Enneagram Types of Your Favorite Harry Potter Characters

Clinically Reviewed by Steven Melendy, PsyD. on February 11, 2022

In the process of writing Harry Potter, JK Rowling created a range of rich, detailed characters, each with their own personality and Enneagram type. Throughout the books, the characters reveal their personalities through their actions, words and motivations. From Harry’s unbreakable Type 8 spirit to Hermione’s Type 1 perfectionist traits, here are the Harry Potter Enneagram types for each of your favorite characters!

Harry Potter: Type 8

When we first meet Harry in the Philosopher’s Stone, he is a very different character to who he becomes by the end of the final book. At the start of his journey, Harry Potter is shy, quiet and unsure of himself. However, through the course of the Harry Potter series, he develops into a strong Enneagram Type 8.

Harry Potter’s Enneagram type is confident and assertive. He knows his own mind and he stands up for what he believes in. Even in the face of terrifying enemies and danger, Harry Potter is determined and unwavering. Like many Type 8s, he can be stubborn and headstrong at times, ignoring the warnings of people in charge and wading into danger.

Above all, Harry Potter’s Type 8 personality plays out in his search for justice and his unwavering effort to protect the weak. He is willing to take the lead and stand up against the strongest, darkest forces when no one else will.

Ron Weasley: Type 7

Deeply loyal and loving, Ron Weasley is an interesting character. In the spectrum of Harry Potter Enneagram types, his quirky, fun-loving personality makes him a Type 7. He is endearing and goofy, the perfect contrast to Harry Potter’s more serious and single-minded personality.

Ron is always ready to accompany Harry on whatever adventure or quest comes up. He is fiercely loyal and generally upbeat and enthusiastic. Though there are many things that Ron fears in the world, he is always there for his friends when they need him. Like many Type 7s, Ron can sometimes struggle with self-discipline but his energy and adventurous spirit carry him through.

Hermione Granger: Type 1

Enneagram Type 1 aka the Perfectionist fits Hermione perfectly. Thanks to her diligent and disciplined personality, Hermione is the clearest and most obvious Type 1 of all the Harry Potter Enneagram types.

Type 1s are all about following the rules. They’re driven by a desire to do things well and win big achievements. This Enneagram type is extremely determined and hard-working. Hermione’s drive to be the top of her class and always have the right answer to everything makes her a true Type 1.

Professor Albus Dumbledore: Type 9

Characterized by his kind, gentle personality, Albus Dumbledore fits well as an Enneagram type 9. Dumbledore takes on the role as mentor for Harry Potter and true to the Type 9 personality, he is a skilled counsellor.

Like many Type 9s, Dumbledore is well-liked and respected by most people around him. His calm, mellow demeanor makes him an enjoyable person to be around and his opinions are respected. There is much about Dumbledore’s personality and past that he doesn’t reveal and he often works hard behind the scenes to make things happen.

Professor Severus Snape: Type 5

When it comes to Harry Potter Enneagram types, Severus Snape is one of the more difficult to place. Throughout the books, his character twists and turns as the truth about his past and his personality is revealed. Overall, however, he can be seen as a Type 5 personality.

Snape is generally thought of as cold and calculating, traits which are in keeping with the extremes of the Type 5 personality. Type 5s are known to withdraw from social life, often finding relationships exhausting and difficult. This Enneagram type prefers to focus on acquiring knowledge instead of making friends. In Snape’s case, his energy goes into learning about the Dark Arts and becoming one of the most powerful wizards in the Harry Potter world.

Professor Minerva McGonagall: Type 8

Strong, stern and sometimes scary, Professor McGonagall is an Enneagram Type 8 through and through. She embodies the protector characteristics that Type 8s are known for. Professor McGonagall would do anything to protect the students at Hogwarts and stand up against anyone and anything that would harm them.

Though she may be strict and more than a little intimidating as a teacher, Professor McGonagall is kind and extremely loyal. She is a fierce guardian and defender. Her character also has a strong sense of justice that guides all her actions.

Rubeus Hagrid: Type 2

In the world of Harry Potter Enneagram types, Hagrid is a clear Type 2. Known as the Giver Enneagram type, Type 2s love to feel appreciated by others. Hagrid is warm, generous and fuzzy-hearted. He is always there to care for and protect the ones he loves.

The generous spirit of the Type 2 personality means this character is a classic caretaker. Hagrid makes decisions based on emotions rather than logic. He has a soft, open personality that can sometimes get him into trouble, but like all Type 2s, he radiates kindness and warmth.

Luna Lovegood: Type 4

One of the most lovable and eccentric characters in the Harry Potter series, Luna Lovegood is a clear Enneagram Type 4. She is quirky and happy to just be herself. She doesn’t feel the need to follow the trends of those around her and fit into the expectations of her peers. Like many Type 4s, Luna is creative and unique with her own distinct style, interests and habits. This Type 4 is a true individualist.

Harry Potter Enneagram Types

We’ve looked at the top Harry Potter Enneagram types covering the most-loved characters in the books. While each of the characters in Harry Potter has their own, distinct personality, there are also some areas where they overlap. To find out more about the Enneagram types, read this overview, check out our Enneagram Fundamentals series, or take the test and discover your own type.

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Jackie (not verified) says...

Just wanted to say that the first movie is Harry Potter and The Socerer's Stone not Philosopher's Stone 

peter says...

The movie yes, but that's because it's made by Universal Studios which is an American company and JK Rowling agreed to call the Philosopher's Stone the Sorcerer's Stone in America mostly because publishers believed it would sell better with that title. So the book is both names, essentially, and the article seems to refer more to the books than the movies. Good eye, though.

peter says...

Also I noticed this, the author is from the UK so that explains why it's referenced as the Philosopher's Stone.

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