Molly Owens
Founder and CEO

Molly Owens is the founder and CEO of Truity and has been taking personality tests pretty much constantly since the age of 7. After graduating from UC Berkeley, Molly was pursuing a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology when she realized she actually had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. In her search for tools that could guide her, she discovered the MBTI® and Strong Interest Inventory and realized that her lifelong love of self-discovery could be her vocation. After several years working as a consultant with industry-standard assessments, she began to notice a gap in the market—good quality personality testing was expensive and difficult to access, while gimmicky quizzes proliferated on the internet. In 2012, she founded Truity to bridge the gap, creating high quality personality assessments within a user-friendly, accessible online platform.

Molly lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she torments her husband and son with improvised recipes, half-baked travel plans and endless home renovation projects.

TypeFinder: ENTP
How you know: At the ripe old age of 26, she left her job at a profitable Fortune 500 company with the strong conviction that she could run a company better than her superiors...and hasn’t held a real job since.
Enneagram: Type 4
How you know: She spent many happy hours of her youth creating the perfect mix tape to cry to.
Abby Lunardini

Abby leads Truity’s Brand and Communications. Prior to joining Truity, Abby held brand marketing & communications roles in philanthropy, politics and the private sector. Most notably she led Brand & Communications at Virgin America, growing the airline from a start-up to a public company and beloved consumer brand over the course of a decade. Since childhood she has been trying to figure out “what peoples’ deals are,” so working at Truity has been the fulfillment of a long held dream.

Abby is a self-described "bookish music nerd" who considers getting to kiss Willie Nelson at the Royal Albert Hall a major life-goal achieved. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from UC Davis and a Master’s Degree from the London School of Economics. She is on the Board of the Sacramento Literacy Foundation and is a volunteer/advocate for TurnAround Arts: California. She lives with her husband and three small, busy humans in a home that consumes unhealthy amounts of British and Canadian sketch comedy and which has a distinct “lord of the flies” vibe.

TypeFinder: ISFJ
How you know: Has several times been (un-ironically) referred to a “behind the scenes fixer” at work, and her to do list has a to do list.
Enneagram: Type 3
How you know: She orchestrated the first Skype from a plane at 30,000 ft. to Oprah in-studio and dropped Sir Richard Branson off the side of a casino in Vegas—so she could “win” at PR.
Nichole Spence

Nichole is Truity’s COO and keeps multiple company gears turning, managing everything from finance to analytics to customer support operations - and in the process earning a solid reputation as the colleague who is willing to learn whatever nobody else understands how to do. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in History from UC Berkeley and working in banking and law, Nichole decided to let her ardent love of spreadsheets be her guide and earned her Master’s Degree in Accounting, working as an auditor in the private and public sectors before joining the Truity team. Nichole lives in Northern California and is passionate about tacos, history and the Fast & Furious franchise.

TypeFinder: ENTP
How you know: In junior high used to call radio DJs just for the witty repartee, and they would call her back.
Enneagram: Type 7
How you know: We ran a validated survey and she is by far the most liked and popular person at Truity.
Jayne Thompson
Editorial Director

Jayne plans the vision for our blog and is in charge of all things content. She’s a seasoned copywriter; specializing in crafting brand identity for SMEs in the tech and finance space. She’s also a Master’s Degree-educated lawyer who spent far too many years working in BigLaw before realizing the sacrifice wasn’t worth it. Though she says the mad professionalism comes in useful, sometimes.

Hidden talents include being a tea addict, a conspiracy-theory junkie and once sharing the Albert Hall stage with the legendary Brian May. She lives with her husband and two over-achieving teenagers in Leeds, UK.

TypeFinder: INTJ
How you know: “You’re just not a team player” written on every performance review, ever.
Enneagram: 1
How you know: She’ll fix a dangling participle faster than autocorrect while lamenting, “Do I have to do EVERYTHING myself?!”
Gareth Finucane
Director of User Experience

Gareth is a senior level UX/UI design specialist, with a passion for designing intuitive and engaging customer experiences. He brings years of experience in design and creative direction, leading small UX focused teams and driving innovative interface solutions for a variety of mobile, web, and software projects. He has worked with world class brands including Samsung, Apple, Nokia, T-Mobile, Disney, Yahoo!, WageWorks, Standard Chartered Bank and Adobe.

Gareth hails from Limerick, Ireland, but currently resides with his family in California, where he can usually be found riding his bicycle.

TypeFinder: ISFP
How you know: Is rarely more than six feet from a pair of drumsticks.
Enneagram: 9
How you know: Is 99.9% super chill about everything, the only exceptions being bad design and European football.
Megan Malone
Brand Marketing

Megan leads strategic brand marketing initiatives at Truity. She has 10+ years of content marketing experience, but she is most passionate about helping people improve their relationships, career, and quality of life using personality tools like the Enneagram and TypeFinder. As a writer, her work on personality type has been featured in a variety of online publications, and she has self-published two books.

Megan is completing ICF requirements for a Professional Certified Coach and a Masters degree in Organizational Development at the University of Texas at Dallas. She has undergraduate degrees in Strategic Communication and Psychology from TCU and is a certified profiler in the Myers-Briggs personality system. Megan lives in Texas with her husband and two pups.

TypeFinder: INFJ
How you know: She has more thoughts about how to save humanity before 9:00 am than most people have in a day.
Enneagram: Type 9
How you know: She’s so bad at saying “no” to pushy salespeople that she never goes shopping without a list of prepared (and fully rehearsed) excuses to politely decline.
Melissa Hanschell
Content & Operations

Melissa manages Truity’s editorial calendar and content, and assists with day to day operational projects - from customer support to working with our affiliates.

Melissa is an avid runner (not when it snows though…thanks Canada) and likes to bake everything and anything. She is a big hockey fan, and in a past life wanted to be a sports journalist. She has an undergraduate degree from Toronto Metropolitan University and a post-graduate degree in Education from the University of Toronto. She lives with her husband and two tiny (and very busy) humans in Burlington, Ontario where you can usually find her organizing a closet.

TypeFinder: ISTJ
How you know: She finishes most of her Christmas shopping in October.
Enneagram: Type 9
How you know: Once agreed to go to a rock climbing gym even though she’s deathly afraid of heights.
Kelly Hertzig
Customer Support Specialist

Kelly is a UCLA graduate and former high school English teacher who took time off to spend with her three daughters before returning to work as a Customer Support Specialist for Truity. She thrives in a people-oriented environment and enjoys volunteering in the community and the classroom. She is an avid reader who has discovered marathon training is the most efficient way to carve out time away from her home full of teenage girls to listen to good books. She is always on the lookout for a creative cocktail and a worthy food quest.

TypeFinder: ESFJ
How you know: Not only does she love a fresh binder that clearly outlines her latest volunteer roles and responsibilities, but you will find her eagerly paying attention in that boring seminar that the rest of the room is trying desperately to escape.
Enneagram: Type 2
How you know: She once reported that she bonded deeply with her fellow traffic school classmates.

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