Best DIY Halloween Costumes for Each Personality Type

We’re officially closing in on Halloween and whether you’re looking to flex your newfound craft skills, find inspiration for an original costume idea, or simply save a few bucks DIY-ing a last minute costume, we’ve got you covered! 


As an imaginative idealist on the constant prowl for truth and meaning, spend this Halloween honoring an ancient Latin American tradition and dress up as a Sugar Skull. Sugar Skulls are an integral part of the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Meurtos) and are offered on the graves or family alters for those who have passed on -- and no two look alike! Use your natural creativity to cultivate a look that is entirely yours while maintaining the integrity of ancient tradition. 

What you’ll need: Face paint/makeup and this tutorial (or your own creative genius) and plain clothes (bonus points if you have a traditional huipiles dress to wear!) 


I know you don’t like dressing up for Halloween, but I have an original idea for you -- build a portable Rube Goldberg Machine. Whether it’s built on your clothes or on a board you wear around as your costume, this is the perfect chance to show off your wicked smarts without saying a word. You’ll have the best party trick of the night and you and I both know how much you’ll enjoy putting this together. 

What you’ll need: Components for your machine (ideas include paper towel/toilet paper rolls, wires, pipe cleaners, magnets, etc.) and a small ball to show off your chain reaction machine. 


Ever the counselor with a sharp talent for helping others see their potential, we think you’d look great dressed up as a magic mirror this Halloween. You can go as a specific magic mirror like the Mirror of Erised from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone or the classic Magic Mirror from Snow White -- or create your own magic mirror concept by showing each participant their best qualities (at least they’ll be able to check their hair mid-party!). 

What you’ll need: A mirror, some way to wear the mirror, and a keen wit! Ideas include affixing a ribbon to wear the mirror around your neck and in front of you, or hot gluing a smaller mirror to the front of an old shirt.


Give yourself an excuse to be preoccupied with universal laws and dress up as Albert Einstein this Halloween. And no, your E=mc2 shirt doesn’t count. Answer questions with classic Einstein quotes and theories you are no doubt already familiar with. This is either a great excuse to avoid actual conversation or a wonderful way to connect with others that have your same interest in the genius theories of Einstein. Either way, it’s sure to prove a smashing evening! 

What you’ll need: A gray wig, a fake mustache, and an old suit. Bonus points if you wear slippers (like this picture) and pose like the classic Einstein photo for pictures. 


Embrace your inner gotta-have-my-fingers-in-all-the-pies persona and go as an identity crisis for Halloween this year. How you execute this costume entirely depends on you. Use many name-tags or wear a conglomeration of all your favorite accessories with mismatching clothes -- or whatever else you’ve started to dream up as you read this description. This is a fun way to get a little wacky while being original and creative. Go nuts, my ENFP friend! 

What you’ll need: name tags, an assortment of accessories and clashing clothes, hair accessories, bright make-up, etc. 


Alright my articulate and quick-witted friend, be a gumball machine this Halloween! Instead of dispensing gumballs, dole out your classic one-liners, zingers, or zany anecdotes. Strategically introduce friends and draw out your quieter companions with your natural wit and problem-solving ability. This costume itself is easy to make, but your personality is what will complete it! 

What you’ll need: Pom-poms as gumballs, a white shirt, a marker to outline your container. Wear with regular pants and shoes or spice it up with bright-colored accessories to match the gumball colors. 


Channel your inner Jim Halpert (from U.S. The Office) and be a three-hole punch for Halloween this year. You can wear office attire to dress up as your fellow ENTP, Jim Halpert, and then put the three-hole punches in place to enact the classic Office Halloween episode, or wear your regular clothes with the three-hole punch while embodying the no-care attitude you surely feel about this Halloween. 

What you’ll need: Three circles, office attire (sans tie), and a side-ways smirk. Take it a step further and memorize some of Jim Halpert’s signature lines to drop in conversation throughout the evening or pull a classic prank! 


Charismatic and no doubt the life of the party, be a homemade pinata for Halloween this year. Not only because you are adept in dealing with life’s punches, but because you are comfortable taking your rightful place at the center of a room. Colorful and chock full of charisma, there is no other better suited to pinata status than you! 

What you’ll need: Crepe paper, fabric glue, old clothes. You can create your own design or follow a tutorial.


