10 Things Introverts Wish Their Extraverted Partners Understood

Opposites attract, or so the saying goes, and when an Introvert and an Extravert are dating, they may start to find out how opposite their basic personalities and needs are.

After all, Introverts find social activities tiring, and Extraverts need them to feel energized and alive. These basic differences in our needs and desires could become a real source of conflict.

How to Use Myers Briggs Compatibility to Help You Find your Valentine's Day Love Match

Your personality type says a lot about you, but did you know it also helps build better relationships? From platonic friendships to work relationships, you can harness your knowledge of personality type to bring yourself a step closer to fulfillment in various areas of your life. This fulfillment is also possible when you’re searching for a romantic partner, and you’d be surprised how helpful Myers-Briggs compatibility is when you’re dating.  

New Research Shows There Are Actually Seven Love Styles, Not Five

Truity’s original research with over 500,000 volunteers drives the creation of a new 7 Love Styles test, showing how we give and receive love in modern relationships

Think of a time when someone made you feel really loved. What did they do? Was it an amazingly personalized compliment? A sympathetic ear when you were going through a rough patch? Or maybe just a perfectly hot cup of coffee in bed?

What Personality Type is the Best Love Match for an INFJ this Valentine’s Day?

Idealistic and reserved, INFJ personalities usually seek harmonious and long-lasting romantic relationships. Still, as an INFJ myself, I can also attest we can be difficult to know, as we often go into our shells for fear of being hurt or betrayed by others. 

So, which personality type is the best love match for the sensitive, soulmate seeking INFJ? Read on to discover our best guesses.

But first, what constitutes a good match?

How to Use Acts of Service Love Language in Your Relationship

The acts of service love language is the ultimate show of the proverb “actions speak louder than words.” 

Though not an undeniable personality trait of this love language, I always associate acts of service with those who keep their cards close to their chest and use few words to express their ideas, if they decide to express themselves at all. 

Using acts of service in your relationship isn’t all service projects and cookies. It’s about actively making someone else’s life better through thoughtful action. 

Are Certain Personality Types More Compatible Than Others?

After learning your Myers and Briggs personality type, how many of you started typing the people in your life and the characters on your favorite TV shows? 

C’mon. It can’t just be me. 

It’s pretty natural to apply newly acquired knowledge to the world around us. It helps us retain what we learn and see the world through new lenses. Given that fact, it naturally follows that personality type compatibility is a hot topic!

“Why do I seem to care more about my friendship than my bff?” 

6 Ways to Use Words of Affirmation as a Love Language

The words of affirmation love language can sometimes be confused with flowery words, Shakespeare-like sonnets, or even guitar-wielding hipsters trying to seduce with music and lyrics. 

Truth is, it doesn’t take a creative writing degree to use the words of affirmation love language. 

In fact, as a words of affirmation person myself, I’m here to tell you that the simple, heartfelt statements matter much more than a poem. 

What the Quality Time Love Language Means - And How It Can Improve Your Relationship

The age-old adage “absence makes the heart grow fonder” falls incredibly flat within the quality time love language. 

In fact, I imagine those who use quality time to communicate love find that phrase an embarrassing copout. The quality time love language – one of Gary Chapman's five love languages – is ultimately about spending uninterrupted and distraction-free time together. 

It’s friendship in its purest form, complete with a mindful presence. 


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