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Josh@86 (not verified) says...


I believe we can change to be anyone we desire to be. With the reconditioning of the mind, one can be totally transformed.

I was an ENFP. Now, after taking the test twice, i got the INTJ result. 

I attribute this to a happening that ushered in the change. As Tony Robbins once said, we either do it because we are inspired or desperate. 

To all who are out there, know you are loved as who you are, accepted and cherished. 

I can't explain more, and i might be wrong but i don't care. Let's build a better tomorrow, for us and for those who are to come after us.

p/s: so that our generations may go and conquer space as Elon Musk endavours at SpaceX matures and bear fruit..?

Spartacus205 says...

Being an INTJ is the only logical way to go! What else is there but logic? 

bentlogix (not verified) says...

Do any of the other INTJ people also find themselves subconsciously analyzing offers that the other person didn't realize they were peddling? I find myself doing this in the dating stage when they tell me what they are or are not willing to do or what the relationship is or isn't. They are always surprised when I announced that it is a bad offer and respond with I didn't offer you anything then I explain what they suggested, they always seem irritated and annoyed. What I don't understand is, do they not realize what they did or is it they didn't expect me to notice or respond in that manner or is that women usually react with a hopeful smile with the thought that he doesn't know what he wants he needs time. I don't get it. I also do not understand how other personality types can judge INTJ's as being judgemental and not considered judgemental or close-minded themselves. Short-sightedness. Have to laugh.

abulurd boniface (not verified) says...

On the masthead for the INTJ personality type, a person with a chessboard is depicted, presumably to indicate the master mind trait that lets INTJ-type people see the world as pieces moving on a chess board.

The board is improperly oriented.

Oscar says...

Very interesting preposition of my character as an individual. Somewhat scary to see how little of the population posses these characteristics. Perhaps this is the reason I keep running across many types of flaws in many economic systems (Investment).

Eileen Averi (not verified) says...

I'm impressed and thankful that I found this page.  I've taken several of these personality tests in the past 30+ years, and this one actually fits.  I have a tendency to be a chameleon in my careers, I can adjust to what is needed but I do get bored once I've learned something and quickly want to move on to the next thing.

Interestingly, I find that people often think they know me well and then 'assume' that I am like them and have expectations of me that I can't understand. 

Jabulani Khubisa (not verified) says...

Hi, nice to know there are people like you out there. I've really struggled to find people who can relate to my hunger for knowledge, understanding systems, the stuff about the universe and all that. Cheers to being different and all the best intj's!

Coco (not verified) says...

So I tested as an INTJ (female). I’ve read what it says, but I still feel totally misunderstood. I don’t see very many people addressing an individuals mental health diagnosis’s, or dual diagnosis’s (addictions.) Do these diseases or disorders have anything to do with the said personality classification? Is it plausible that a person could have tested into a completely different category say, 5 years ago? I definitely identify with many of the described characteriatics of INTJ but I tend to think life circumstances and traumatic experiences changed me as a human being. Like, the core of my being, was altered by situations and events that have occurred in my life. For someone who is supposed to be a “mastermind,” I have sure proven to be the most naive form of such an esteemed statue. This is all so captivating to me, I just want to figure it all out. 

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