Miley Cyrus is a dynamic entertainer who’s had a long, evolving career in Hollywood and the music industry. As she’s come into her own, it’s clear Miley is independent, fun-loving and sociable, unafraid to make bold choices and stand up for what she believes in through her causes and politics. She lives in the moment -- and trust us, there’s never a dull one with her.

Miley is an Enneagram Seven and Myers-Briggs’ ESTP. Here’s more about her fascinating, unexpected personality. 

ENNEAGRAM - Type Seven: The Enthusiast 

Enthusiasts are the curious, outgoing “doers” of the Enneagram. They can’t sit still -- the life of the party, the friend with all the most interesting hobbies. Their biggest fear is winding up in a rut and missing out on the best life has to offer them. Sevens are constantly battling FOMO, and wave off this fear by constantly evolving and chasing novelty and adventure. 

Miley has certainly embraced new attitudes, personas and artistic choices, evolving from the sweet Hannah Montana, to her Bangerz-era punk pop star, to a soulful rocker in her more recent music. She’s unafraid to grow, try new things, and learn -- fully characteristic of a Type Seven. “I always want people to celebrate my change, change has come to be a derogatory thing,” she has said. “‘He's changed, she's changed’ and I think it's great when people change...I hope I do all the time and I hope it means I’m into new things and hopefully by the end of my life I’ll have had a little taste of everything.”

Here’s more about Miley’s Enneagram type.

Outwardly: Spotting the Seven

  • Independent: Sevens have an independent streak, and aren’t interested in pleasing others at the expense of their own dreams and desires. “At the end of the day, the person who has to be happy is me,” Miley has said of her path.
  • Forgiving: Sevens are forgiving of themselves and others, and are easily able to shrug it off and move on. “The minute you stop making mistakes is the minute you stop learning,” Miley has quipped
  • Energetic: Sevens have near-boundless energy. Miley has discussed staying up late, where creativity strikes. “The wilder I am, the faster pace I’m going,” she’s said.
  • Popular: Sevens can work a room, and are frequently loved by everyone in an effortless way. Miley has talked about mastering this skill: “I think that turning on the charm without being fake is really important," she’s said

Inwardly: Sevens Beneath the Surface

  • Authentic: Sevens aren’t interested in being something they’re not, even if they end up going against the grain. It’s almost impossible for them to be someone they’re not. “It’s only hard if you’re trying to be something you’re not,” Miley has said. “Being who you are is really easy.” 
  • Open-minded: Sevens like Miley are nonjudgmental, and believe others should be free to live their lives on their own terms. She has come out publicly as pansexual and gender fluid
  • Imaginative: Creative and bright, Sevens are frequently entrepreneurial or artistic -- just like Miley, who is a multifaceted entertainer, singer-songwriter and actress. 


E: Extraverted

Miley is an outgoing people-person who isn’t afraid of ruffling feathers. Outspoken about her beliefs, and her relationships, she lives life on her own terms. Her extraverted nature is also reflected in her bold stage persona.

S: Sensing

Deeply in touch with her senses, Miley breathes life in through experiences and senses the world in a visceral way. She’s aware of her penchant to live in the moment and embrace the chaos, which is reflected in her music. She talked about it on her latest album: “My independence and, I guess, my survivalist instincts make it where I can seem selfish,” she said

T: Thinking

Miley wears her heart on her sleeve, but she’s not one to be romantic or make decisions based in vulnerability. When asked about whether or not she felt different as a married woman, she said, “Zero percent different.” She also doesn’t get into deep, emotional conflict. “When I come home, I want to be anchored by someone,” she said. “I don't get off on drama or fighting." 

P: Perceiving

Miley doesn’t plan ahead, allows herself to go with the flow and embrace her moods. “I’m a creative vessel that thrives on change and evolution, I love to feel, and to feel extremes,” she’s said

Cognitive Functions

Se: Miley is grounded in the moment, and experiences life through her senses -- taking in sights, sounds, experiences. She’s not afraid to evolve and adapt. “There are multiple sides to all of us,” she’s said

Ti: Like other introverted thinkers, Miley has a unique system of logic and way of operating in the world; she’s not concerned about her decisions making sense to others. “It really doesn't bother me when people tell me I'm crazy because I am,” she’s said in jest.

Fe: Extraverted Feelers like Miley are very in tune with the feelings of others, and really want to make sure others are happy and having a good time. They are less in touch with their own feelings, however. Miley copped to not processing the stress of her career for many years. “It’s like anything when you are in it,” she said in 2017 of her lengthy career. “I didn’t realize how much pressure I was under and how that shaped me until, like, this year.”

Ni: Miley isn’t planning her legacy or sure of her future, which is common of ESTPs with inferior intuition. “I couldn’t really tell you how I’d want to be remembered,” she says, “because all the things that I’d hopefully be remembered for haven’t happened yet.”

Fast Facts about ESTPs

  • 4% of the general population; 6% of men, 3% of women
  • Scores high on these traits: Dominant, Flexible, Demanding, and Sociable
  • One of two types with the lowest college GPAs
  • Likely to stay in school and overrepresented among MBA students
  • One of the types reporting the highest levels of assertiveness in college
  • One of the types most likely to report chronic pain
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