Ah, the holidays. A time of joy, family reunion, and incredible stress. When it comes to Christmas, no two people are alike. While for some this is, indeed, the most wonderful time of the year, others can find it too exhausting or superficial. So, which Myers-Briggs personality type has the most Christmas spirit, you ask? Here are our best guesses!


At the top of our list, we have the type that best personifies what Christmas is all about: ENFPs. Their joy is infectious, their enthusiasm endless, and they want to include everyone they meet in their holiday bonanza. While some may not share the ENFPs boundless passion for this season, they’ll be ready to spread some Christmas cheer all the same.


The ultimate party planners, ESFJs usually have a surplus of Christmas spirit. They’re the ones listening to Christmas songs in August, which is probably the same month they’ve started their holiday shopping. Your ESFJ may be a bit too strict about following family traditions but, in the end, they truly care about making their family and loved ones happy.


The fun-loving ESFPs radiate holiday festivity. These types feel best when lifting other people up, joining every holiday-themed party they possibly can, and arranging intricate, shiny, and colorful decorations. Your ESFP is also a pro at changing the focus of conversation if things start getting gloomy.


ENFJs will go to the ends of the earth to find the perfect gift for you. Truly — whether you’re family or they met you last month. Gift-giving may sometimes be stressful for these personalities, but they rarely give in, as this is their way of expressing love and connecting to the Christmas spirit.


No one protects the spirit of the holidays like an ISFJ. For these types, tradition is the name of the game, and they’ll go to great lengths to make sure their family is together and everyone’s comfortable and enjoying themselves. Every ISFJ we’ve ever met enjoys this time of the year, but it could also do them good to relax a bit.


INFJs can have an all-or-nothing approach to the holiday season. When they’re in it, they’ll be happy to bake gingerbread cookies, buy everyone a thoughtful present, and cry over the yearly rewatch of It’s a Wonderful Life. Still, their Christmas spirit can fade away when they start thinking intensely about the commercial aspect of the holidays.


The creative INFP usually adores Christmas. Yet, the consumerism frenzy of the holidays can quickly empty their spirit. In addition, INFPs are notably bad at asking for help, which often leads them to become burned out while trying to be present for everyone.


They may not outwardly express it, but, in general, ISFPs have a fair share of Christmas spirit. For this quiet and unassuming personality, the holidays are about connecting with the people they love and soaking in the beauty of Christmas lights and winter scenery. 


The energetic ESTP is always seeking thrilling adventures, which means they’re not much in the Christmas spirit when expected to follow the same ol’ traditions each year. On the other hand, your ESTP is probably the one buying the most expensive and extravagant gifts you can think of so it’s a wind for you if you have an ESTP in your life! 

10. ISTJ

For the diligent ISTJ, the most important thing about the holidays is keeping traditions alive. They’re the ones most likely to get stuff done and finish their gift shopping early. As an ISTJ, you’re probably keeping that Christmas cheer inside, but we know it’s still there, hidden under the surface.

11. ESTJ

While ESTJs often have plenty of Christmas spirit, they rarely show it. Besides, these types are traditionalists at heart, which means they can have a tendency to give unsolicited advice when they feel like someone is not ‘following the rules’. Your ESTJ may also worry about the amount of money they’re spending on Christmas gifts this year.

12. INTJ

For INTJs, all the fuss about the holidays can be a bit silly. They’ll probably never tell their loved ones, of course, but these personalities may find some traditions foolish and unnecessary. In addition, INTJs have a hard time processing why people become obsessed over finding the perfect present when gift vouchers exist.

13. ENTP                                                               

Your typical ENTP might not be wheezing holiday cheer, but they’ll be more than happy to keep the conversation alive at the dinner table. Even if they’re not in a Christmas mood, ENTPs always find a way to make the holiday celebrations more exciting for everyone involved.

14. ENTJ

ENTJs are not the type to be super filled with Christmas spirit. For these personalities, logic rules the day, which means they’re slightly allergic to emotional drama, and may also find certain holiday traditions a bit pointless.

15. INTP                                                                

Unable to conform with the idea of having to attend yet another holiday-themed party, INTPs are rarely in the mood for Christmas. For these types, the forced togetherness of the holidays can be uncomfortable, and downright exhausting. Getting hyped about gift shopping? Highly illogical. Why bother?

16. ISTP                                                                

ISTPs are at the bottom of our list, as, typically, these types don’t possess much Christmas spirit. Not out of malice, of course, it’s often just aloofness. Truth is, ISTPs can be disconnected and indifferent to all the hype around the holiday season. Besides, as Introverts, they sometimes struggle to keep up with the energy of the group. Bah humbug indeed. 

Andreia Esteves
Andreia is an INFJ who used to think she was the only person in the world terrified of answering the phone. She works as a freelance writer covering all things mental health, and psychology related. When not writing, you’ll find her cozying up with a book, or baking vegan treats. Find her at: https://andreiaesteves.com/