The ever practical, compassionate, and caring protector. Assume the form you already serve in your social groups as the chill pill. This costume is simple - you can wear whatever you like and are comfortable in - while wearing the words “chill”. The punny humor and subtle costume make this a sure fit for the adventuring ISFJ who actually decides to dress up this year. 

What you’ll need: Cut out letters C-H-I-L-L and devise a way to affix them to your clothes (stickers, glue, tape, safety pins, etc. You’ve got this, my friend). 


For the flexible, low-key composer, dress up this year as a ball of yarn. Matching your innate spontaneity, this costume is sure to be one-of-a-kind (like you!) and - let’s be honest - there’s a very good chance you already have yarn hanging around. Inspire others to feel your natural cheeriness without saying a word this Halloween! 

What you’ll need: there are two ways to complete this costume idea. For the more crafty ISFP, see this tutorial for a full ball of yarn. You can find an easier version here as a skein of yarn


This Halloween, step outside of your comfort zone and embrace the tiniest morsel of chaos by dressing up as Waldo/Wally or Wendy from “Where’s Waldo?” (or “Where’s Wally?” for our British friends.) Since you likely have a procedure for everything you do, take this opportunity to implement a system that appears random as you hide in plain sight. This costume is a natural crowd pleaser that needs no explanation and perfect for our dear Inspectors. 

What you’ll need: A red striped shirt, black-rimmed glasses, a red and white beanie, and a walking cane. 


I know quite a few observant artisans who wouldn’t be caught dead in a DIY Halloween costume - however, I believe we have found a solution in the classic ghost, Charlie Brown style. Use a sheet with cut-out eye holes for an instant hit. The appeal of this costume is it’s supposed to look homemade - therein lies its charm. Plus you’ll find less people strike up conversation if they can’t see your face. Hide under a sheet while still hanging out with your friends, need I say more? 

What you’ll need: A white bed sheet and a pair of scissors. And a ghost-ly voice if you’re feeling up for it! 


Embrace the energy of the season and dress up as a photo strip this Halloween. Print a few fabulous selfies and fashion a life-size photo strip out of cardboard. Don’t forget to leave a spot for your actual face! This costume personifies the innate energy of the Provider and is sure to create an upward cycle of imbuing your surroundings with a positive emotional charge that will follow you throughout your night. 

What you’ll need: 2-3 printed pictures of your beautiful face, rectangular cardboard cut-outs for each picture and one for your face (this tutorial makes a sturdier frame out of wood). Bonus points if you wear the same outfit in your pictures as you do on Halloween! 


Vivacious is a word often associated with our Performer friends, and I can’t think of a better way to embody such fun than by dressing up as a tourist on Halloween. Walk around all evening pretending like you’ve never experienced Halloween before. Each food, each conversation, each venue is a new and exciting place to be! You’ll infuse your friends with the energy and joy you carry with you each day. Embrace the fun-loving aspect of “touring” your Halloween experience. 

What you’ll need: A tropical shirt, sunglasses, binoculars, a sunhat. Make it your own - bonus points if you can break out items from real-life travels! 


Hardworking and traditionalist, I’m venturing a guess that many of our Supervisor friends are the ones hosting our parties this Halloween. As such, I encourage you to reach into your closet and dress up as a classic witch this year. I have a strong hunch this costume is easily perfected for our ESTJ friends while focusing less on what you’re wearing and more on organizing festive projects for the people in your life. Make this costume your own by dressing up as your favorite storybook witch. 

What you’ll need: A pointy hat, a wooden broom, a fake wart. Bonus points if you already own a cat! 


For our Dynamo friends, at their best when putting out fires, channel your inner superhero this Halloween and rock this comic book character look! Don your favorite superhero t-shirt, toss on a cape, and go nuts with these pop art make-up style tutorials (a look for male superheroes and female superheroes). For the thrill-seeking ESTP, being a comic book character is less playing dress-up and more embracing your natural energy. 

What you’ll need: Superhero shirt, optional cape, bomb-tastic pop art make-up. Bonus points for a killer catch-phrase. 

Kim Jacobson

Kim spends her time as a freelance content marketing writer and indie author. Her focus is on empowering others to make healthy choices, and personality theory plays a large role in that calling. What else would you expect from an ENFP? She lives in the mountains with her ISFJ husband and two incredible kiddos.

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