Affirmations are a self-help strategy you can use to improve your self-confidence and redirect your mindset towards positive thoughts. By regularly repeating affirmations, you can establish the positive statements as fact in your mind, helping you feel stronger, more confident and more in control.

To find the best affirmations for you, use your core Enneagram type to shape the phrases you choose and how and when you use them. Here’s our list of positive affirmations for every Enneagram type to help you get started!

How to use affirmations for your Enneagram type

If you’re using affirmations for the first time, here are some steps to help you establish affirmations as a habit.

  1. Start with 3-5 minutes a day: To help your affirmations stick in your mind, try repeating them for 3-5 minutes a day when you wake up or before you go to bed. 
  2. Say your affirmations out loud: Try to repeat your affirmations out loud to help you focus on what you’re saying. Try to really listen to each word and phrase. You might find it helpful to look in the mirror as you say them.
  3. Make affirmations a routine: Affirmations are only useful if you use them consistently so try to establish a routine of repeating your affirmations every day and see what changes you notice over time.

Affirmation ideas for every Enneagram type

Type 1 - “I will not worry about things I cannot control”

Known as the Perfectionist, Type 1 Enneagrams hold themselves to an extremely high standard and find it hard to accept anything that’s less than perfect. This Enneagram type is extremely exacting and strict, not just with themselves but with others too.

What this means is that people often don’t live up to the standards Type 1s set. They can quickly get frustrated by other people and find it hard to let things go. Repeating the affirmation “I will not worry about things I cannot control” can help Type 1s to remember that they only have responsibility for themselves and not for others.

Over time, this affirmation can help Type 1s be less stressed and more flexible when it comes to the people around them, both at work and at home.

Type 2 - “I am loved and admired every day”

At the core of the Type 2 personality is the desire to be loved and to feel like they belong. Their deepest insecurities lie in the idea that they are unloved and will end up alone, and this can often lead to stress and anxiety when it comes to their relationships. Type 2s want to feel popular and appreciated and will do anything to feel wanted.

The affirmation “I am loved and admired every day” can be really useful for Type 2s, helping to remind them that they are loved and admired by many people, even if it doesn’t feel that way sometimes. If Type 2s can learn how to accept themselves for who they are, they can shift their mindset towards positive thoughts and actions.

Type 3 - “I am doing my best and that is enough”

The classic overachiever personality type, Enneagram Type 3s are deeply afraid of not being valued by other people. Type 3s want to be admired by the people around them and are extremely preoccupied with success and hitting self-imposed milestones in their lives. 

For this personality type, using the words “I am doing my best and that is enough” in their daily affirmations can be comforting. This simple phrase can combat the Type 3 fear of failure and help them build a sense of self-worth and inner confidence.

Type 4 - “I choose to be happy and love myself today”

At first glance, Type 4s appear to be self-confident and self-assured thanks to their strong sense of identity. But underneath the surface, many Type 4s have the fear that they are flawed in some way. Type 4s look at the people around them and get scared that they’re missing out on the happiness that everyone else is able to experience.

For Type 4s, it can be helpful to use the affirmation “I choose to be happy and love myself today.” Happiness is shaped by however you define it, and this affirmation reminds you that you’re the only person in control of your happiness.

Type 5 - “I will be kind to myself and others today”

Among all the Enneagram types, Type 5s are the most likely to remove themselves from social situations and become detached. They tend to be more comfortable with theoretical, analytical scenarios than social ones and they’re driven by their desire to conserve their energy at all costs. 

In their attempts to limit engagement with the outside world, Enneagram 5s can sometimes be withdrawn and lack emotional awareness. The affirmation “I will be kind to myself and others today” can help to shift the classic Type 5 mindset from detachment to kindness and compassion.

Type 6 - “I am able to shift to calm energy whenever I desire”

Security-oriented and hyper vigilant, Type 6s are defined by their desire to seek safety and minimize risk. This can make Type 6s skeptical and even paranoid, always imagining the worst-case scenario and seeing danger around every turn.

For Type 6s, it’s important to bring calm energy into their lives to combat negative behaviors. When Type 6s are healthy and relaxed, they can be hugely generous, patient and trusting people. To encourage this mindset shift, the affirmation “I am able to shift to calm energy whenever I desire” can be a really helpful and effective phrase to use.

Type 7 - “I am stronger than I know”

Known as the Enthusiast, Type 7s are free-spirited and fun-loving. At the core of their personality, there is the desire to avoid sadness and pain. This means they regularly switch from one hobby to the next and have multiple talents. They’re usually highly productive and charismatic individuals.

For many Type 7s, there is a tendency to stay at surface level and avoid going deeper into their emotions. They avoid developing meaningful relationships to avoid pain. But to be their most authentic selves, Type 7s have to be willing to make themselves vulnerable. The affirmation “I am stronger than I know” can help 7s face up to potentially painful or uncomfortable situations and be open to feeling the full spectrum of emotions buried inside them.

Type 8 -  “Asking for help is a sign of strength” 

In the wide spectrum of personality types, Enneagram 8s are the most afraid of vulnerability and weakness. This powerful, extremely independent personality type often finds it hard to accept help from others.

For Type 8s, the affirmation “Asking for help is a sign of strength” can help to reinforce the idea that you can still be successful and strong while accepting help and support from other people. This affirmation can help Type 8s to become healthy, nurturing leaders and to avoid developing toxic traits.

Type 9 - “I choose my choices”

For Type 9s, the hardest challenge is expressing their desires and needs to other people. This Enneagram type is defined by their reluctance to impose their opinions. They fear doing anything to disrupt the harmony of a group and so they let others take the lead.

As the Peacemaker personality type, Enneagram 9s avoid conflict in any way possible. This means they avoid pushing their choices on other people but they can also miss out on pursuing their own goals and passions in the process. “I choose my choices” is one affirmation that can help Type 9s to remember to embrace their own needs, ambition and direction.

Ultimately, affirmations should be personal to you. Take the time to find affirmations that feel right for your goals and the changes you’re trying to make in your life. Try these affirmations for your Enneagram type and see the difference they can make to your mindset.

Elizabeth Harris
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