In these times of social distancing and mandated isolation, most of us don’t have the luxury of choosing who we’re quarantined with. But that doesn’t mean we can’t imagine who we’d rather be locked inside with. Since we’re all reading more books or binging more Netflix, we’re becoming fast friends with the fictional people in our lives. 

We understand that friendships aren’t always easy. Sometimes the people we love are the ones who drive us up the wall. And in times of quarantine, the opposite may be true. So we get it—who you spend time with in isolation matters. Which is why we went through and paired each personality type with their fictional kindred spirit. In real life, we have enough to worry about with self-isolation mandates and toilet paper shortages. So without further ado, here’s how your fictional BFF can help take reality away! 


One of the strengths of the INFP is their compassion matched with their idealism. Your Intuition paired with Perceiving opens a world of infinite imagination and possibility. You lead with your heart; however, while that emphasis on Feeling makes you sensitive and compassionate, your quiet introverted side can cause you to go inward instead of out. Right now, you need a distraction—and Neo is your chosen one.

The man who can see outside the Matrix, Neo’s INTP personality is the perfect partner for you. His Thinking mind analyzes every possibility and this deep dive into facts is just what you need. The combination of his logic paired with your values means you’ll have in-depth conversations where you bring the heart and he brings the mind. Bending spoons is optional, of course.


No one makes a better houseguest than Belle. Just ask Lumiere. And what the INFJ needs right now is a guest! Your Intuitive Feelings make you full of compassion and empathy. And while you are generally introverted, your Judgement side likes to take decisive action, which makes you a nurturing caregiver. Which makes INFP Belle your new best friend.

Both of you are Intuitive Feelers, seeking deep connection in meaningful relationships. This NF pairing also means you both tend to drift into your imaginations, reveling in the possibility of all life has to offer. You’ll enjoy deep discussions, or potentially tackling a joint plan on how you could make the world a better place. Whenever the stress of mundanity threatens to become overwhelming, Belle will quickly find a book or start a conversation that will take you away.


There is nothing the ENFJ loves more than organizing an event. Your Intuitive Feelings make you sensitive to the needs of those around you and your Extraverted enthusiasm is perfect to rally the troops behind your cause. But if you find yourself with no troops to rally, have no fear, INFJ Lisa Simpson will be there!

Equally matched, your conversations with Lisa will be full of imagination, compassion, nuance, depth, and meaning. Her skill playing saxophone will spark not just musical enjoyment but act as an outlet for your Feelings as well. Since your extraversion needs an outlet, Lisa is an ideal companion. She’s patient, letting you get your thoughts and feelings out in whatever way necessary. And because staying inside isn’t an issue for her, Lisa will focus on helping you through with her quirky sense of humor.


Creative and energetic, asking the ENFP to stay indoors and away from people is tantamount to torture. Your Intuitive Feelings make you sensitive to the needs of those around you and your Perceiving nature means planning on doing the same thing every day does not sound like a good time. Luckily, you have Daenerys Targaryen and her ENFP personality to help strategize your isolation time like a pro.

If there’s one thing the Mother Of Dragons, Breaker Of Chains understands, it’s compassion. Driven by her own NF traits, she sees the world for what it could be and her Judging side makes a tactical plan to make it happen. Even though she’s extraverted, planning takes time and patience, which she’ll use to help you channel your optimistic energy. By the time this is over, you and Dany will have a solid plan on how to better the world, with all the steps mapped out to execute it as well.


An analytical problem-solver, the INTJ probably won’t mind being asked to socially isolate. But if you have to be locked away with someone, it has to be an individual that captivates your Thinking mind. But to your Intuitive Judging mind, ENTJ Tommy Shelby is the intriguing personality to keep your interest.

Both Intuitive Thinking types, your Judging tendencies mean you both tend towards the practical, dissecting and analyzing the possibilities raised within your minds. Different points of view won’t be rejected out of hand by either of you. Instead, you’ll spend quite a bit of time debating each other. And though these discussions might get intense, neither of you will take them personally. In fact, the opposite will be true and you’ll end up invigorated and energized. Is he a gangster? Maybe a misunderstood business man? Who knows? (But you’ll soon find out.)


