How You Like to Dress, Based on Your Personality Type

Clinically Reviewed by Steven Melendy, PsyD. on May 06, 2020

Your personality type influences every aspect of your life, including your closet! For some personalities, fashion and style are high on their list of priorities whilst others barely give their clothes a second thought. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the key style signifiers for every personality type and the sense of identity lying behind them.

Read on to find out if you buck the trend or stick firmly to your sartorial stereotype!


An imaginative and individualized type, INFPs tend to follow their own style rules. They are generally non-judgmental when it comes to fashion and believe that everyone should be free to wear what they want, how they want. INFPs use clothes as a tool for self-expression, letting their creative side lead the way.

One of the most influential fashion icons of the 20th century, Audrey Hepburn, was a famous INFP. She remade Hollywood glamour in her own image, championing an elegant, elfin style that ranged from bold patterns to sleek black dresses, with an enormous amount of chicness in between.

INFP style summary: individual, expressive, not afraid to follow their own rules.


INFJs have a more reserved approach to fashion than other types. Both creative and private, they are committed to deep and meaningful connections with people that go far beyond physical appearance. Instead, they seek out authentic relationships built on trust and respect.

Eleanor Roosevelt is perhaps an ideal example of the INFJ's take on personal style. As a political figure, activist and feminist, she was wedded to her social and humanitarian work. She preferred simple outfits that suited her frequent travelling and could be worn with a variety of accessories. Eleanor also championed responsible fashion and brought consumer attention to sweatshops.

INFJ style summary: restrained, practical, focus on ethical brands and conscious consumerism.


Charismatic ENFJs are altruistic and ambitious, devoting much of their energy towards making the world a better place. They are comfortable commanding the attention of large crowds and they’re well known for their persuasiveness and likeability.

To get a sense of the ENFJ style, look to one of the most classic examples of an ENFJ - Oprah Winfrey. Her enthusiasm and drive translate to her closet where she opts for bold styles that compliment her naturally charismatic personality. Her fashion choices help her stand out in a crowd, making her a known public figure and furthering her ambition of helping others in the process.

ENFJ style summary: bold but composed, deliberate, not afraid to stand out from the crowd.


ENFPs tend to show off their artistic side in their personal style. They are expressive and imaginative and love to be at the center of any social situation. 

The creativity and enthusiasm of the ENFP type can be seen in the closets of famous individuals from Salvador Dali - who was inspired to design his own clothing after meeting Coco Chanel - to Bob Dylan. Dylan’s aesthetic helped to define New York’s music scene in the 1960s, centered on effortless cool and confidence.

ENFP style summary: original, imaginative, with an obvious natural flair for fashion.


The INTJ type is many things, but style icon is not one of them. INTJs enjoy focusing on complex problem-solving and strategy, they have very little time for sartorial struggles. On the other hand, they often take a meticulous approach to every aspect of their lives.

For an INTJ, the emphasis is not on the clothing but on the effort to succeed in their goals and their natural drive for knowledge. Think Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, and Stephen Hawking. The INTJ style is simple and serves a purpose, but you’ll never see them looking scruffy.

INTJ style summary: simple, neat, purposeful; a variation of the same theme every day.


ENTJs enjoy taking charge and organizing the world around them in order to achieve their goals. In their fashion choices, they look for clothes that can deliver the results they need. They are conscious of how style can influence the opinions of others and they’re not afraid to take a pragmatic approach to clothing, adopting the look that best suits their goals.

Harrison Ford is an ENTJ who has made his personal style work wonders for his career. As he moved from his old, artier lifestyle into a sky-rocketing movie career, he embraced a look of rugged and unstudied dressing that made him seem like just an ordinary guy. Decades later and now a multi-millionaire, he still employs the same laidback, nonchalant style that first helped him win fame.

ENTJ style summary: adaptable, canny, calculated; often use style as a tool to get what they want.


As one of the most playful and eccentric personality types, ENTPs aren’t afraid to have fun with their clothes. They are confident and adaptable, keen to do away with rigid norms and always ready to jump into new activities. In their style, they tend to favor creativity and quirkiness.

