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INFPs and Other Personality Types

Kindred Spirits

People of the following types are more likely than most to share the INFP's values, interests, and general approach to life. They won't necessarily agree on everything, and there's no guarantee they'll always get along, but they're more likely to feel an easy rapport and have plenty of things in common.

Intriguing Differences

People of the following types are likely to strike the INFP as similar in character, but with some key differences which may make them seem especially intriguing. The INFP may find people of these types particularly interesting and attractive to get to know. Relationships between INFPs and these types should have a good balance of commonalities and opportunities to challenge one another.

Potential Complements

INFPs may not feel an immediate connection with people of the following types, but on getting to know each other, they'll likely find they have some important things in common, as well as some things to teach one other. Although people of these types may not attract the INFP initially, their relationships present a lot of potential to complement and learn from one other.

Challenging Opposites

People of the following types present the most potential for personality clash and conflict with the INFP, but also the best opportunities for growth. Because people of these types have fundamentally different values and motivations from the INFP's, initially, it may seem impossible to relate. But because they are so different, their strengths are the INFP's weaknesses, and if they are able to develop a relationship, they can learn a tremendous amount from each other.

INFPs in Love

In relationships, the INFP is nurturing, empathic, and loyal. Healers select their friends and partners carefully, looking for a strong bond and congruent values. They are self-aware and often spiritual.

INFPs tend to be open-minded and accepting of another's behavior and preferences, so long as their core values are not violated. They support their partners' individuality, and encourage them to explore their interests and ideas.

INFPs look for ways to compromise and accommodate other people, and often have creative solutions to interpersonal problems. They can be very sensitive, but often keep negative reactions to themselves because they are reluctant to engage in confrontation.

Close and harmonious relationships are important to INFPs, although they also need a lot of independent time to think and reflect. They often want plenty of freedom to express themselves and pursue greater self-awareness. They value a partner who is committed and loving, yet provides them with the support they need to independently explore the mysteries of life.

INFPs as Parents

As parents, INFPs are caring, supportive, and adaptable. They rarely establish a strict or structured household, preferring instead to address problems and situations as they arise. They often allow their children a lot of latitude and influence in making decisions, and may leave the creation and enforcement of household rules up to another parent.

Children of INFPs often find that they have the freedom to express themselves and make their own decisions until they violate their INFP parent's values. When values are in question, the Healer parent becomes firm and inflexible.

INFP Communication Style

INFPs are gentle, encouraging communicators who enjoy exploring options and ideas. They envision possibilities for people and are often good at coming up with creative, flexible solutions to problems. They are typically attentive listeners who try to adapt their communication style to the people they are dealing with. Compassionate and cooperative, they tend to be appreciative of other people and their ideas, although they may be reserved about sharing their own closely held values and ideas with people they do not know well.

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D. Grimaldo (not verified) says...

A few years ago I took the test and if I remember correctly it classified me as INFJ (it was another website though). Today I took it here, and it listed INFP (very good match) at the top followed by INTP (very good match) & INTJ (good match). Apparently I am a rarity LOL, well, that kind of explains many things. Anyway, it does make sense.

Mona888 (not verified) says...

I'm also an INFP and still go to high school but I'm sure that I found the right career for me. I just recently found out about the Wildlife Biologist / Wildlife Conservationist. Since our personality type loves nature and to help others, I'm sure that this could be a field to think about - just as an inspiration. Have a great day!

caro Lina (not verified) says...

I have taken tests over the past few years and I keep getting categorized as INFP which makes perfect sense. Seeing that Morrissey and Kurt Cobain are also other INFPs makes sense why I would almost exclusively listen to the Smiths and Nirvana when I was a teenager - but now I listen to a wide variety of music ranging from hardcore punk to indie to darkwave and death metal to rancheras to reggae. I usually let things slide and I am easy going unless I feel strongly about it or threatening to my values - i.e fairness. People have told me that I have a "live and let live attitude" and I suppose that is very true, although I find people who are judgemental extremely irksome. I have always expressed myself better through writing than verbal communication.

