If you have the opportunity to be friends with a Rational personality type, you are so lucky! Intuitive-Thinkers are the type of friends who will stay up late with you dissecting the meaning of life, motivate you to improve yourself, keep every one of your secrets, never sweat the small stuff and give back exactly what you invest. If you are loyal to a Rational, they will be your best friend for life.

Maybe you don't already have a Rational friend. If not, you're missing out. Here's why:

#1: They Tell It Like It Is (Though Not Always Nicely)

For NFs and SJs, honesty is a sensitive thing. These personalities will lie out of kindness to protect your feelings because they think that friendship is more important than the unvarnished truth. NTs, on the other hand, trust reason implicitly. They aren't the types to play mind games or go behind people's backs. When you ask for advice, a Rational will cut to the chase without any BS or sugar coating. It can be painful to hear if you're not used to receiving the brutal truth, but it's said with good intentions.

#2: They Will Never Lie to You

In the same vein, when you are friends with a Rational, you can expect them to tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Lying is non-factual and therefore to be avoided, unless a truthful response could be seen as callous or tactless. In those situations, a Rational might simply apply the poker face and keep quiet. So, if you ever need to know that you're not being lied to, then a Rational is your (wo)man.

Of course, this only applies in situations when someone's trust is on the line. If the Rational is in a jokey mood, you'll get whatever version of reality they're experimenting with in that moment. Dropping a playful reality bomb is the NT's way of letting you know that he likes you.  

#3: They'll Challenge You To Be Better

Calling an NT future-oriented would be an understatement. They all have big plans for the future and enjoy strategizing about how to achieve those hopes and dreams. One of the things they provide in a friendship is a desire to constantly improve themselves or get better at something – and their focus is contagious. When an NT discovers something you want, they'll provide a huge amount of direction and motivation to help you reach your goals.

#4: They Get Over Stuff

NTs would rather end a fight than hold a grudge. They're not passive, and they definitely will hold their ground if it's an intellectual fight you're having, but it's not worth the effort for them to actively hold a grudge past its use-by date. In fact, it's a total waste of energy. Having an argument is quite an impersonal thing to a Rational, so even if he initially blows up, the relationship should soon go back to normal with no hard feelings. (He'll still think your logic sucks, though.)

Just don't expect forgiveness if you seriously harm, betray or try to manipulate your Rational. If he decides you're untrustworthy, he'll terminate the friendship. It's as simple as that.

#5: You'll Never Have Nobody to Talk To

INTJs and INTPs are not known for being socially receptive but that doesn't mean they won't be there for you when you need to rant, brainstorm or have a shoulder to cry on. Rationals may not enjoy small talk but if you're ready to get deep about politics, the nature of the universe or your own sinful desires, then a Rational is always open for business. It is both great and terrible how Rationals debate, so if you want someone to challenge your ideas or play devil's advocate, call a Rational friend. No subject is taboo, either, so even if your problem's not suitable for dinner-party conversation, you can count on a Rational to hear you out.

#6: You Can Keep Your Secrets to Yourself

Don't feel like revealing your soul? That's perfectly fine with a Rational. This is the only temperament who will sit with you for hours, dissecting the meaning of life, and never once ask you to pour your heart out. They're not interested in exposing your secrets. Actually, they'll think it's a bit weird if you choose to spill your secrets because they're private people; they keep their softer side closely guarded and expect others to do the same.

Overshare and you won't regret it, though. Rationals understand how hard it is to open up and make yourself vulnerable to someone – they would never abuse that trust. If you do feel the urge to open up, know that you can trust a Rational to keep your secrets 'til the end of time.

#7: They Are Great in a Crisis

Illnesses, career wobbles, breakups, lovesickness, money troubles – Rationals are seriously great when stress shows up. Crises are what they function best in, so if you need a wise solution and fast, speak to a Rational friend. No matter what you're struggling with, they'll encourage you to see all sides of the situation and recognize that there's always a way out. It's all about perspective.

Just don't show up being a drama queen. Rationals can't deal with those who constantly throw themselves a pity party. If you're always operating in crisis mode and you refuse to take ownership of your problems, then you'll quickly lose a Rational's respect.

#8: They Accept You For All Your Quirks

Rationals couldn't care less about social rules, conventions or appearances, so you will never have to put on a show. You're not an accessory that can make the Rational's "cool clique" even cooler, because Rationals don't have cliques and they're not that cool. They'll take you as you are with all your quirks and craziness, and they won't get embarrassed if you're operating outside of social norms. In fact, they'll encourage it! After all, it's your life. You should decide how to run it.

#9: They Give You Freedom

So you want to drop off the radar for a few months, ignoring every social engagement and doing your own thing? Rational friends accept that. Most NTs do very poorly if they feel restricted in a friendship, so they completely get it if you need to exist in your own little bubble for a while. In fact, they'd prefer it if you both gave each other the freedom to come and go as you please. A good friend will check in with you if it's been too long, but they'll never put demands on you or insist that you hang out according to a set routine. There's no codependence in this relationship!

#10: They Are The Exact Opposite of a Fair-weather Friend

Rationals are self-reliant and autonomous people. They don't make friends because they're supposed to – they make friends because they choose to. If you are friends with a Rational, it's because you're interesting and you're valued. You're a trusted member of a pretty exclusive club.

Loyalty doesn't even begin to explain the lengths a Rational will go to to help a genuine friend. It takes a lot for them to invest in a friendship, and a lot more to scare them away once they've made that investment. Rationals are honorable people, and absolutely trustworthy, so that when they make a promise, you can be sure that they will keep it. If someone tries to hurt you, you can be sure your Rational will step in before you can even blink. Hell hath no fury like a Rational whose friend has been betrayed – they will stick with you to the bitter end!  

Jayne Thompson
Jayne is a B2B tech copywriter and the editorial director here at Truity. When she’s not writing to a deadline, she’s geeking out about personality psychology and conspiracy theories. Jayne is a true ambivert, barely an INTJ, and an Enneagram One. She lives with her husband and daughters in the UK. Find Jayne at White Rose Copywriting.