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INFPs and Other Personality Types

Kindred Spirits

People of the following types are more likely than most to share the INFP's values, interests, and general approach to life. They won't necessarily agree on everything, and there's no guarantee they'll always get along, but they're more likely to feel an easy rapport and have plenty of things in common.

Intriguing Differences

People of the following types are likely to strike the INFP as similar in character, but with some key differences which may make them seem especially intriguing. The INFP may find people of these types particularly interesting and attractive to get to know. Relationships between INFPs and these types should have a good balance of commonalities and opportunities to challenge one another.

Potential Complements

INFPs may not feel an immediate connection with people of the following types, but on getting to know each other, they'll likely find they have some important things in common, as well as some things to teach one other. Although people of these types may not attract the INFP initially, their relationships present a lot of potential to complement and learn from one other.

Challenging Opposites

People of the following types present the most potential for personality clash and conflict with the INFP, but also the best opportunities for growth. Because people of these types have fundamentally different values and motivations from the INFP's, initially, it may seem impossible to relate. But because they are so different, their strengths are the INFP's weaknesses, and if they are able to develop a relationship, they can learn a tremendous amount from each other.

INFPs in Love

In relationships, the INFP is nurturing, empathic, and loyal. Healers select their friends and partners carefully, looking for a strong bond and congruent values. They are self-aware and often spiritual.

INFPs tend to be open-minded and accepting of another's behavior and preferences, so long as their core values are not violated. They support their partners' individuality, and encourage them to explore their interests and ideas.

INFPs look for ways to compromise and accommodate other people, and often have creative solutions to interpersonal problems. They can be very sensitive, but often keep negative reactions to themselves because they are reluctant to engage in confrontation.

Close and harmonious relationships are important to INFPs, although they also need a lot of independent time to think and reflect. They often want plenty of freedom to express themselves and pursue greater self-awareness. They value a partner who is committed and loving, yet provides them with the support they need to independently explore the mysteries of life.

INFPs as Parents

As parents, INFPs are caring, supportive, and adaptable. They rarely establish a strict or structured household, preferring instead to address problems and situations as they arise. They often allow their children a lot of latitude and influence in making decisions, and may leave the creation and enforcement of household rules up to another parent.

Children of INFPs often find that they have the freedom to express themselves and make their own decisions until they violate their INFP parent's values. When values are in question, the Healer parent becomes firm and inflexible.

INFP Communication Style

INFPs are gentle, encouraging communicators who enjoy exploring options and ideas. They envision possibilities for people and are often good at coming up with creative, flexible solutions to problems. They are typically attentive listeners who try to adapt their communication style to the people they are dealing with. Compassionate and cooperative, they tend to be appreciative of other people and their ideas, although they may be reserved about sharing their own closely held values and ideas with people they do not know well.

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Cinnabunny (not verified) says...

It seems like all these careers require a degree T_T

Woolygan (not verified) says...

Hmm, I've always tested INFP but I'm a Chemical Engineer... The exception I suppose... 

momo (not verified) says...

I just took this quiz after reading about MBTI in my psych textbook. Though it seems I'm a textbook INFP, don't take it to heart lol. Psychologists often criticize the test's contributions to psychology because it completely dismisses individual abilities and even suggests you lack specific qualities. For example, being an introvert doesn't mean you totally lack extrovert qualities. :) 

Jay_lo (not verified) says...

As a fellow INFP that identifies with all those points and needed a little pick me up... I found it here: 

Forever searching for that silver lining 


Lilith (not verified) says...

Hello! I recently tested as an INFP after a long time of not knowing which type I really was. I used to test as either an ESTJ, INFP or INFJ. But I could never decide. I think that my upbringing might have obscured who I really am. I cried so hard in the shower when I realized how much of myself I'd been suppressing for years, trying to fit in. It was like my soul had reconnected to my body. It's also fascinating learning about how I mirror rather than absorb emotions! I heard somewhere that INFPs are naturally good actors and I almost thought maybe I should have been typed as an INFJ instead. But maybe I should give acting a shot.