Asking the ENTJ to take a back seat is difficult. Your Thinking Mind is always working, iNtuition picking up on cues in your environment, creating ideas and strategies. Figuring out problems while using your Judgement to put a plan in place is what drives you. To help you take a step back, ESTJ Hermoine Granger will be there making sure you’re plenty busy putting details into all your grand plans.

You need someone who can follow the rules - and Hermoine is a by-the-book girl. In fact, she’ll probably come armed with her own arsenal of books, each one relevant to you in some way. Her Sensing details working with your Intuitive nature will help take your big picture ideas and drill them down into an impeccable plan. Who knows, maybe she’ll even teach you the ins and outs of casting the perfect Leviosa spell.


More than an Extravert, the ENTP is the consummate people-person. Your Intuitive side loves coming up with big ideas and your Extraverted Feeling traits make bantering with others all part of the fun. So the only thing that will make social isolation tolerable for you is being with someone who can handle your gentle needling with some fun of their own. Which makes ENFP Peter Parker your guy.

Odds are he’ll keep his alter ego a secret, but your Intuitive Thinking traits will know he’s hiding something. And unraveling this puzzle will be an endless delight for you. Peter’s Intuitive Feeling nature makes him your match in more ways than one. He’s smart, driven by his values and ideals, but his extraverted nature makes him a good-sport to all your ribbing. You’ll both end up laughing your way through difficult times, even if he spiderwebs you to the ceiling when you get out of hand.


An INTP may spend most of their time firmly in their head, which means social isolation may not even pop up on the radar. Having a companion to help make sure you come out of your constantly churning Thinking mind is not a bad idea. But it can’t be simply any companion. Which is why Gandalf is the INTJ wizard for you.

The mutual meeting of the Intuitive Thinking minds will make for a respectful challenge between you two. His Judging attention to detail will force your big picture Perceiving ideas back down to earth. And the fact that he has well over a thousand years under his belt will spark your Thinking curiosity. His stories and knowledge will provide a treasure trove of information that will keep you asking questions extending long after isolation ends.


As someone highly tuned to the emotional wavelengths of people, the stress of isolation to an ESFJ might be difficult to bear. Your Sensing Feeling self wants to help provide order, especially to those you love. And while nothing outside of actually helping will make you feel better; upbeat, cheerful and capable ESFP Buffy Summers will slay this isolation with you like a pro.

Her Sensing Perceiving side helps her stay in the moment, and enjoy every second of it. There’s one thing Buffy is focused on, and it is capital F Fun. This will help pull your Judging side away from constantly detailing and planning. Buffy will direct your Feelings in the positive directions, making your time in isolation an ab workout of laughter. And hey, maybe she’ll throw in teaching you some slayer moves too.


The ESFP has not just a vivacious love of life, but they are the people’s people. Your extraverted nature draws out the best in people, while your Sensing Feeling traits help you hone into exactly what will work best for your audience. Top that off with your let’s see where life takes us Perceiving tendencies, and you are the ultimate good time companion. Which makes Jane “Eleven” Hopper your perfect audience.

You share a lot in common with Eleven, as you’re both SFP types. But her quieter introverted nature means she’s capable of helping you dream up wild performance pieces but is content to watch you play them out for her—sequins and all. She’s encouraging and supportive, but loves to laugh, meaning the two of you will spend your isolation time pursuing the most creative endeavors and having the best time while doing it. Plus, she can bring snacks from the kitchen without leaving the room!


The ISFJ is a quieter Introvert, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t incredibly tuned into those around them. In fact, your Sensing Feeling traits make you especially sensitive to others. This combined with strong Judging tendencies means you have a strong moral code and feel a responsibility to maintain societal standards in your life. So it only makes sense that your ideal companion would be rule-following but highly optimistic and energetic ESFJ Spongebob Squarepants.

Your isolation slogan will be, “I’m ready!” Also attuned to his Sensing Feeling traits, Spongebob will never question that the rule is to stay inside. But following the rules has never stood in the way of Spongebob having a good time. He has an extraverted infectious love of life that is contagious, even to you. And the fact that you both share strong Judging tendencies means he’ll come armed with an isolation fun list a thousand items long and some Krabby Patties.