I suppose, the point about job satisfaction rings true with me, I am working towards a career in humanitarianism and advocating for human rights. I know there's other jobs that pay more, and while I still want a comfortable enough life making a lot of money and being at the top is not the most important to me. I've been told that I am too idealistic at times, but I always wondered what the world would be like if more people were more benevolent and acted on their compassion more often. 

They say that INFPs are "social introverts" and there's some truth to that. I actually like being around people and I have diverse sets of friends. While I do like being around people, I hate being the center of attention. I usually like being in the background - observing all the action and taking it all in. Two of my best friends are ENFPs and my husband is an ENTJ. I sort of enjoy being at the parties they host. 

notgonnatellwhoiam (not verified) says...

I can so very relate to this. I misunderstood myself until I figured out that I am a "Social Introvert". It's so difficult to explain this to others who sometimes see me as an extrovert. I feel very tired when I am the centre of attention but at the same time I am open to anything in the world.

crystal s (not verified) says...

Wow, reading your comment felt like I was reading a descrption about me :"")

Ari Koinuma (not verified) says...

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Ari K (not verified) says...

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Ari Koinuma (not verified) says...


Ari Koinuma (not verified) says...


Jordy (not verified) says...

I cannot for the life of me assess whether I am INTP or INFP. My mother and brother are INFP (without a doubt), and my best friend is ENFJ (the "golden match" for INFP's). My friend, who has researched the MBTI much more than I have, believes I am T type, however. In my life, I can give examples of times I behaved as both T and F. How can someone overcome this conumdrum? 

syuro (not verified) says...

same feelings.

baghead (not verified) says...

i believe your main problem is by veiwing this as a conundrum. instead you should be glad of the fact that you get to see the world from both a thinkers and a feelers perspective. i do sympathise deeply with wanting a set in stone self identity like the mbti offers. but at some point i realised that i will act how i act wether im an infp or an elephant. im not sure what my point was, but i hope i was some help :)

(btw im infp, not that it matters)

Kristin (not verified) says...

Go to C. S. Joseph's YouTube channel.  You can get the answer to your question there.  He's very competent.

Rachel664 (not verified) says...

Hey Jordy. Have you heard of the "cognitive functions"? Every type has a different stack of four. It might help you determine which one you relate to more! 

Rebekah9999 (not verified) says...

I know I'm INFP as opposed to INTP because although I love complex ideas and innovation, I usually bore quickly if they relate to pure science instead of people. 

Guest (not verified) says...

Take the quiz on

you can then read more about your personality

Doug... (not verified) says...

I have the same issue of INFP or INTP. At work everyone says I'm sure a INTP, but family says INFP. In the test am in the middle a little bit more prone to F side, if I answer thinking about my life in general, but if I think a little more about work it is a T. I wrote to 16personalities site, and they told me that I should consider the major the general one. And I agree, work is situational, life is till we die. That's it. Hope it helped. 

Sarahese (not verified) says...

Wow, nearly exactly the same. At core, INFP. At work and more so while in management, INTP. I hover near the border and move over one side or the other according to what I'm doing.

Yu-Hsiang (not verified) says...

I found myself very much relate to this INFP definition. for years I have always been thinking about being a mental health counelor. The idea of helping others to improve their lives motivates me. However in Taiwan to do that it takes 4 years of education and intern before practicing it with no solid income to support the family Im about to start.  SO I save this for everyone around me and do other "practical" sales related jobs.


Yes I would dive into things I felt liberating or pleasant even know it would not benefit in a practical way.

tried Parkour, Surfing, Sketch, Language, Movies, Boxing, etc. 

I think this article somehow sum me up as a person. and that fact that INFP might not make as much money as others is something I recognize and accept.


I do wanna stress that I think we are emotionally supportive people. people we care about and love are very at ease around us and even inspired. This is something I reckon valuable more than career success.

It's the people I helped along the way define my internal accomplishment.

thanks for this article

Infp -Devin (not verified) says...

