It’s April 7th – time to put down the duster, back away from the vacuum and toss aside the laundry for National No Housework Day!  

While some of us are very happy to be chore-avoiding (and would like to keep the celebration going all week long) others will actually miss doing housework. Who are these clean and conscientious people? Read on to find out!

INTJ: The Apathetic Cleaner

You’re not a fan of boring chores and you don’t feel a compulsion to do them. But you know from experience that you can’t neglect the lowly sensor stuff forever, and at some point you have to get your act together. When that happens, you’ll flip into uber-efficient mode and work like the perfectionist you (sometimes) are. When a room is worth cleaning, it's worth cleaning right.

ENTJ: The Objective-driven Cleaner

Your house is neither a new pin nor a pigsty, ENTJ – it’s as tidy as it needs so you can enjoy the end result. Which for you, is a neat-enough space that doesn’t distract you from the million other important tasks you need to accomplish. When chores have to get done, you’ll assign them to yourself as a time-limited work item. Or you’ll pay someone else to do it. Or bribe the kids with candy. 

ISTJ: The Committed Cleaner

ISTJs are all work before play, so if housework is something you feel you have to do before you can have fun, you’ll do it – and you won’t complain. In fact, you need to have a super-tidy space around you before you can relax or concentrate. You like to do what’s right from society's standpoint and will  turn into the housework energizer bunny before visitors come round. 

ESTJ: The Scheduled Manager

ESTJs don’t mind chores as long as they get to do them on their own terms and to their own exacting standards. You’ve probably designed the perfect house-cleaning ritual that gets the most work done with the least amount of resources. Heaven help anyone who tries to do the chores a different way, because you can become maniacal. Dissenters will be proven categorically wrong.

INTP: Cleaning? Meh

Housework is mind numbing and you couldn’t care less about the cleanliness or organization of the house. You don't even notice the impact of leaving your clothes on the floor for a day (week, month), though you might be motivated to pick things up if someone complains about the grossness of it all. Occasionally, you’ll kick haphazardly into gear and do a big clean. This typically happens right before the family comes round for Thanksgiving and consists of kicking stuff under the bed and calling it done.  

ENTP: The ‘Only If I Have To’ Cleaner

No one will ever convince you to do the things you hate ENTP, and chores fall into that category. You have a pretty high tolerance to external mess and will make cleaning choices only when they are strictly necessary, and can be done in short bursts. Chances are, you have a closet where everything gets dumped while the rest of the house has a minimalist decor. Fewer items = less cleaning = more freedom.

ISTP: The ‘Only If I Can’t Find Stuff’ Cleaner 

Chores? Meh, boring. You really don’t like feeling obligated about anything and all that repetitive housework just makes you feel trapped and stressed. You wouldn’t call your home messy though; more like organized chaos. When you know where everything is, what’s the point in changing it?


You have a special kind of hatred for chores and will find ways to avoid them entirely. Vacuuming the carpet is not exactly living on the edge now is it? Some say that if you can make the chore more fun, you are more likely to do it. You say, why bother when you can do things that are actually fun, like sports, or drinking, or parties? Hire help if you can afford it – it’s the only solution.   

INFJ: The Meditative Cleaner

INFJs have a love-hate relationship with chores. On the one hand, washing dishes is like meditation – one of the few times you can let your mind wander in peace. And your perfectionism means you really can’t walk by a mess. On the other hand, if a chore feels like an obligation, an INFJ is going to RAGE against it. Ain’t nobody treating this personality like a scullery maid.  

ENFJ: The Ready for Anything Cleaner

What you deem to be messy is light years away from what everyone else thinks is messy. You have a habit of becoming anally retentive about housework, and you won’t rest until there is absolutely nothing left to do. This comes from a place of caring because you’re too selfless for your own good. Plus, you never know when friends might come over, so you have to be ready.    

ISFJ: The Responsible Duty-fulfiller

You don’t like leaving things up in the air and you really value a clean house – your mantra is “a place for everything and everything in its place.” So all in all, you’re the type most likely to carry on vacuuming even if it is National No Housework Day. You have zero tolerance for disorganization. Expect to spend the day nagging others for every last crumb on the countertops. 

ESFJ: The Cleaning Dynamo

Admit it ESFJ – you like being dependable. You get a kick out of being the one who takes up all the tedious tasks that other people don’t want to do, and you feel energized when your environment is party-perfect, neat and tidy, just the way you like it. Good luck to anyone who doesn’t notice your efforts though. You want praise for keeping the home running like a well-oiled machine. 

INFP: Clean What Now?

Do you hate housework or do you hate housework? INFPs definitely will avoid doing chores unless they’re hugely stressed and regressing to their shadow functions. You have strong issues with the soul-crushing mundanity of it and honestly, what’s the point since the mess will only pop up again after a few days? Seriously, if you can afford it, hire someone to clean. Live your lives, people!

ENFP: The Gamification Cleaner

Do you like housework? Nope – this stuff is seriously tedious. You can get into a rhythm with it though, especially if you turn the chore into a game with dancing or some kind of reward system… like limiting yourself to working as fast as you can for five minutes. People coming over RIGHT NOW will also spur you into action. You don’t strive for perfection. As long as the mess is not see-able or smell-able, that’s good enough for you.

ISFP: The Yes/ No Cleaner

Some days you’ll clean because it's just so much prettier this way. Don’t you just love arranging your kids’ artwork on the fridge? Other days you’ll avoid housework like the plague because chores are just boring. And sometimes you’ll make a start on something only to get distracted halfway through. Any of these days is a possibility, and you never know which one you’re going to get.   

ESFP: The Performative Cleaner

ESFPs do not enjoy chores but they do have an aesthetic vision. Your home is your brand and you will create it without apologies. Only, you prioritize the fun stuff like rearranging the furniture or painting the walls over the monotonous drudgery of dusting. Need motivation to get the vacuuming done? Throw a party!

Jayne Thompson
Jayne is a B2B tech copywriter and the editorial director here at Truity. When she’s not writing to a deadline, she’s geeking out about personality psychology and conspiracy theories. Jayne is a true ambivert, barely an INTJ, and an Enneagram One. She lives with her husband and daughters in the UK. Find Jayne at White Rose Copywriting.