Known for their tenacity and down-to-earth demeanor, Taurus is the stubborn bull of the zodiac. But people born between April 20 and May 20 are not all hard-headed, unmovable beasts like their symbol suggests – they’re actually one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac. 

Here’s what it means to be a Taurus personality. 

They’re connected to the natural world.

Taurus is an earth sign. If you’re a Taurus, you likely love nature and animals, and might outdo some of the outdoorsiest people out there. It’s common for Taurus people to have hobbies like hiking, biking or running. As a quintessential Taurus, I love nothing more than getting outside in nature and sweating out my worries—dirt, mud and all.

But here’s where it gets confusing—Taurus personalities also love luxury and revel in the sensual things in life. At first glance, these dual loves seem to oppose each other, but somehow you manage to balance your love of luxe and your deep appreciation of nature. 

They’re stubborn and persistent.

Give a Taurus a challenge and they’ll work at it until it’s done right. Taureans have a go-getter energy, making them reliable, consistent types who like to push themselves. Because of their tenacious spirit, they’re some of the hardest-working people you’ll meet.

However, Taurus is picky about what they apply their energy to. As much as a Taurus will go after things they want, they’ll fight against things they don’t. So, it’s a moot point trying to convince a Taurus to do something they don’t want to do. Their habit of “digging their heels in” gives them the reputation for being one of the most stubborn signs of the zodiac. 

Independent Taureans want stable, secure lifestyles. 

Taurus people like to go on adventures once and a while, but unpredictable lifestyles aren’t for them. They love stability, and that means they organize most aspects of their life including their work, schedules, possessions and social lives. 

This desire for stability also affects their views of money, lifestyle, career choices and friendships. If you want a stable friend who’s always there for you, Taurus is the one you can count on. They are also loyal, reliable partners who strive for order in their relationship. Harmony, to them, is one of the highest virtues.

Taureans are the most sensual signs of the zodiac.

All hail the five senses said every Taurus ever! Astrology experts recognize Taurus as the most sensual sign of the zodiac, meaning they love anything involving smell, touch, taste, sight and sound. Taurus personality types adore soft fabrics like cashmere, moody scented candles, gorgeous views, beautiful music and delicious food. 

If a Taurus can afford the finer things in life, they’ll seek them out every time. But they can also enjoy the smallest sensual pleasures that cost almost nothing, such as a fragrant cup of tea, a good album, and a warm bath at the end of a hard work day. And because of their desire for stability, they are also good savers who know the value of hard-earned money.

Taureans are practical but can also be hopeless romantics. 

A Taurus may say the most unromantic, practical statement one minute and enter dreamy romance mode the next. This dichotomy comes from the delicate dance of their traits, including their groundedness and sensuality. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet that represents beauty, love and pleasure, so their romantic nature makes sense. At the same time, Taureans are realistic and strive to keep their feet on the ground.  For example, when a friend reaches out to a Taurus for advice, the Taurus person will tell it straight. 

Which of the 16 personalities is a Taurus most likely to be? 

Of the 16-type system, Taurus matches most with ISFJ, “The Protector.” Like the ISFJ, Taurus people are loyal to their loved ones and do what they can to show their love. They are also more introverted types who prefer their inner world above a constant rotating door of social events. 

Since they’re pragmatic, it makes sense most Taureans would type as “Sensing” and their desire for order and stability aligns with Judging types. Some people think Taurus matches more with an ISTJ, which I agree could work, but most Taurus people I’ve known (including myself) are more Feeling than Thinking and have a deep connection to their emotions, even if they don’t always show them. 

The second most common type for Taurus people is the ISFP, a type that also loves beauty and the people in their life. However, these particular Taurus people exhibit more spontaneity than usual, so I believe it’s less common.

If you’re a Taurus, you may identify with ISFJ or ISFP, but there are always exceptions. For instance, I am a Taurus, but my 16-type personality is INFJ, so I have a deeper connection to abstract thought and patterns than Sensing Tauruses. 

Which Enneagram is a Taurus most likely to be?

Taurus people have many similarities with one Enneagram type—Type 9. “The Peacemaker” shares the Taurus’ desire for stability and harmony, their love for others, and their fear of becoming too needy. And like Taurus, Type 9s have a stubborn streak if pressed too hard and dislike when others are too controlling. 

The second closest match comes in Enneagram Type 1. Because Taurus people are hard workers and perfectionists, they may type as Ones and fear being perceived as “imperfect” or as “a bad person.” Type One Taureans are motivated to be “good” and find purpose.

Again, not all Taurus people will align with these personality matches. For instance, I defy the most likely types because I am an Enneagram Type 4.

Summing up Taurus personality types.

Taurus personalities are dynamos who love a good challenge but won’t bend their rules for anybody. A Taurus sticks to their values and desires, which ranks them among the most stubborn signs, but this stubbornness is a strength when used for the right reasons. As Taurus people move through life, they build solid relationships and are loyal devotees to friends and family. They crave stability, order and independence and prefer to indulge in life’s luxuries as the rulers of sensuality. 

On the 16-type test, Taurus people will likely be an ISFJ or ISFP, and may be an Enneagram Type 9. However, just like Taurus’ don’t like others to push them into anything, they might be a different personality type on one or both tests.

Cianna Garrison
Cianna Garrison holds a B.A. in English from Arizona State University and works as a freelance writer. She fell in love with psychology and personality type theory back in 2011. Since then, she has enjoyed continually learning about the 16 personality types. As an INFJ, she lives for the creative arts, and even when she isn’t working, she’s probably still writing.