As an infp i don't feel i have been put in an environment where my personality naturally thrives, quite yet. I was excited to hear that INFP's are least likely to suffer from heart disease. Cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death by far. So theres a little relief. And possibly living a long life. I feel perhaps in my middle age I will be closely intertwined with my identity and will be diving deep into ideas and activities. Sure like why wait I could do that now.. but ... I have this thing I feel that there is a time and place for everything. And that some points in life its just good to wait. Even waiting 10 years. I seriously feel time teaches a lot and that things will get better in time. The thing I've been waiting for I don't feel has come yet but my intuition tells me it will one day. That thing is basically self actualization. 

Melony (not verified) says...

It definitely will come one day. Never give up; on it or yourself. You're worth every good thing you want Devin ❤

infpÄ (not verified) says...

Hi everyone, i'm an INFP-A and i can only say that the explanation is sooo accurate. I'm more like a happy go lucky person and i enjoy unpredictable events. i'm also very interested in Horoscope and i will dig in extremely once i felt i should find out more about it. Honestly, i feel that INFPs are easily addicted in something and we go all in, even if it does not brings benefit. So sometimes it is frustrating as even if i realised that i'm doing non-beneficial stuff, i'm still pretty much enjoying it, and i rarely regrets on anything. This makes me feel extremely unsafe and dangerous. But yea yall INFPs know that i just wanna write it out to express myself and i'm not gonna change how the way i interpret and react. So yea ~ dang us

Infpt 🙂 (not verified) says...

I can relate to Infp alright. I agree with all you said infpÄ. Astrology it's my thing. And yes, se go obsessive with something even if has no pratical use. I'm totally into it.

Infpt 🙂 (not verified) says...

I can relate to Infp alright. I agree with all you said infpÄ. Astrology it's my thing. And yes, se go obsessive with something even if has no pratical use. I'm totally into it.

TobyINFP1 (not verified) says...

Hi fellow INFP's. I have taken a few different tests during this lockdown as it's given some free time. Each time I have been shown to be an INFP. Regarding careers, I have worked in recruitment for 6 years and work for a company which is very low stress, I think if I was working for a "usual" recruitment agency I wouldn't have lasted the week. I have felt so uninterested and unmotivated in this job for many years and feel frustrated with myself that I'm still working there. I have attented MANY job interviews over the years but nothing has given me enough interest to follow through with any job offer I have reiceved, until recently... I applied for a job as a video editor and for the first time ever I felt excited and energised with the thought of editing videos for a living. (I have videoed some weddings and also shot footage at London Fashion Week a few years back.) Every day and evening I was researching editing techniques to upgrade my skills as fast as possible, I felt like I was actually retaining information and felt alive in my pursuit to make the job mine. I was given an assignment/test to do and I worked all weekend to get it done, barely surfacing to eat. Once I sent the completed video back to the company I had strong anxiety everytime my phone buzzed or I recieved an email. I eventually heard back that although they were impressed with my video they were now going to put the role on hold owing to... you guessed it, COVID-19. I don't know what will become of the job or company but I really hope that I can progress to the next stage in the near future. It's also left me feeling even more unmotivated in my current role! It has however shown the direction I need to be going and although Video Editing full time positions seem to be somewhat rare I will keep pursuing until I have succeeded.

I guess this job opportunity and experience has really shown how motivated and energised I am capable of being should I have interest in what I am doing. As far as I have read so far this is incredibly important for INFP's to really feel satisfaction in their careers.

I think I am correct in saying we make up about 4-6% of the population which is interesting as I have always felt slightly "different". Finding out more about my personality has been very useful and a journey I feel like I am only just begining in my late 20's! 

Any way this was a bit of a brain dump of my experience so far regarding working life. It has helped to write this down and if it helps anyone in anyway then I would be happy to hear your thoughts.

Stay safe,


Joe92 (not verified) says...