Look to entertainers like Amy Poehler and Robert Downey Jr for the ENTP style signifiers. Poehler’s sequined evening gowns and bright pant suits express her fearlessness and sense of fun, whilst Downey Jr is not afraid of a pinstripe, bow tie and even lederhosen!  

ENTP style summary: Quirky, fun, and sometimes eccentric; loves to have fun with fashion.


Heavily focused on the mysteries of the universe, INTPs have little time for style concerns. They can be detached and preoccupied, excelling at objectivity and imaginative innovation. In their clothing choices, INTPs can often come across as absent-minded or uncaring.

An inspirational INTP style icon is Elon Musk. Without a doubt, his wardrobe has been greatly helped by his billionaire status but it remains undemanding. Musk favors clean cut suits or jean and t-shirt combinations. He’s definitely not breaking any style barriers - probably because he’s too focused on being one of the most revolutionary entrepreneurs on the planet!

INTP style summary: basic, easy-going, low-maintenance; an uncomplicated approach to dressing.


One of the types most eager to please, ESFJs are conscious of the perception others have of them. At the same time, they dedicate a great deal of energy and time to helping others so their wardrobes tend to be practical.

A great example of the conscientious ESFJ dresser is Martha Stewart. She often opts for looks that are sensible and elegant. Similarly, Jessica Alba has become famed for her feminine and understated street style, often choosing jeans over fussy dresses.

ESFJ style summary: understated, collected, opts for clothes that are smart but easy to wear.


As the ultimate performers, ESFPs use their clothes as a tool to help them stay the center of attention. They’re playful and fun-loving and this is reflected in their personal style. From Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor and even Justin Bieber, celebrity ESFPs always love to cause a stir with their clothing choices. They are audacious and dynamic, changing up their closet to ensure that all eyes are always on them.

ESFP style summary: daring, extravagant, loud; use clothes to draw attention to themselves.


For ISFJs, tradition matters. They tend to be grounded and fairly conventional in their way of life and way of dressing. ISFJs seek to dress in a conscientious way, making sure not to cause any gossip or outrage.

One of the most glamorous ISFJs in the public eye is undoubtedly Kate Middleton. Her style signifiers are generally conservative and always tuned to the occasion, befitting her position of responsibility in the royal family. For ISFJs family matters far more than personal publicity. 

ISFJ style summary: modest, reserved, classic; prefer not to break the mould.


ISFPs are deeply attuned to aesthetics and pick up on the visual cues around them, paying great attention to design details. They value individuality and this is reflected in their clothing choices. The ISFP closet is usually unique as they don’t believe in following the crowd.

ISFPs often opt for fearless styles that go against the norm, as seen in famous ISFPs like Cher and Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Both forged their own individualized personal style that set them apart from everyone who had come before them, each becoming lasting fashion icons in the process.

ISFP style summary: innovative, confident, creative; often pioneer a unique style that others try to emulate.


Hard-working and orderly, you can expect to find a running theme in the ESTJ’s closet! ESTJs enjoy an organized, predictable approach to life and as such, they tend to find their perfect style and stick to it. This ESTJ trait can be seen in characters like Gordon Ramsay and Michelle Obama who have become known for their personal style signifiers that work both for their professions and their personalities.

ESTJ style summary: balanced, appropriate, predictable; likely to plan their outfits ahead of time.


One of the most energetic personality types, ESTPs are sociable and self-assured. They are driven individuals and can often be risk-takers and thrill-seekers. The ESTP closet is harder to define than others as it varies according to profession and pursuits.

Taking a look at some famous ESTPs - Madonna, Bruce Willis, Taylor Swift - it’s evident that their approach to fashion is extremely adaptable. They have the ability to assess their audience and switch up their looks quickly. Whatever they’re wearing, they’re always the life of the party.

ESTP style summary: brave, original, follow their instincts; enjoy interpreting popular fashions in their own way.


Neat and orderly, ISTJs will never be seen looking scruffy. They have rigorous standards in all areas of their life, including their personal style. This is evident from the closets of famous ISTJs like Sean Connery and Natalie Portman. The typical ISTJ look is clean, classic and immaculate.

ISTJ style summary: tidy, polished, sophisticated, always respectable and well-dressed.


