Those born between October 23 and November 21 fall under the eighth zodiac sign — Scorpio. Represented by a scorpion symbol, you might know of Scorpio’s reputation for dark and mysterious energy, but a Scorpio personality goes much deeper than a secretive demeanor. These signs are an amalgamation of dynamic traits, thanks to their fixed water element, and no first impression covers the depths that lie beneath their surface. 

Yes, Scorpio people are a bit mysterious and secretive — but they are also empathetic, sensitive, curious and fearless. If you’ve met a Scorpio, you’re probably aware of their intensity, but what makes them such a force? Read on for the low down on the Scorpio personality.

Scorpios are deep intuitives who don’t shy away from serious topics.

Scorpios might come across as intense because they don’t avoid the deep existential questions of life. It isn’t uncommon for a Scorpio to discuss matters like death, the afterlife or any of life’s unanswered questions. While you might take it for morbidity, it’s more that Scorpio seeks knowledge of the mysterious. They aren’t afraid to tackle these questions and look at them from all angles. Because they dive deeply into philosophy and theology, some Scorpios have an innate nihilistic side.

Meanwhile, their intuitive and curious nature makes it easy for Scorpios to appear mysterious. Scorpios fall into the category of people who make subconscious connections and notice patterns others miss. Scorpios let their intuition guide them above logic and cold, hard facts. Their instinct to trust their gut feelings extends to relationships — Scorpios might notice and read untrustworthy people before they have proof a person is shady.

While Scorpios might seem guarded and secretive, they’re also honest, loyal and compassionate.  

Scorpios have a natural guard when meeting new people, so they aren’t what one would call an open book. But while they keep their secrets close, when a Scorpio finally opens up to a trusted friend or loved one, it’s heartfelt and genuine. Despite their hard shell, Scorpios are honest to a fault (they’ll always tell the truth but still keep some secrets for themselves!). 

Their guard is due to Scorpio’s desire for authenticity. If a Scorpio feels someone may be disingenuous, they will close off straight away. 

If you have a Scorpio loved one, you may know them as a highly loyal and compassionate person who strives to do anything they can to maintain good relationships. Scorpios treasure their close connections, even if they keep strangers at bay.

Fearless Scorpios are hardworking.

A good work ethic, you say? That’s a Scorpio for you. Scorpio people are tenacious and hardworking folks, determined to finish projects through to the end. This determination is present not just in their working life but in their personal life, too. When a Scorpio decides they want something, they go for it and don’t stop until they’ve attained it. 

But this hardworking, stubborn streak can also hold Scorpios back. When a Scorpio becomes too rigid or set in their ways, their rigidity can be a detriment to their work, relationships or personal growth. 

In weaker moments, Scorpios are slow to forgive and jealous.

While friends and family know Scorpios as loyal and loving, it can be different if someone gets on Scorpio’s bad side. When a Scorpio feels wronged or betrayed, they may hold onto resentment, letting their hurt feelings prevent healing. 

Scorpios can also have a jealous streak. Because Scorpios tend to feel many emotions on full power, it makes sense that they also struggle with jealousy. A Scorpio may get jealous of someone’s success and compare themselves to others, so it’s common for Scorpios to view everything as a competition.

Scorpios are sensual and passionate, not to mention “intense.”

A trait many associate with Scorpios is a sensual, passionate nature. This means Scorpio enjoys the five senses as much as possible (similar to a Taurus’s sensuality), which extends to the bedroom and beyond. 

But passion is a part of every aspect of a Scorpio’s life, and they’ll burn the midnight oil learning about their interests. This lust for life, as well as a Scorpio's tendency to brood, can cause onlookers to view Scorpios as intense. And thanks to their fearless nature and authentic self, it’s true that Scorpios can be a bit much for someone unfamiliar with them. 

While they won’t reveal their feelings in minute detail, Scorpios won’t refrain from brutal honesty or engaging in debates. But once a person develops a close relationship with a Scorpio, they’ll never forget the connection, and they’ll come to (sort of) understand how their Scorpio loved one ticks.

Which of the 16 personalities is a Scorpio most likely to be? 

Looking at the 16 personalities

  • It is more common for a Scorpio, who is very introspective, to be an Introvert
  • Their intuitive side makes them more likely to be an iNtuitive type than a Sensing type. 
  • For the third preference, Scorpio could fit either direction. Scorpios are emotional people and thus could type as a Feeling type if they make decisions based on emotions. But many Scorpios could also type as a Thinking type, using logic to make decisions despite their emotional pull to do otherwise. 
  • Lastly, a Scorpio is more systematic than “go with the flow,” so Judging fits better than Perceiving

With this in mind, a Scorpio is most likely to be an INTJ — but a runner-up is INFJ. Why? INTJs are problem-solving types who hunger for knowledge and can be blunt communicators but can be emotionally distant. INTJs are, however, loyal to their loved ones. 

On the other hand, a Scorpio might type as an INFJ, a personality type with a similar mysterious air and intensity. INFJs use their intuitive nature to analyze emotions and people, and they have a compassionate heart for those close to them. INTJs tend to avoid people and focus on intuition through learning and problem-solving.

Which Enneagram is a Scorpio most likely to be?

As for the Enneagram, Scorpio most resembles Enneagram Eight. “The Challenger” shares many traits a Scorpio does, including passion, fearlessness and a desire to avoid vulnerability. An Enneatype Eight’s greatest fear is to be powerless, so they emphasize being in control. These types are motivated by a need for independence and control. 

These fears and motivations align with Scorpio’s tendency to keep their feelings to themselves and their habit of engaging in debates and holding firm to their opinions. Enneagram Eights are also extremely loyal to those who have earned their trust. 

Although these are the most common Enneagram and 16 personality types for Scorpio, a Scorpio person may be any combination of personality types. 

Summing up the Scorpio personality type 

Mysterious, passionate Scorpio is a fixed water sign — sensitive, in tune with their emotions and often stubborn. Thanks to their love for life’s biggest questions, you’ll often find Scorpios lost in thought or debating on some philosophical topic. When it comes to friends and family, Scorpio is as loyal as it gets, but once you break their trust, it isn’t easy to earn it back. 

These intriguing zodiac types match most with the INTJ, INFJ and Enneagram Eight personality types, but just like their unique balance of intensity and sensitivity, their boldness knows no bounds. It isn’t uncommon to find Scorpios throughout all walks of life, with varying personality types. Keep holding your ground, Scorpio!

Cianna Garrison
Cianna Garrison holds a B.A. in English from Arizona State University and works as a freelance writer. She fell in love with psychology and personality type theory back in 2011. Since then, she has enjoyed continually learning about the 16 personality types. As an INFJ, she lives for the creative arts, and even when she isn’t working, she’s probably still writing.