This is actually really encouraging. I'm also in my late 20s. Been working in IT/Cybersecurity for the last 6 years. I'm good at it and the pay is excellent, but I have no motivation or desire to keep doing this. It's good to hear things worked out for you. There's still hope for me yet.

Julian (not verified) says...

Hey Joe, 

I am also an INFP working in Cyber Security. Here's to finding a career that resonates with us more! 

hughhh (not verified) says...

Hey Julian + Joe, 

In a similar boat to you both. Late 20's seeking a new career.

Finding this book amazing - The Path Finder -  nicholas lore. Check it out. 


Alma (not verified) says...

Hi! I am not a doctor, or anything close to it. I'm an Infp, and so I feel like I really understand what you're expressing. I think that having a job/career that isnt fulfulling, will make your entire being miserable because the discontent bleeds onto those closest to you. For infp, its quite disturbing. Even if the money is good. Even if others praise you. You will likely find yourself needing to get rid of that incompleteness from within. If you dont do what you desire now, its likely that eventually you will. 

The way I can relate is that even though I had a job that paid "enough" money to live relatively well, I wasnt satisfied with the fact that I hadnt pursued my education. I started college as a mother, at 26. My marriage eventually failed, due to increased distance. I'm actually still a student. I still believe I made the right choice. I was truly unhappy with my life, job, and I needed to do something about it.

You expressed interest in other aspects of the medical field. I chose health communication. I hope you can find something thats valuable to you.

Daron m (not verified) says...

Hey guys, This was an interesting read for me. I'm a doctor, and throughout medschool, I probably spent more time getting my hands dirty in paint rather than focusing on course work. I am not sure as to what went on. But retrospectively I felt like I was in a high stress enviroment, with a lot of variables which I could'nt control. And somehow throughout my schooling and college, I always had this passion of starting something creative on my own. I have worked on several projects, blogs, content writing, and even taken up commisioned work through painting in the meantime. But I am at this stage where I might need three more years to finish the whole medical career thing. And I dont know how to go about it. The problem I face is that I feel I wont be able to thrive or live as a creative individual, and I'm 25 now. I also have to keep in mind my financial situations. Because compared to my peers, I always feel like I'm lagging behind. I am interested in teaching and certain aspects of the medical field, like the challenge of solving problems. And I love how the academic challenges can stimulate my mind and creativity. But the high stress work enviroment, the shitty toxicity of people that you're exposed to, etc has really stressed me out. Because the enviroment for learning is usually too fast and rushed for me to keep up. So I dont know whats going on here. And an outsiders perpective and personal experiences might help me a lot. If anyone could kindly share their experiences, would really help me at this moment to clear any traps I've built for myself.

And yes, I am an INFP too! Cheers and well wishes to everyone on this forum. :)

Shoboat31 (not verified) says...

I understand how frustrating school can be, but don't give up Daron m. The field of psychiatry would probably be fascinating for you, as it has been for me. 

Janine (not verified) says...

You could go into naturopathy or chiropractic or something along those lines. Most medical doctors are tightly controlled and have no time to do anything more than throw a standard prescription at a problem. Alternate medicine of some sort would give you more opportunity to spend more time focus on helping individuals. The ND I used to work for was a medical doctor to start but continued on to become a naturopath. He helped people recover from a lot of supposedly chronic conditions that the standard medical system couldn't help and was much happier and at peace with what he was doing than any MD I've encountered has been. 

Karo (not verified) says...