The ISFP is likely to redecorate their house or perfect an artistic hobby while in isolation. The Sensory Feeling traits tied with Perceiving tendencies drive your artistic flair. And while the social distance won’t necessarily bother introverted you, your Feeling side craves getting to know others and being known in return. Since superficial doesn’t appeal to you, you’ll be pleased to spend time getting to know ISTP Katniss Everdeen.

Also a Sensing Perceiving type, Katniss tends to share your approach to life. She hasn’t had the opportunity to explore the idea of fun, but she wants to understand the world in the same way you do. Her always Thinking mind will help you see the value in strategy in this understanding, while your artistic side will add depth to your project planning and conversations. And if you leave with a plan to take down fascist regimes from the inside, well, there’s no one better to have at your side.


Others hear the mandate for social distancing, but the ESTJ hears the opportunity to reorganize their house. Your Judging traits will have not just a thorough to-do list for everyone in the home, but activities for boredom and a no nonsense plan to get through each day. Your Sensing Judging tendencies values detailed logic and planning, which is why ESTP Dean Winchester will offer solid companionship—with flair.

You both share Sensing Thinking traits, picking up on the cues in your environment and using logic to formulate a plan. But where you tend to want pragmatic, itemized solutions, Dean brings a more open Perceiving point of view. His version of Extraverted is also more dynamic, applying logic in new and exciting ways. Bonus—he’ll show you how everyday items can be used in demon hunting and how to organize your spice rack based on supernatural properties.


The ESTP is always the life of the party. Your keen Sensing traits combined with sharp Thinking skills means you can always adapt to the crowd. Even if that crowd is a grumpy toddler tired of being locked away with you. You use your Sensing Perceiving abilities to flow through any situation with ease. And if there’s anyone who will enjoy your silly antics and raise you an interpretive dance, it’s ESTP Captain Jack Sparrow.

Jack’s extraverted personality is driven by his iNtuitive desire to think big and act bigger. He veers towards logical Thinking, even if his ideas are trying to find illogical or mythical destinations. In fact, it’s this dreamy but practical mindset that makes you two peas in a pirate ship. Between the two of you, there’s nowhere Jack’s compass can’t take your imaginations. You’ll work together to map the best route—with plenty of diversions along the way—making even a jaunt to the kitchen a trip to remember.


Despite being an Introvert, the ISTJ tends to be in constant company. This stems in part from your Thinking mind knowing exactly where you fit, but your Sensing Judging traits help you tune into the needs of those around you and formulate specific plans of action. And if ever there was a man to appreciate those talents, it’s ISFJ Dr. John Watson.

His Sensing Feeling traits drive his experience with the world through his heart, where you come at problems with your Thinking mind. The difference in approach will fascinate you both, though your consistent Sensing Judging traits will work together, dissecting theories and piecing together facts to build into bigger ideas. And, if there’s a murder on site, Dr. Watson knows just who to call to help solve the crime.


There’s nothing an ISTP loves more than diving deep into a problem. Your Sensing Perceiving traits analyze problems as they arise, and with your constantly Thinking mind always working, there’s never a shortage of things to look into. And while you’re an Introvert, you are fascinated with a Dauntless way of life, making Tobias “Four” Eaton the perfect ISTJ roommate during isolation.

His Judging tendencies will keep you on track, training for the day when you may need to face an emergency. Because you both tend towards the more logical Thinking side, you’ll find his task lists as problems to solve rather than tedious busywork. Both Sensing personalities, you’ll adapt quickly to his hands-on training, which is good when dealing with weapons or hand-to-hand combat. You’ll be so focused on learning all the steps, you’ll barely realize how much time is passing. By the end of isolation, you’ll be ready to face any obstacle in Dauntless fashion.

Jena Brown
Jena is a freelance writer who considers reading an interactive sport. An ISTP, she can be lured out of her fictional worlds with offerings of coffee or literary conspiracy theories. She and her ENTP husband live with their two extremely bossy dogs in Las Vegas. Find her at discussing all things books and rioting over the injustice of House Targaryen.