The season of love is upon us! Whether you’re shopping for a long-time partner or someone new in your life, we’ve got you covered. Our Valentine’s Day gift guide is backed by personality science, so instead of going the tired-old candy route, you can be sure of choosing a gift that will speak to their personality and touch their heart. 

INFP: Something personal to show you care.

The gentle “Healer” type finds purpose in pursuing self-improvement and encouraging others to do so, but they also just like to know someone cares. Try a gift for their artistic side or something sentimental, like a personalized art kit, engraved jewelry or something that evokes a memory from your shared past. 

ENFP: Enjoy gifts of doing and daring.

ENFPs are all about new activities and ideas — especially when they can share these things with people they love. Try gifting your ENFP tickets to a concert or something more daring, like a molecular gastronomy class. If you’d rather get them something more traditional, try a custom piece of art commissioned for them. Bonus points if the artwork features you together.

ISFP: Keep it fun and playful.

The ISFP may be a gentle, quiet soul, but they still love to live life and explore. So choose a gift that’s adventurous and whimsical at the same time! A romantic hot air balloon ride in the country will have them swooning, or how about a quirky food basket full of bold recipes and aromatic spices.

ESFP: The gift of a good time.

The life of the party has just walked in! ESFPs are adventurous, energetic entertainers who love a good time, so that’s what you should give them. Fabulous gifts include a Valentine’s date at an amusement park or a unique statement piece of jewelry that’ll catch everyone’s eye.

INTP:  Solve a problem for them.

Your cerebral INTP loves problem-solving exercises and unanswered questions, so skip the flowers, chocolates and sentimentality and give something that’s more about their interests. Try a book about whatever intellectual rabbit hole they’ve recently gone down or something mechanical like a tool for hands-on hobbies.

ENTP: Gadgets.

ENTP personality types are all about new tech, ideas and trends, so the latest gadget is always a good choice for your ENTP sweetheart. You may also look for a gift of experience, such as the challenge and gameplay of an escape room. 

ISTP: Want something they can use.

Fluff and sentimentality won’t win over an  ISTP so get down to what an item does for them. These practical beings prefer something they can actually use, so go for a hobby-based tool (i.e., carpentry tools, a new soccer ball, etc.) or a nice new watch to help them stick to their schedule.

ESTP: Daring is their middle name.

If your valentine is an ESTP, forget about a quiet evening — you need to go big or go home! 

Take them camping or glamping somewhere new, where you do something thrilling like cliff dives. Or buy your ESTP some adventure gear, such as a kayak or a new set of skis.

INTJ: Have a hard time celebrating.

INTJs aren’t sentimental types when it comes to Valentine’s Day; in fact, they may find the whole thing a bit foolish. And if they really wanted something, they would have bought it themselves already. Your best option is to support their love of learning, with a subscription to a masterclass service or a thought-provoking course. 

ENTJ: Secretly like to be romanced.

They may keep it very well hidden but ENTJs have a soft side, which means that sentimental gifts aren’t the wrong way to go. If you’re aiming for romance, book a spa day for both of you to enjoy quality time together or simply go out on a cozy date. 

ISTJ: Love a bit of nostalgia. 

Gifts aren’t that vital for an ISTJ valentine, although they do like it when you put some thought into your romantic gestures. Something practical to help them keep their space organized, like a new set of containers for their closet is something they’d swoon over. If you’re hoping for something more romantic, tap into their nostalgic side with a bottle of the wine you enjoyed together when you first started dating. Aw. 

ESTJ: Practical.

ESTJs love gifts they can use daily, so something like a new kitchen appliance will thrill them. They probably will have dropped hints about what they want, so go with that. Because ESTJs are notorious workaholics, you might also want to get them a relaxation-based gift, such as bath bombs or aromatherapy oils. 

INFJ: Want to be seen.

An outstanding gift for INFJs is something you put a lot of thought into, so show you know them by gifting them a handmade collage or journal. If you prefer to buy something, choose a gift that plays into their hobbies like a guitar strap or a poetry book. If it’s personal, they’ll remember it.  

ENFJ: Help them unwind.

Since ENFJs focus a lot on other people, a Valentine’s Day gift that forces them to unwind is a good choice. Take a weekend getaway in nature so you two can relax together. If you’re searching for a different idea, self-help books on leadership are right up ENFJ’s alley.

ISFJ: Make them the center of your world. 

ISFJs value quality time with the important people in their lives, so an activity like a picnic together is a winning Valentine’s Day gift. Since ISFJs spend so much time worrying about others, be sure to put away your phone, give them your undivided attention, and make the evening all about them. 

ESFJ: Handmade and sentimental.

Sentimental at heart, ESFJs like handmade gifts such as a handcrafted scrapbook full of their favorite photos. These types are quite romantic, so a luxurious gift of roses and a bottle of champagne can also go a long way. And you’ll never go wrong with spending quality time together. 

Cianna Garrison
Cianna Garrison holds a B.A. in English from Arizona State University and works as a freelance writer. She fell in love with psychology and personality type theory back in 2011. Since then, she has enjoyed continually learning about the 16 personality types. As an INFJ, she lives for the creative arts, and even when she isn’t working, she’s probably still writing.