A woman standing inside her bedroom looking out the window.

Your bedroom: a personal haven that says more about you than your Instagram feed could ever hope to. Whether it's a meticulously organized sanctuary or a creative chaos, your room often reflects your inner workings more accurately than a mirror. Ever wonder how your Briggs and Myers personality might dictate your decorating style? Here’s a light-hearted peek into how each of the 16 personality types might express themselves through their bedroom decor.

INTJ - The Mastermind's space is all about functionality with a hint of mystery. Think a sleek, minimalist design with one unexpected piece of art that makes you ponder. In other words, if their room could talk, it would probably have a higher IQ than all of us combined.

INTP - The Architect's room is a cozy chaos, filled with books, gadgets and unfinished projects. Somewhere among the clutter is a surprisingly organized desk. It's a habitat that whispers, "I might solve the mysteries of the universe, just after I find my other sock."

ENTJ - Commanders have rooms that scream efficiency and luxury. A king-sized bed with high-thread-count sheets, situated in a room that wouldn't look out of place in a design magazine. And yes, there might just be a planner or two lying around, because even their relaxation time is scheduled to perfection.

ENTP - The Visionary's room is the ultimate expression of their creativity. A bold, eclectic mix of colors and patterns that might seem chaotic to others but makes perfect sense to them. Word of advice: don't try to rearrange anything; you might inadvertently dismantle a fragile ecosystem of ideas.

INFJ - The Counselor's room is a serene sanctuary filled with warm, earthy tones and meaningful objects. A quiet space to recharge and reflect. Every item in the room is carefully chosen, not just for its aesthetics, but for its story and significance, making it arguably the only place where you might find a lamp that offers both light and unsolicited advice.

INFP - Healers have rooms that are like stepping into a fairytale. Soft colors, dreamcatchers and inspirational quotes adorn the walls, creating a cozy and whimsical atmosphere. It's a realm where pillows outnumber people and where every nook seems to whisper, "Why yes, you should start that novel."

ENFJ - The Teacher's room is all about making themselves and others feel welcome and comfortable. Think fluffy pillows, warm blankets, and a well-stocked bookshelf for guests to peruse. You're more likely to leave with a recommended reading list than you are to check out without one.

ENFP - The Champion's room is a bright and cheerful space, filled with colorful artwork and inspirational posters. A place where they can let their imagination run wild. In fact, stepping into an ENFP's room is akin to walking into a visual brainstorming session — just be ready to dodge the occasional idea bouncing off the walls.

ISTJ - The Inspector's bedroom is the epitome of order and tradition. Expect to find a perfectly made bed, a neatly arranged desk and a place for everything. The color scheme is likely to be neutral, reflecting their practical and straightforward nature. Rumor has it, they've invented a system to ensure their socks always match, and it's Patent Pending.

ISFJ - The Protector's room is warm, inviting, and meticulously maintained. Family photos and heirlooms are proudly displayed, creating a sense of history and belonging. Soft lighting and comfortable furniture make their space the ultimate retreat. Even the dust particles seem to avoid this sanctuary out of respect.

ESTJ - The Supervisor's bedroom is organized and efficient, much like their approach to life. High-quality furnishings and a few select pieces of art that signify success and stability. Everything in their room has a purpose and place, including the strategic placement of their alarm clock, which is set 5 minutes ahead to trick themselves into being even more punctual, if that's humanly possible.

ESFJ - The Provider's bedroom is designed for comfort and socializing. A large, welcoming bed, plenty of seating for guests and a variety of textures and soft furnishings to make everyone feel at home. To ensure no guest feels left out, the ESFJ might just have a guest book in the room — not for feedback, mind you, but to collect autographs as evidence of "the best sleepover you’ll never remember."

ISTP - The Craftsperson's room is practical with a twist of unpredictability. You might find motorcycle parts, a collection of tools or experimental gadgets lying around. Their space is functional but reflects their adventurous spirit. It's the only place where "sleeping on the problem" could involve using a disassembled engine as a pillow.

ISFP - The Composer's bedroom is a personal gallery of their life. Artistic projects, photographs from travels, and eclectic decor fill their space. It's an intimate reflection of their deep love for beauty and exploration. If you listen closely, you might hear the walls softly humming tunes from their last road trip, because even the paint knows there's always another adventure just around the corner.

ESTP - The Dynamo's space is as dynamic as they are, often changing to reflect their current passions. Modern technology, sports memorabilia, or anything that speaks to their love of excitement and adventure might be on display. Don't be surprised if you find their furniture on wheels — it's not uncommon for the ESTP to rearrange the room for a quick layout refresh or an impromptu indoor race.

ESFP - The Performer's bedroom is vibrant and lively, full of color, texture, and light. It’s not just a room; it’s an experience, mirroring their outgoing and playful personality. Expect to find a mix of trendy and vintage pieces that somehow work perfectly together. The ESFP's room might just come with its own soundtrack, providing the perfect background music  for dancing and creating memories.

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