Hey Daron, I just read your comment and have to say, I felt a little bit like I was reading my own story. I'm a doctor and an INFP as well, I worked in hospitals and practices for more than six 6 years after I finished my studies, but I was always curious and also distracted by other interests. I do a lot of music, painting, I love graphics and writing as well. I liked my work as a doctor and was good in it, but I soon realized that in comparison to my colleagues, I had so many other serious interests, most of them creative-wise, that I felt a little bit like an alien between my coworkers. Also the health system and its structure and burocracy gave me the feeling of beeing stucked in a crazy worksystem where I wasn't sure if this was the right place for me. I then decided to try something else, but to use my knowledge within another meaningful way of working without leaving everything behind. I switched to a digital health company and the way to this decision was not easy and brought me some sleepless nights. 
But at the end it was so worth it, because this change gave me new freedom and also the opportunity to think more openly and creative and to work in a more healthy work environment with normal working hours plus I'm so much more flexible in including my music and art into my schedule.  I would never call myself a lazy person, but I was so unhappy about how much time I had to spent just for my work as a doctor. So I felt unhappy because I didn't have the time to practice my other hobbies besides medicine.
Besides, I still think about other options of work pretty regularly and I think this is an ongoing process for my whole life. I thought about opening a art workshop place or a little gallery for example. And maybe I will realize that in the future. One option for me could for example be: working part-time medical and part-time creatively, so that I have both worlds combined. For you I can imagine, that it makes sense to take a step back and figure out, what makes you happy. Is it a 50/50 combination, is it beeing a doctor most of the the and just having some more time for your hobby or any other model you can imagine. And then check options and see whats realistic and whats not. For me, beeing a little brave always helped. So I really encourage you to think broader and take some steps beside the normal medical way. Wish you lot's of braveness and time for creativity and all the things that make you happy! 

Thanksgoogle (not verified) says...


I'm at a loss for words

Mire (not verified) says...

Hi! I'm an INFP and I'm a nurse practitioner. Prior to being a nurse practitioner, I worked as a pediatric ER nurse for over a decade. I experienced burn out several times throughout my career. Like you, I do enjoy some aspects of working in healthcare. I truly enjoyed seeing patients get better. I liked the fast pace. I liked working with kids. I loved how silly and goofy kids can be despite whatever illness/disease. But I didn't enjoy, parents and patients yelling at me and sometimes the pace was just too fast and hectic. I also deep down feel and know that there is more for me out there in the world. I feel caged up in my current position. Throughout my life, I always felt different, not in an 'I'm so unique and special way kind of way', but just that I knew that I wasn't like other people. Discovering that I was an INFP was eye opening! It made me feel like less of a weirdo. I felt validated that I fell into a group which meant there were other INFP's in the world. I'm now in my mid-30's and desperately want to change careers. I've spent so much time googling how to change careers. I bought self-help books and took career tests, but nothing helped more than when I discovered that I was an INFP. This exploration also led me to a site This site has hundreds of stories of how people were able to successfully change their careers. Even though I'm an INFP, I never felt like I was creative, but reading all these career change success stories made me want to write children's books. I wrote my first book within an hour and ideas for children's books keep popping up in my head! I'm now in the process of trying to get it published. 

I hope all my ramblings make sense. What I'm ultimately trying to say is that I think you should continue to pursue your creative interests. I'm still working in healthcare, but I'm hoping I can soon step away into becoming a full-time author. Best of luck to you!!!

Johnny J (not verified) says...

Reading these comments and taking the test is easilest the best thing I have done in 2020 (what a horrible year it has been so far). I am a 23 year old recent college graduate (2019). Who has been working for about 8 months now in Finance. Through high school/college I struggled with a learning disability but still managed to get by, and some what succeed. Now, through the past 8 months I have not enjoyed my job, and I am not great at it. It is difficult to find any fulfillment in it, and I cannot see myself doing this for the foreeseseable future. With that being said, it's difficult to go out on a limb while living on my own, and fending for myself. Maybe someone who is reading this can write back what kind of career path they went on. If they are fulfilled in doing what they are doing now. Some jobs that would intrigue me come to mind, but would love to hear a story or two. Maybe we could eventually connect and chat some more about life obstacles, i'm sure two INFP personalities would have some good insight for one another. 

Savannah(Deep) (not verified) says...

Johnny I am also 23 and a INFP. I'm curious to know what the differences between male and females with the same personality are? 
I write music. I find it very fulfilling because I can express myself and my deep perspectives on things as well as counsel and inspire people. 
So I suggest maybe a creative or some kind of counseling path? 
Because if your anything like me you love pouring into people and inspiring them to grow.. even just with friendships 
& honestly I think it would be great to connect and and talk about insight we've gathered on our jouney as a INFP, both being 23! It would be interesting

Johnny J (not verified) says...

