What to Get Your Mom for Mother’s Day, By Personality Type

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and if you are struggling to find the perfect gift for your mom, don’t worry! We are here to help. The secret to gift giving is to think about the person you’re buying for, not your own preferences. So whether your mom is a free-spirited artist or a loyal traditionalist, we have got you covered! 

Here’s what gift to get your mom this year, based on her personality type.

8 Communication Tactics to Promote Peace This Thanksgiving

The turkey is in the oven. The table is set. You’re in the kitchen stirring up gravy when you hear familiar sounds coming from the living room. You stir faster. Every year, the family gets together for the holidays, but because the holidays have been on hiatus, this is the year we will all make up for it by being extra. Extra excitable. Extra chatty. Extra festive.

Extra us.

6 Things Introverts Have to Be Grateful for this Thanksgiving

At some point during most Thanksgiving gatherings, everyone will be asked to reveal what they have to be thankful for this year. When you give your answer, you’ll undoubtedly express your gratitude as an individual and not as a representative for all Introverts everywhere. 

Nevertheless, as an Introvert you actually do have many things to be thankful or grateful for. As the holidays approach, it's not a bad idea to sit back and reflect (as Introverts are known to do) about how lucky you are to be an Introvert and how being one has enriched your life.

How Does Personality Develop in Childhood?

This blog post is part of our Fundamentals of the Enneagram series, which takes a deeper dive into all the Enneagram elements - wings, arrows, subtypes, centers of intelligence, growth pathways and more. For an overview of the series, start with our introductory post, then check out our story on defenses here.


Does Myers-Briggs Personality Type Run in Families?

I am the first-born child of two introverted Thinker-Judgers. Our summer vacations were planned in detail months in advance, right down to what time we’d leave the house. And I was right there in the thick of it, making packing lists and choosing activities that I’d write down in a spiral-bound notebook.

My younger brother likes to think he’s more spontaneous, but he’s as much of an ISTJ as my parents and I are. Typology definitely runs in our family. The question is whether it’s nature, nurture, or coincidence.

How to Let Go of Grudges, Advice from a Judger

Do you find yourself holding a grudge for months or maybe even years? Well you’re not alone. Many of us hold grudges as a way of dealing with disappointment. This is a common trait for a whole range of personality types but especially for those with a Judging preference on the Myers and Briggs personality system.

How I'm Raising a Healthy Introvert in a Sea of Extraverts

When I was pregnant with my first children, a set of twins, I had playdates scheduled before my third trimester check-up. Friends would talk about the importance of nap schedules and I’d joke that the babes could sleep in the car between adventures. An Extravert since birth, I’m always on the hunt for the next big adventure, and people (all the people please!) that I can adventure with.

Things I Learned from my ESFJ Mother

It shames me to say this but: I was never in awe of my mother. When I was a child, she embarrassed me. I despaired at her lack of ambition, her loyal commitment to soulless, exploitative jobs that she was far too good for, her uncomplaining acceptance of her lot in life. We lived a life of duty and routines. There were no expectations of achievement; it was almost unthinkable for me to aspire to go to university, the first in my family to achieve this goal. My notions of what I would do with my life were so brutally segregated from hers, it was like being raised by wolves. 


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