If you would like to send more than one test to a test-taker, you'll need a separate test credit for each test that you send. 

Which assessment is right for your client?



  • Based on Briggs Myers’ theories; validated by decades of research
  • User-friendly but thorough test can be completed in about 15 minutes
  • Explains personality traits and how others might perceive and react to them

TypeFinder® for the Workplace

  • Reveal motivations and values, identify strengths, and match interests and careers
  • Fuels personal and professional development with enlightening reports
  • Drives appreciation of diversity & improves empathy and communication

The Enneagram for the Workplace

  • Easy and fun to take, based on the popular Enneagram test
  • Helps clients uncover their hidden core motivations
  • Enhances collaboration & promotes understanding -- key in remote work

Big Five Personality Test

  • Most widely-accepted personality system in the scientific community
  • Research-backed insights into your client’s strengths and blind spots
  • Boosts job satisfaction by identifying potential areas of stress and burnout

Career Personality Profiler

  • Based on an integration of the robust Holland Code and Big Five theories
  • Real-world careers, industries, and college majors that are a great match
  • Specific tasks, activities, and projects they’ll love—and which ones to avoid
  • Guidance for working on a team, solving tough problems, and getting motivated

What People Are Saying About Us


“Truity’s career assessment help fill the missing link between my clients understanding who they are and what careers they are built to do. It’s accurate, insightful, and relevant in today’s ever changing career landscape. My clients love it!”

Adrian Klaphaak,
Founder of A Path That Fits


“I love Truity. As a career & leadership coach for Gen Z and Millennials, utilizing Truity’s personality tests have offered me insight into how my clients think, operate, what motivates them and also what their potential blind spots might be, making me a much more effective coach.”

Sarina Virk Torrendell
Career Coach and Founder of withSarina Career Coaching.


“Truity’s research-backed personality tests and reports are making high-quality self-discover tools much more accessible for those looking to grow and improve their lives.”

Paul D. Tieger
Internationally recognized behavioral scientist and best-selling author of Do What You Are, Just Your Type, and Nurture by Nature.


“Truity personality tests help me zero in on my client’s unique strengths and areas of growth which informs the most effective ways to implement change.”

Dr. Timothy Yen
Psychologist and consultant.


Thank you

We appreciate the counselors, coaches, businesses, and individuals who have helped us grow into the world’s online personality testing leader.

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