Yes, I would love to connect and talk further about this. I think it could potentially be benefical for both of us. I don't know how to go about doing this though........ If you have any suggestions write back!!

Savannah(Deep) (not verified) says...

Johnny unfortunately I do not have any suggestions. Because I do not want to put my personally info out there.. let me know if you come up with any.

Johnny J (not verified) says... - shoot me an email and we can go from there. I don't use this email a lot. 

Eleanor (not verified) says...

I sailed through school with top grades and got my BA degree in Accountancy and Finance without really much effort. But the thought of a future stuck in an office with the sole purpose of counting money (that's what accountancy is after all ) terrified me. I would be dead inside. That was 30 years ago. I am a florist with my own shop on a scottish island and I love my life. I am grateful every day that I am in this position. I will never have much money and it doesn't worry me a bit. My job helps me spread love and I get to work with natures beauty. My advice is discover what you love not what you think you should be doing. Happiness in work and life is worth more than all the money in the world.

lori c jacob (not verified) says...

 I don't usually do this when I read a great I don't usually do this when I read a great article which I probably should do more of but you I don't usually do this when I read a great article which I probably should do more of but you struck a chord with me I was shocked when you said you I was shocked when you said you want from your career to being a florist it just I was shocked when you said you want from your career to being a florist it just is very Brave and Bold and the fact that I was shocked when you said you want from your career to being a florist it just is very Brave and Bold and the fact that money is a secondary to your happiness is I was shocked when you said you went from your career to being a florist it just is very Brave and Bold and the fact that money is so secondary to your happiness is a breath of fresh air although being financially although being financially stable is important when compared with happiness I agree with you when compared with happiness I agree with you it's more important living feeling existing in living feeling existing in your environment and feeling good about it can only lead to positivity can only lead to positivity in yourself and for you to put your can only lead to positivity in yourself and for you to put your positivity back out there cuz other people will see that thank you for sharing thank you for sharing yourself and your story kind of made me cry thank you for sharing yourself and your story kind of made me cry I hate to admit that but I don't know what struck a chord with thank you for sharing yourself and your story kind of made me cry I hate to admit that but I don't know what struck a chord with me I feel a bit envious have your have your have your bravery to do what you love and your happiness seeing as I am not doing not doing anything about the things that are important in life stead of acting to stead of acting to change my situation I just dwell on it continue to continue to sit in the same situation I'm a Daydreamer a night Dreamer I feel scared to move forward I feel scared to move forward because I don't want to fail I know you I know you can't fail if you don't try but that kind of comforts me and allows me to not and allows me to not do anything without being questioned by other people. sad but true

Pear (not verified) says...

I haven't graduated college yet, so I don't have personal experience to share, but I think about this for myself alot, so it'd be fun to think it through for someone else. Is it important to you that your job use your finance degree somehow? 

Wout Ballet (not verified) says...

Well it's a difficult endeavor for sure, and in all honesty I think this will be a forthgoing struggle troughout your whole life. The education system doesn't work in it's current state (imho) in finding ones interest, passion, stimulated by curiosity. I think you should get out there, read the stuff you wanna read, have goals you wanna fullfill. There could be motives for that all around. I think it's important regardless which career path you choose, that you do something out of curiosity, interest, passion, personal growth. These are the very least values that an INFP should carry into it's carreer. I am an economics uni student, and I know this is not the typical INFP but it gave me better understanding of the world and my place in it. For me, I didn't understand for years why I did what I did, but somehow eventually I eased into it. And know I know what path I need to walk. It is not because of the school system, but from PURE curiosity, experience, social interaction, ... I think maybe you should take a leap and quit what you do right now and take time to connect with your inner self, reflect more on your values, ask yourself the questions you try to avoid or that pique your interest. I think that's everything I have to say about that. Just never forget that fulfillement is something that you will always look for, when you have it, you don't realize it. When you don't have it you do realize. 

