Learning who you are compatible with is one of the main reasons why people take personality quizzes. While there are hundreds of ways that we can learn and grow in ourselves using the results from our personality tests, it’s not only exciting to see who our type pairs best with, but it’s also nice to have a little bit of validation when we’re looking for love. 

It’s reassuring to take these tests and realize that you’re naturally attracted to the person who the results say you should have been with all along. And if, by chance, you happen to be in a relationship with someone who your test says you shouldn’t bother with? Well, opposites attract, so you should be fine! 

But in all seriousness, people are constantly relying on personality tests to tell them who to date, what kind of relationship will serve them best, and whether they ought to stay with their partner.

And unfortunately, when people continuously go to different tests to find the results that they’re looking for, they end up getting mixed results from all of the different options. 

Is there a winning personality test that everyone should take to learn more about themselves and who they should date? Not necessarily, but there are tests that provide a lot of understanding about how we interact with other types and what certain people ought to look for in a relationship. And there are tests that … don’t.

Enter moon phase compatibility. 

Is There Validity to Moon Phase Compatibility? 

In the past few months, one of the highest-viewed video trends on TikTok had to do with moon phase compatibility. The concept was simple: users would go to the Your Moon Phase website, enter their birthday and their partner’s birthday, and the moon phase calculator would produce the different moons that both of you were born under. 

The TikTok videos would then merge the moons to create your couple moon. This is when the trend got a little confusing. Some people stated that if you and your partner’s moon matched up completely, you are soulmates. Others claimed that if you and your partner’s moon made a full moon when merged, then you are soulmates.

The astrological answer is somewhere in the middle. 

The moon is a powerful source of energy and identity in the zodiac world. Many astrologers claim that the moon represents a person’s innermost thoughts, feelings, emotions and drive. 

If astrology is your thing, then there is something to be said about knowing what phase of the moon you were born under and how that affects your life. 

Many astrologers suggest that the best way to create a strong relationship with someone is to find a partner who has a different, and oftentimes complementary, moon phase to yours. 

Because the moon phase you were born under means something, it’s helpful to look into what moon phase you were born under and who you should look for in a partner based on that knowledge. 

But, even though your moon phase compatibility might lend some knowledge and understanding to your relationship, it shouldn’t be the only governing decision when you’re thinking about pairing up with someone. 

There’s a much better way to tell whether or not you are a good match for someone based on their personality type – the Enneagram.

Let the Enneagram Find Your Ideal Partner

While it can be fun to explore your and your partner’s compatibility through the means of several different tests, it’s also good to come back to a tried-and-true test when you want real answers. 

There is a reason why so many people swear by Enneagram's matchmaking skills and the insight that the personality test provides for its users. 

People can glean more information from the Enneagram than they often can from comparing their partner’s moon phase to theirs. Here are just a few ways that the Enneagram can provide more insight to its users. 

  • The Enneagram allows its users to know the strengths and weaknesses they bring to every relationship. 
  • The Enneagram shows each type how they naturally love and typically, how they want to be loved. 
  • Results from the Enneagram test will provide insight to why you should be in a relationship with other types and how that pairing will help grow each other. 
  • It can also tell you why you may be happiest single or the ultimate serial monogamist!
  • The Enneagram can provide a common language and understanding between two different types who might otherwise not understand each other. 

One of the most beautiful factors about the Enneagram is that each type can learn and grow from all of the other types. While there is no pairing that is necessarily ‘bad’ within the context of the Enneagram, there are a few pairings that are known to be really great together (and vice-versa). 

Here are some of the best pairings for each Enneagram Type.

Ones with Twos 

Twos will love their One partners completely and wholly. While a One might feel as though they have to be a certain way in order to deserve love, Twos will give all of their love to their One, no questions asked. Ones provide stability and direction in a Two’s life. They will ensure that their Two partners aren’t overextending themselves or giving too much of themselves up. 

Threes with Nines

Nines ground Threes and remind them that they don’t have to be someone or accomplish something to have value and be worthy of love. Nines provide the love and acceptance that Threes are constantly looking for, but without the stipulation of a Three’s performance or achievements. Vice versa, Threes will encourage Nines to go after their dreams and pursue their goals, not just sit around and give in to laziness or the hum-drum lifestyle that they’re often inclined to settle into. 

Fours with Fives

Fives provide stability to Fours and allow a safe place for Fours to explore opportunities while still being rooted in reality. Both Fours and Fives are easily excited about new ideas. They pour themselves into every new project and plan that they make. Both types encourage the other to pursue their dreams wholeheartedly. 

Sixes with Fives

Vigilant Sixes need a stable and sturdy presence in their love lives and Fives are more than capable of stepping in to fill that gap. Fives are fantastic listeners. They will remain invested in a Six and be a constant presence in their lives. Vice versa, Sixes are loyal to a fault and they will listen to a Five’s most recent obsession with rapt attention.  

Sevens with Twos

Sevens are often seen as the life of the party and, while it’s fantastic to hold that label, Twos remind Sevens that their inherent worth isn’t found in what the Seven can do or accomplish, it’s what is already inside of them. Sevens remind Twos that it’s okay to let loose a bit and be selfish about what they want in life. Together, both types add a balance to their personalities. 

Eights with Nines

Eights can be controlling at times and they need the accepting and loving nature that Nines bring to their relationship. When an Eight joins with a Nine, they quickly learn that they don’t have to be the toughest in the room and they don’t have to fight for their love, they can just receive it. 

Forget Moons and Pair Up With The Enneagram!

As we said before, it’s more than okay to look at different tests and results when you’re trying to find the perfect match for you. Honestly, we applaud you for doing the research and learning more about who you are and what you want in life. 

But if you don’t have all the time in the world, or if you want to find the most accurate results, we will always suggest that you look to the Enneagram to help you thrive in all of your relationships. 

Not only does the Enneagram provide more of an insight into every person’s innermost thoughts, beliefs and goals, it also provides couples with the opportunity to learn more about each other in a deeper and more meaningful way. There’s a reason why this personality test is so enduringly popular – it can tell you just what your love life needs.

Markey Battle
Markey is the embodiment of an Enneagram Three. Her secret talents include beating everyone but her husband at Disney Jeopardy. She has two cats, Everest and Pippin, which she rescued from a dumpster where the best pets are found. She once learned the entire alphabet backward in her sleep one night because she didn’t want to waste her time sleeping.