Sevens are defined by their desire to experience everything life has to offer while avoiding pain and boredom. They appear to others to be lively, fun-loving, and hedonistic. Sevens are often very busy people who bounce from one activity to another in their quest to squeeze every possible bit of enjoyment out of life.

Sevens fear getting stuck in a rut and missing out on the good life. More than anything, they want to avoid feeling bored, sad, or uninspired. They cope with this fear by constantly seeking out exciting, novel, fun experiences.

Defining Characteristics of the Enneagram Type 7

  • Always on the go
  • Wide range of interests
  • Childlike enthusiasm and energy
  • Curious, sparkling eyes
  • Many ongoing professional and creative projects
  • Upbeat and optimistic; glass-half-full outlook
  • Well-liked and popular among peers

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What are Enthusiasts like?

Wide-eyed and filled to the brim with endless energy, Enthusiasts are the playful and busy optimists of the world. Their relentless curiosity for new information and experiences play into their (often impressive) stories and gift for gab. At the end of a workday, their minds are often still buzzing with new ideas to explore. They’re charming storytellers with a passion for many different hobbies, and see the glass as half full. Bright and expressive, Enthusiasts see the world as their playground and can be considered the ‘eternal children’ of the Enneagram.

What are the Enthusiast’s core values?

Flexibility, happiness and novelty. Variety is the Enthusiast’s bread (not spice!) of life. Enthusiasts seek out eye-opening experiences and sensations—to take in and see the value and meaning in everything. Open-mindedness paired with a non-judgemental attitude is what makes the Enthusiast tick. They believe each person should be given the chance to explore all they possibly can; each moment has its beauty, as long as you look carefully enough.

How can I recognize a Type 7?

Whimsical and free-spirited, Enthusiasts experience life with bright eyes and an open mind. With an impressively wide and far-reaching collection of talents and interests, they have active imaginations that soar and shine when gifted with new and exciting opportunities. At work, they are highly productive and get along well with others. They tend to climb the corporate ladder fairly easily and become a favorite in the lunchroom. With an infinite number of topics to talk about, their natural charisma draws in even the shyest of individuals. When faced with change, they strut forward with pride and boldly traverse through the unknown.

What are Enthusiasts like under different levels of health?

At healthy levels: Enthusiasts see connections between their areas of interest and expertise, and are able to focus their energy wisely in ventures that benefit something greater than themselves. Through every experience, they can see the lessons learned and be grateful for everything that passes; the good and the bad. They can manage the method to their madness with finesse and inspire others in the process. Their positive energy is infectious, combined with their curiosity for learning and open-mindedness—it’s a triple threat. Better yet, they’re able to perfect their work-life balance while still making time to embark on new journeys and keep their personal happiness tanks full.

At average levels: Enthusiasts throw themselves in a slew of constant activity and constantly seek the next ‘high’. They’re fun, busy and all-around spontaneous individuals. They combat their stress with a growing list of fun projects to undertake. They’re adrenaline junkies whose habits may spiral into serious addictions if this scattered energy is mismanaged. Future-oriented and almost always excited for something, Enthusiasts rewrite their life to maximize happiness and minimize or even deny pain. To do so, they plunge head-first into various forms of escapism: everything from reading, movies, exercise and romance to alcohol, psychedelics and the like.

At unhealthy levels: Enthusiasts become burnt out, cynical, and overly critical of the seemingly illogical systems that surround them. Minute issues with others become highly irritating, and everything suddenly becomes a nuisance. They may also become overwhelmingly narcissistic in their actions and presentation; flashy and exuberant. In the worst case, Enthusiasts begin to feel like they’ll never fully understand what they’re truly seeking out of life. Jumping from place to place, or person to person, Enthusiasts lose a sense of groundedness and may appear to live in a perpetual fantasy world instead of reality. When they realize the made-up world is only an illusion, they lose control over their mood and tumble into extreme emotional highs and lows.