Finding the perfect gift for the dad or father figure in your life can sometimes feel like a gargantuan task. But choosing a gift doesn’t have to be hard! Try incorporating his personality type to help you narrow down his interests.

Here’s a guide to the best Father’s Day gifts for your father, based on his personality type. 


If your dad is a “Healer” type, find a gift for his artistic, caring soul. For example, you may pick a group activity with his loved ones or a fun item he can use to enjoy some solitude. 

Memorable gifts for an INFP dad include:

  • A group trip booking for your dad and some guests
  • A paint set or hobby kit
  • A customized photo book full of memories
  • A book on one of their interests
  • A symbolic present, such as a custom print with meaningful coordinates, maps, or art


Your INFJ dad is a helpful, caring person who spends too much time taking care of others. The selfless nature of “The Counselor” makes it hard to understand what they want, but the perfect item to get an INFJ is something sentimental, thought-provoking, or hand-crafted.

Stand-out gifts for an INFJ dad are:

  • A handmade gift that you made for him
  • A meaningful book or film 
  • A personalized playlist
  • A scheduled stay for a private, relaxing short-term vacation rental
  • A high-quality leather-bound journal
  • A self-care basket with a grooming kit


ENFPs love people, new activities, and experiencing life to the fullest. Their excellent sense of humor and desire to discover new facets of life means your ENFP dad will love any learning-based gift or something that offers a connection with others.

Ideas for ENFP gifts for Father’s Day:

  • A ticket for a fun outdoor experience like a hike or zip lining excursion
  • A unique piece of art 
  • A video camera to capture their adventures
  • Tickets to an escape room or other interactive outing he can enjoy with friends
  • A  self-help book or a nonfiction book on a topic that interests him


“The Teacher” type is all about helping people grow. Their optimism and value of humanity inspire the people in their life, so it makes sense that ENFJs would enjoy a gift that motivates them to learn and grow.  

What to get your ENFJ dad for Father’s Day:

  • Anything handmade and sentimental
  • A day excursion with just the two of you 
  • Fun board games or video games that he can play with the whole family
  • A donation to their favorite charity
  • Tickets to an art or history museum
  • A travel backpack for their next trip
  • A creative tool like an instrument or a book on writing


“The Architect” is a logical, intuitive thinker who loves nothing more than dissecting the meanings of life and complex systems. INTPs are analytical, with hobbies like computer work or programming, chess, and meditation. 

Father’s Day gift ideas for an INTP dad:

  • Video games or tech gadgets to add to his collection
  • Practical gifts to make his life easier since INTPs are often more concerned with thinking 
  • Hobby items that appeal to them, like a strategy board game 
  • Novelty items from a show, movie, or series he loves
  • Books on an intellectual topic that he’s interested in (i.e. philosophy or science)
  • A scheduled outing together (a hike or a visit to a new winery)


INTJs love solving problems. “The Mastermind” loves logical reasoning, reading between the lines, and studying the world around them, but they’re less comfortable when it comes to emotions. 

Gifts for the INTJ father include:

  • A puzzle or riddle book
  • Cash or gift cards so they can buy something they’ve been wanting for a while 
  • An unusual chess set
  • Tickets to a cultural event happening near them, such as a museum opening or an art gallery showing
  • A paid subscription service for something practical like a meal service or intellectual like a course
  • An item that they wouldn’t buy for themselves (i.e. a video game console or tech item)


If your dad is “The Visionary,” he’s a unique innovator with a razor-sharp wit and an open-minded fluidity. ENTPs love analyzing and understanding people as well as solving complex problems.

Ideas for Father’s Day gifts are: 

  • An outside-of-the-box experience you can both share
  • Novelty items that speak to his interests
  • Gaming equipment or tech accessories
  • A hobby starter kit for something he’s been wanting to learn
  • Books on debate, self-help, or innovative leaders in tech or science fields
  • Tickets to see his favorite comedian or musician


ENTJs are confident leaders who keep emotions out of the equation when it comes to business, but they have a softer side to them at home. Their thirst for logical solutions, as well as analytical theories, make them a fearless problem solver, but they enjoy meaningful, genuine gifts from family above all else.

