2022 is almost upon us, and wherever you are, you’ll want to toast the new year. Everyone’s taste in beverages is unique, but if you are looking for inspiration, you can always count on the Enneagram. Below we offer your best New Year’s Eve drink, based on your Enneagram type.

Type 1: The Happy New Year

It goes without saying you are trying to get things right, and the fact they’ve named a cocktail just for the occasion makes your job a little easier. This champagne based beverage featuring brandy, ruby port, and orange juice adds depth and character to the traditional bubbly drink. Try Taylor’s Ruby Port and Hennessy X.O Brandy as the base for this New Year’s Eve drink.

Type 2:  Pina Colada

You need a sweet drink to go with your sweet personality so try a rum-based Pina Colada to ring in the New Year. Captain Morgan is an all-time classic for your base, but if you want to do a little good this year while sipping your beverage, try Zacapa Rum, a Guatemalan rum that employs 700 women weavers from the region to create their unique packaging. Now you can help others and indulge at the same time.

Type 3: Tequila Negroni

We can count on you to follow trends. You already know that tequila is the new vodka. With your image-conscious eye, you probably don’t mind that it has star power too, with George Clooney’s brand Casamigos and Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila taking center stage. Negroni was the drink of 2021, so you’ll be on trend by swapping out the gin for tequila in 2022. We count on you for motivation so it will likely be a round of Tequila Negronis for all.

Type 4: Corpse Reviver

How could you not be attracted to a drink with a name that implies it can bring a corpse back from the dead? And the fact that this drink features the elusive absinthe makes you even more interested. Featuring gin, cointreau, dry vermouth, absinthe, and lemon juice, this zingy cocktail is unique, just like you. Not sure how to approach buying absinthe? Pernod Absinthe is one of your safest bets.

Type 5: Wine Spritzer

You’ve already done all the calculations and realized that a wine spritzer is the best way to avoid a hangover, minimize excess calories, keep your sugar intake low, and still enjoy the evening. Sparkling soda leaves you feeling hydrated, so you can enjoy the evening without feeling overwhelmed. While you’ll want to find a wine you like, the best options for spritzers are generally Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Noir, and Grenache due to their mild tannins and fruity flavor.

Type 6: An Old-Fashioned

You appreciate tradition, and that is why this cocktail dating back to the early 1800s is your drink this holiday season. Featuring whiskey, aromatic bitters, orange peel, and sugar, just one sip brings you back to a simpler time before Instagram, Uber, and WhatsApp. Go for Johnnie Walker Black Label, Four Roses, or Maker’s Mark to get the most of your old-fashioned drink.

Type 7: Long Island Iced Tea

We know your FOMO makes it hard to narrow it down to a single drink, and that’s why the Long Island Iced Tea is perfect for you. With its mix of vodka, tequila, light rum, triple sec, gin, and a splash of cola, you get the whole party in a single glass. Go for an unflavored Smirnoff, Ketel One, or Absolut for your vodka to make sure it will be a night you remember.

Type 8: Whiskey, Neat

Your no-nonsense style gravitates towards a no-nonsense drink, so neat is how you’’ll order this New Year. Neat is pure alcohol in a glass so you don’t need to wonder if someone is taking advantage of you by watering down your beverage. Johnny Walker Blue Label may be your go-to favorite for special events, but we know you like the underdog, so if you want to support a former Kentucky lawyer who quit everything to start a distillery based on his family’s ancient recipe, try Bulleit.

Type 9: Champagne

You don’t want to inconvenience the bartender or your friends so you’ll go with a low drama, evening-appropriate glass of champagne. You are so “other-oriented” you may have even brought the bottle yourself. But just because you put other people first doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy your special indulgences, and your appreciation of good food and drink means you’ll probably be sipping Moet or Veuve Clicquot as you ring in the New Year.

It’s been another wild ride this year, and as we turn our sights to 2022, we wish you all a Happy New Year! Cheers!

Lynn Roulo
Lynn Roulo is an Enneagram instructor and Kundalini Yoga teacher who teaches a unique combination of the two systems, combining the physical benefits of Kundalini Yoga with the psychological growth tools of the Enneagram. She has written two books combining the two systems. Headstart for Happiness, her first book is an introduction to the systems. The Nine Keys, her second book, focuses on the two systems in intimate relationships. Learn more about Lynn and her work here at LynnRoulo.com.