As creative artisans, ISTPs have a strong appreciation for sensory experiences and their clothing choices are no different. ISTPs often opt for a functional uniform that allows them to make the most of their professional pursuits and hobbies, be it extreme sports, woodworking or cooking. 

James Dean is one iconic ISTP who has gone on to inspire generations with his do-it-all style - simply a white t-shirt, blue jeans and cropped jacket.

ISTP style summary: functional, versatile, cool; tend to opt for clothes that won’t get in the way of favourite activities.

Does your closet reflect your personality type? Tell us in the comments!

Elizabeth Harris

Elizabeth is a freelance writer and ghostwriter. She’s an anthropologist at heart and loves using social theory to get deeper into the topics she writes about. Born in the UK, Elizabeth has lived in Copenhagen, Frankfurt and Dubai before moving most recently to Budapest, Hungary. She’s an ENTJ with ENFJ leanings. Find out more about her work at

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Massi (not verified) says...

Love this page, but the stereotype that all INFJs are reserved when it comes to their style, because they want to adapt to social norms and so forth really disregards one huge factor.

I was raised in a very restrictive household. So at some point... I became very anti authoritarian. Not that I don't respect the laws of the government and also see them as necessary, but my general attitude to life has become one of internally questioning everything at first. However, I love the grunge/indie style but I also love suits haha so I guess it really depends on what kind of music any personality type, for that matter, listens to and the upbringing ??‍♂️ idk haha anyway thanks for all the work and everything! Truity really helped me on my journey through self discovery!


Best regards from Germany!


Massi ??‍♂️

ENTJane (not verified) says...

Music definitely influenced my style too. Coincidentally or not, I already largely fit the aesthetic of my favorite type of music, but I had no idea when I first listened to it! I just loved it, then looked up pictures and went, "Wait, why are they all doing their makeup like I have been for years...?"

Annie says...

Bahaha yeah I agree, also that people seem to often think that infj's are so conservative for some reason... also "oddly" enough most of the enfj's I know are more conservative and modest?...

Elizabeth Harris says...

Hi Massi, thanks for sharing! That's awesome that you've followed your own style, I would definitely agree about the influence of music on my wardrobe too! With this piece I wanted to take a fun look at different fashions and how they can relate to personality type, but I totally understand that not everyone will fit to the descriptions! That's one of the things that makes style so interesting - it can be as unique as you want it to be! 

Greg Wochlik (not verified) says...

The INTJ comment is spot on. I don't care about what is fashionable: I just want to be comfortable and not look too scruffy.

Elizabeth Harris says...

Love it! Thanks for sharing Greg! 

ENTJane (not verified) says...

"ENTJ style summary: adaptable, canny, calculated; often use style as a tool to get what they want."


I lol'd so hard at "calculated." I wore all the things that get me the most compliments on my last day of uni before spring break because I just knew that we were NOT going back this semester, and I wanted to brighten as many days as I could on such an awkward, gloomy occasion. It worked. :D Who says ENTJs can't be nice?


I also very carefully plan my outfits for the first and last day of each semester based on whatever first/last impression I want to make (and for shock value, because I do not fit the stereotype of my major at all and like to harmlessly mess with the people who do via clothing I already have anyway).


On the less warm and fuzzy side, I once wore all red to a meeting with a stubborn high school teacher because I'd heard that it conveys power. I got what I wanted. ;)

Elizabeth Harris says...

Hey, that's brilliant! I've definitely been there!! Thanks for sharing! 

Your local ENTP overlord (not verified) says...

I feel like this is fairly true for me (ENTP) as I tend to just wear whatever I feel like, and I like experimenting with clothes that stand out. One day I might be dressing like I just got back from a local punk show, another day I might be dressing in flamboyant florals, and on another day yet I might be dressing in traditional and tasteful menswear. It alllllll depends on how I feel. I do think my clothes tend to stray towards my music preferences a bit more strongly at times. So often I find myself drawn towards punk/alternative styles.

[REDACTED] (not verified) says...

As an INTP, I do like dressing up, but just for my own aesthetic value and not the approval of others. I'd describe my fashion sense as wearing whatever I feel like, and not necessarily having a specific style. Still can't find anything to wear though.

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