Try a gift like:

  • A day to pamper him by doing chores and errands he dislikes
  • Quality time on an outing doing his favorite things with him 
  • A book about how to be a better leader 
  • A handmade, genuine gift that speaks to his sentimental side
  • Gift cards for his favorite restaurants or stores


ISTPs love to work with their hands. “The Craftsman” type finds joy in troubleshooting mechanical or technical problems and often has sporty hobbies. If your dad is an ISTP, it’s best to gift him things in line with his favorite activities. 

ISTP Father’s Day gifts include:

  • Parts and accessories for their car, motorcycle, or ATV
  • Tickets to see a favorite magician or comedian
  • Equipment for their favorite sport
  • A simple, practical personalized gift, like a custom shaving set
  • A prepaid training course for a sport or hobby they’re interested in


Quiet and gentle ISFPs love all things beautiful and working with artistic tools. Although they’re reserved, their warmth for close friends and family is undeniable. 

Gift ideas for an ISFP dad are:

  • A new art set in their preferred medium
  • A quiet day hiking a trail with them before celebrating with an intimate dinner
  • An outdoor activity together, such as horseback riding or a scenery tour
  • A weekend retreat where he can create in solitude
  • Aesthetic gifts that appeal to his senses, such as cozy blankets or candles


ISTJs prefer order and value societal rules and institutions. Practical with a value for predictable normality, ISTJs are not too hard to please when it comes to gifts.

Presents an ISTJ would love are:

  • Practical gifts like clothing, cooking tools, or ties
  • Tools for their workshop
  • Nostalgic items or experiences that remind them of their youth
  • A hobby kit for a traditional craft that gets them working with their hands
  • Notebooks or planners for their day-to-day


“The Protector” values tradition, organization, and safety, as well as the people in their life. Steady, responsible ISFJs have hobbies like cooking, gardening, and crafts.

Gifts for ISFJ fathers include:

  • A gift that’s traditional and useful like a coffee maker
  • A planned night-in with a home-cooked meal  
  • Comfortable slippers or blankets
  • Craft items like a painting kit 
  • Cooking utensils or plants for his garden


ESTPs are the thrill-seekers of the 16-type system who prefer an adrenaline rush over a quiet night in. These playful types are the life of the party, so a gift for this dad should be as unexpected and exciting as them.

Gifts for an ESTP dad:

  • A booking for an action-packed activity (white water rafting, rock climbing, or tickets to an amusement park)
  • Gear for their favorite active hobbies
  • Tickets to see their favorite sports team play
  • A day out in an unfamiliar city 
  • A Lasertag or paintball excursion together
  • A gift card for a sports store


ESFP dads are spontaneous and energetic entertainers. Your dad loves being the center of attention, and your gifts should play off of this vibe and interests.

Gift ideas include:

  • A night out dancing and partying
  • Tickets to their favorite band’s show
  • Statement clothing
  • Unique cookbooks for an adventurous palate 
  • A booking for a DJ or yacht party
  • An annual pass to an amusement park


Conscientious, ambitious ESTJs are systematic and methodical leaders who value structure. If your dad is an ESTJ, try a competitive experience or a quality item.

Great gift choices for an ESTJ:

  • A golf course membership or an activity that puts you and him head-to-head
  • A subscription to a entrepreneurial magazine 
  • Tech gadgets that help them stay organized
  • Organizational supplies
  • A high-end luxury gift (even if you purchase it on the cheap!)


ESFJs “Providers” won’t say what they want for Father’s Day, but their loyal and people-oriented nature means they like presents to share with the people they love.

Present options for your ESFJ dad include:

  • A gift that preserves memories, such as a photo book or a handmade journal
  • A customized calendar or planner that helps him 
  • A day out together, just you and him
  • Items for entertaining family and friends
  • Clothes to help him look his best

Final thoughts

So, what are the best gifts to get your dad this Father's Day? If you're not sure, we hope that our breakdown of the best gifts for each personality type has given you a few ideas. And if all else fails, there's always the option of getting him a gift card so he can pick out something himself! No matter what you choose, make sure to show your dad how much you appreciate everything he does for you. Happy Father's Day!

Cianna Garrison
Cianna Garrison holds a B.A. in English from Arizona State University and works as a freelance writer. She fell in love with psychology and personality type theory back in 2011. Since then, she has enjoyed continually learning about the 16 personality types. As an INFJ, she lives for the creative arts, and even when she isn’t working, she’s probably still writing.