A still exploring 30 something (not verified) says...

Hi Johnny! I'm inspired by your genuine question and replies by other people and I'd love to share my story if it helps: I was in humanities for undergraduate and then did a master degree in business and worked in finance. Yes, "worked" in finance. I struggled in the whole process of studying business and working in finance, just because it is considered a good job outlook and security compared to my original field, which was misleadingly influenced by the mainstream societal culture and my parents. But somehow, I wonder if you can listen to what your heart says during your school and experience, which I should have done. Because my heart reminded me so many times but at that time I wasn't listening and thought that "it was too naive". But it wasn't. You actually know where your heart sings and where you can flourish - I encourage you to listen to your inner voice more. Even though you may feel like it's still blurry, but I think by raising this question you may have some direction in your mind already. 

And remember to take some actions if you don't want to continue in finance, which can help you clarify the direction. Because only thinking can just overload us with negative thoughts. I'm still exploring in my 30s...I had some regret about my past experience, but I hope to send some encouragement and support from a stranger to let you know: don't settle and keep taking actions to the life/career you want. 


Another stranger who wish you the best

em (not verified) says...

Hi Johnny 

I can relate somewhat to your issue around study/ work. I debated for a long time about what career path to pursue - being drawn to the arts (specifically visual arts and writing) as well as science and psychology. I took a year off after school and considered whether art, architecture or medicine was the way to go. I studied medicine and worked as a doctor but later took a detour by studying fine arts (while working part time)  more to explore a different way to relate to the world than for potential work prospects. I think there was also a sense that I had personal things I needed to work through before I could commit more fully to my career. I liked medicine but felt like a square peg in a round hole in some respects. I’ve since found my niche in working in predominantly a mental health field. Maybe I’m not quite ‘there’ yet. I think my path has been unconventional and some people found it an odd idea to study something so different to my original career. I think the main thing perhaps with infp types is that you need to feel like there is a sense of purpose and inspiration in what you’re doing. In my experience it’s ok for short periods to be predominantly pragmatic about doing something that pays the bills (and I’m fortunate and grateful that I’ve alwats been able to support myself) but it’s much more sustainable to have a sense of purpose and personal growth as well as making a positive difference to the lives of others, in addition to making money. It’s only been in the past few years that I’ve been focussed on ‘making money’ and planning for the future - I think I needed to create a meaningful working life for myself first. Your path will be your own, it’s ok to ‘swerve’ (as Michelle Obama calls it in her book) and it can take a while to find what you want to do. 

Best wishes 🙂

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Hmm I would also say that I know I am much happier when I have time/space to make art and listen to good music & read good books & get out in nature. Even though it isnt related to how I make an income. Life can start to feel ‘dry’ and mundane if there isn’t enough balance between work and creative/inspiring stuff - that’s probably the case for many people. 

Allie (not verified) says...

Hi Johnny, I never post comments on these sorts of forums but I felt compelled to respond to your comment as I have found myself in a similar dilemma. I am still in college, but much like yourself I am an INFP who will be graduating soon with a business degree that I have little to no interest in. I know that you are looking for advice on what kinds of career paths other INFP's have taken and obviously I can't speak from experience on that yet; however, I thought I could share with you the different tools I have been using to better understand myself, the world, and what I want to do. For context, after taking an abundance of college classes I have realized that my true passions lie in philosophy, theology, psychology, and art; all of which I previously deemed as too impractical to major in and make a living off of years ago. Ironically, I still feel that way because despite my disinterest in marketing, a business degree gives me a lot of options / opportunities that a philosophy degree wouldn't. Such as, 1: being more prepared to start my own business. or 2: having a steady income for a few years and saving my money so I can take a career "risk" a little later and go into what I really want. Deep down I know it's not ideal because I'd rather start doing what I love right away upon graduating, but I'm trying to go against my "INFP nature" of being a hopeless idealist and be a little more practical. Another good thing about the business degree is that it gives me time to make money while I'm trying to figure out exactly what I want to do because to be honest we're still very young and might not really know ourselves yet. (Of course I could be wrong and would love to hear what your interests are). Now that I have established that I think you are on a good track (even if you haven't had a great year) I wanted to tell you what I have been doing to figure out what I want to do, my place in the world, and more importantly just how to be happy. 

