The Company

Truity Psychometrics LLC is based in San Francisco, California. We develop personality and career assessments and publish information to help people discover their individual strengths.

Our CEO, Molly Owens, founded Truity in 2012 to fill a gap in the market. After working in the assessment industry for several years, she noticed that people seeking to learn more about themselves had two less-than-ideal options: they could spend hundreds of dollars visiting a psychologist or career counselor to take validated personality assessments; or, they could take free quizzes on the internet—with questionable results. Our mission at Truity is to bridge this gap by creating affordable, user-friendly assessments that are also reliable and valid.

We have developed the TypeFinder®, a personality test based on the type theories of Isabel Briggs Myers, and the Career Surveyor, a career interests inventory based on the theories of psychologist John Holland. We also offer a range of free tests and quizzes, many of which are part of our research and development projects.

Since launching the Truity site, we have grown to serve over 30,000 visitors a day. This large amount of traffic allows us to pursue a robust research program, continually developing new and innovative assessments and publishing original studies on personality type as it relates to career achievement and family life.

Accessibility remains a top priority for us, as we seek to ensure that our services are available to those who need them most. Through our program for nonprofit organizations, we are proud to provide free assessment services to a wide range of at-risk populations including foster children, the incarcerated, the unemployed, the homeless, and those recovering from addictions.

The People

Our team is a diverse one, with developers, writers, researchers, and support staff scattered across the globe from Novosibirsk, Russia, to Bogota, Colombia. Although our official base is in San Francisco, CA, we are truly a virtual operation!

The Mission

Our aim is to create a safe, fun, and informative place to learn about yourself. If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or funny pictures of your pets to share, please don't hesistate to contact us.