Everyone has something that they do first thing when they wake up. Maybe you have to hit the mat and get your body moving, maybe you rush to the coffee machine and make yourself a brew, or maybe you need some extra cuddle time with your pets. 

But have you ever wondered why you feel the inclination to do whatever it is when your eyes have only just opened? Chances are, it’s your Enneagram type dictating what’s on the agenda each morning. Here's what your Enneagram type is telling you to do when you first wake up!

Type Ones: Make the Bed

Type Ones want to do good and honorable things in their lives. And while some people might not assume that something as simple as making the bed could be considered good and honorable, the One is just getting started. 

From the moment a perfectionist One wakes up and gets going, they are on the ball. They’re constantly looking for things around them that they can improve upon or fix, whether seen or unseen.

If you live with a One, you might notice them constantly picking up after you and keeping yours and their space tidy and pristine. This is one of the various acts of service that a One performs throughout the day to extend kindness and thoughtfulness to everyone they encounter. 

Type Twos: Text Their Friends

Have you ever woken up to the sweetest text from one of your friends? It might feel out of the blue and you weren’t expecting it, but it made your day early on and you already felt loved and thought about before you even got out of bed.

The friend who sent that text is more likely than not an Enneagram Two. Type Twos are motivated to feel loved and appreciated. Because love is their deepest desire in life, they usually dole love out to everyone around them to feel deserving of it. Checking in with people and letting them know just how much they mean to them is an everyday gesture of love for a Two – even if it is only 6am!

Type Threes: Check Their To-Do Lists 

No one has a busier schedule than an Enneagram Three. Type Threes are the most likely type to hit the ground running – literally when they get out of bed! 

They have a lengthy to-do list most of the time, as they are prone to over-schedule and stretch themselves thin in the name of getting more things accomplished. They know that they have to be on their a-game and get things done. 

While Threes are motivated by their desire for attention and admiration, a healthy Three knows their boundaries and when to slow down. Checking the to-do list first thing in the morning is not a bad thing, as long as the Three is making sure that they haven’t overbooked themselves already. 

Type Fours: Move their Bodies

At first glance, this one may seem a little strange. Enneagram Fours are a heart type. This means they're more likely to want to check in with others or process their feelings first thing in the morning than get some exercise – it's the body types who are the most likely to want to stretch or go for a morning run. However, Fours are extremely fluid beings. They are very in-tune with their bodies and their emotions. The thing that motivates a Four more than anything else is their desire to express themselves and be unique in the world.  

Enneagram Fours can often feel untethered to the natural world, especially if their dreams or residual emotions from the last night are still haunting them. Doing a mind/body practice like yoga first thing in the morning can help Fours become lighter and more centered, and ready to face the day ahead. 

Type Fives: Read Something Inspiring

Type Fives love to learn and they are usually among the most well-read types of Enneagram. It's no surprise then that Fives get right into their books and reading material first thing in the morning – they might even have fallen asleep reading the night before and just have to pick up where they left off!

Fives are naturally introverted and thrive on knowledge. Reading is their own, personal way of exploring the world without having to leave their bedroom, which can be especially comforting for a Five who hasn't been able to properly connect with others yet that day.

Not only does this give Fives a sense of security, but it also allows them to explore ideas and gain mental stimulation. Whether it’s something inspirational or something more technical, reading in the morning is a great way for Fives to start their day with some creative energy.

Type Sixes: Check The News

There is no Enneagram type that we trust to be more prepared than a Six. This type is always waiting for the other shoe to drop in their life and, because of this, they are always making sure they’re informed and on top of current happenings at any given time. 

Sixes are motivated by their need for safety and security. They want to keep their backs and heads covered at all times. Because of their need to remain safe, the first thing a Six does when they wake up in the morning is to check the news and make sure that everything is the way they left it the day before. 

Type Sevens: Check Flight Costs

Ever the adventurers, Enneagram Sevens lust for new experiences and constantly search for the next exciting thing. What motivates a Seven more than anything is a need to avoid feeling bored or uninspired – they get FOMO when something exciting is happening and they’re not a part of it and always want to be the first to know about a new opportunity. 

For Sevens, checking the cost of flights to different places serves as an outlet for their need to stay happy and entertained. Even if they can't actually book a flight this very minute, just seeing what's out there and dreaming about all the potential adventures that await them is enough to help them seize the day and feel like they're experiencing something new.

Type Eights: Check the Calendar

Enneagram Eights are the natural leaders of the world and their families. While there are better planners on the Enneagram, Eights need to know what everyone is doing and when they are doing it. This need for control comes from the Eight's desire to be independent and avoid feeling powerless. If you’re in an Eight’s home, they want to know where you’re going and what you’re doing.

So, the first thing an Eight does when they wake up in the morning is check their calendar and make sure that everyone else in their lives is on track with where they should be. Eights often act as caretakers for other people, so making sure everyone is where they’re supposed to be is just another way for them to show they care and look out for their loved ones.

Nines: Make Coffee

Although a Nine might be the type who is more likely to stay in bed for an extra spell than any other type on this list, the second that a Nine gets out of bed, it’s to go straight for the coffee pot. 

Nines love to be slow and intentional with everything that they do. Their core motivation is to bring peace and harmony to themselves and everyone around them. Nines wake up and look for pockets of peace that they can create or enhance throughout their days.  Making coffee then becomes more than just caffeine – it's a ritual that helps Nines ground themselves and start their day with a sense of calm.

Markey Battle
Markey is the embodiment of an Enneagram Three. Her secret talents include beating everyone but her husband at Disney Jeopardy. She has two cats, Everest and Pippin, which she rescued from a dumpster where the best pets are found. She once learned the entire alphabet backward in her sleep one night because she didn’t want to waste her time sleeping.