1. Watch Jordan Peterson on Youtube. Jordan is a clinical psychologist and professor from Canada and bestselling author. He pretty much has a video for every existential question you might have and his life advice has literally changed me for the better. He gives a lot of advice on how to become a real man (I'm a woman but my brother introduced me to Jordan), how to be happy, and... actually I'm going to stop listing things. Just type his name into Youtube with whatever question you might have. (& always clean your room, you'll understand what I mean if you start watching Jordan).

2. Manifest. In short, manifesting is a multistep process in which everyday you must: 1. take a moment to appreciate everything you have in life right now and be so grateful. 2. visualize how you want your life to look like. It could be a new career, relationship, or money. 3. Allow yourself to feel like you already have those things. Make yourself believe that you already have them, be happy that you have them, and be grateful for them. Do this everyday and you will attract these good things into your life. If you want to learn more watch the documentary "The Secret" on Netflix. This isn't voodoo crap (although there is a lot of weird stuff on the internet about it so be careful what you listen to), it works because as Jordan so eloquently puts it "ingratitude guarantees unhappiness." As such the reverse will guarantee you with joy.

3. I do not know if you are religious or spiritual, but many INFP's are so I'm also recommending that you watch Bishop Barren on Youtube. He can help you get closer to the highest good, which is in his opinion, and mine, God. 

4. Start following Gary Vaynerchuk. He is a author, speaker, and entrepreneur. Probably gives the BEST career advice I have ever heard. If you follow him on Instagram it's like an endless stream of motivation (he posts a lot). 

I could probably write more but I don't want to overwhelm you. I am so sorry that 2020 has been such a horrible year for you and I truly hope that some of the things I recommended will help you. I know there's a lot of information but just take one thing at a time and give each recommendation at least 3 chances before you decide it's not for you. I wish you the absolute best!! 

Sincerely, a stranger.

Neraba (not verified) says...

Hello to everyone. I am 17 years old and i came across this website while doing research on the internet because i couldn't decide wich profession to be. The articles on the page are very informative and the comments are very useful. So thank you to the editor and the all commentators <333 And i fully agree with "wings in the water". INFPs are more empathetic than other people and they try to make people feel safe. So sometimes they are too outspoken about themselves and they can drive people away from themselves. Or they can be used because of their goodwill.

I think if someone is going to bring peace to the world, it's probably INFP. As INFP, the common problem of me and many people is having trouble establishing a relationship. I would like to establish an INFP country when i exceed this :) but for now i would like to have an INFP communication network. How can we do this? Or is there such an association/community? If we are create a group that we support each other and we can do beautiful things together for the world. 

Sometimes i think i dream very utopian and i feel like Don Quijote. But usually i can't do anything and i feel like Oblomov. Is this happening to you too, is it an INFP feature to lie on the bed and dream and do nothing? Or am i depressed :D ?

Thank you if you read it and sorry if there is grammatical error, i got help from Google Translate while translating :)

Willis (not verified) says...

Hi Neraba!
It's a good idea to build one for people alike to connect to each other and share thoughts!
You're quite lucky to know MBTI early in your life and it'll be a good reference for your life later on. 
As You'll know better on yourself and spend less than on the career/ people/ social norms that doesn't fit in, which means less pain and time wasted.

For me, I had my existenal crisis during high school and Uni and I choose a wrong major (engineering) which I never fit in as I was never talented in dealing with things, think I would always rather try to help people instead of things. Now the Virus issue is focing me to re-think my career path and it brings me here again.

Anyway stay safe and sound! The world is waiting for you to explore!

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