I am an INFP who is incredibly uncertain of what to do with her life. I've been consulting pages like this for years trying to understand myself and what I should do. And honestly, after reading that INFPs are the second-lowest earners out of all the types and I might be an INFJ which are the ultimate lowest earners, it honestly gave me a sense of relief because I don't have to fight for a high-earning, high-stress job anymore. I can just be myself and do good for the world like I was meant to. :') Whatever that ends up being (which probably won't be paying much but knowing that my worries and stress over how much money I end up making is pointless soothes me.)

David Martey Mensah (not verified) says...

Oh really sorry for you. You should consider asking our maker what he really created us for. From all the places around the world, why were you born in your Country? there is a reason for your being. So the best way will be kneeling down on your knees and praying to God in request and Thanks giving. Get a mentor also in your field of studies.

Elley (not verified) says...

I'm INFP and doubted myself for being one. I took a retest weeks ago and was scared that I might get a different result which will definitely leave me forever confused, but I still got INFP with heightened results.

u might be INFJ based on your given results, two I's, two J's, two NF's. 

G (not verified) says...

Lilith. You're not alone. I'm in the same place too. I'm glad you're finding your way back to yourself and you feel how truly incredible and unique you are. I wish you patience and magic. Be well and remember that the greatest blessing you can bestow anyone is your authentic self. No less. No more. That is everything. Bendiciones and blessed be 

michellina (not verified) says...

i also came out as infp/infj. i could never seem to choose a career. i felt pulled in two directions: my own convictions and to please my family. i am finally slowly growing a backbone though. you are so right. it is relieving to know that there isn't necessarily anything wrong. we aren't all made to be the same and that's beautiful. i kept trying to "learn to code" or become a stem person...but it is so competative nowadays. 

Eve (not verified) says...

hello! Sounds like you were feeling low, it might happends some days, sometimes, to all of us. Just a little time ago i learned that i'm a INPF, and i guess it makes sense, i've always feel drown in my feelings, it's a bummer sometimes but also i learned that it makes us ¿"better"? than the others, better it's not the word, but what i want to mean it's that nobody lives the happy times as we do, only because we know what the low points mean. I been also lying about me around others, pretendig to be someting that i'm not so they can have a defined and clear concept about me that goes on with their narrative, but i was lucky to understand my own fragility since a young age, and yes, i know, the feeling of self-discovering can beoverwhelming, but, indeed, necesary. 

The only light i can give you it's tell you that you don't need the same things that everybody need, ypur approach isn't in a big luxurious house, or on the hope od be the best bussines man/woman, and it's okay, as a matter of fact, i think that it's beautiful. The world has turn in such a cold place and it need people like you or me, Those who still beliving in the beauty of the simple things and make a life from helping others. I think you're a beautiful human being and i hope your probles go soon. -i sorry if i write this wrong, i don't speak english. Luckk!


Anna Maria (not verified) says...

Hey! im a fellow INFP and im constantly questioning my if it's accurate for me, but I think a lot of what I used to think was my personality was simply shaped by my strong-willed parents. 

I totally relate to not being able to understand what to do in life (I have to apply to universities and it's very stressful choosing a career path)

Thankfully I have Jesus to guide me and correct me when my mind is clouded / I'm overthinking :) Really helps being able to be lead and rely on a loving and powerful God


anyway, just wanted to reply and connect with you

you're not alone in your uncertainty and confusion

Eva (not verified) says...

Thats honestly how i feel. But thankfully we have a powerful God who made us in His image, that means he will also provide for us in everything we need. And guide us every step we need to take

William Fong (not verified) says...

I am ENFP and I really love the way you wrote this. My mother is an Infp but for many years she thought she wasn't. Initally, she tested and got isfj twice but somehow the results were never accurate to her. It was when I began noticing her passion for poetry and writing did I began to suspect she was Infp (because i read somewhere that Infps love literature). So, i asked her to read about about the Infp profile in the 16 personalities site and she was mindblowned. This was who she was. All her life she was conditoned by her parents and her peers to act another. Before she got married, accounting was the only job she could pursue because it was only career that her parents (my grandparents) would approve. Needless to say, she did not enjoy the job. Her true passion was books and poetry and although she left the job after she got married, she had little time to pursue writing as she had me and my sister to raise. But now, since I am adult and my sister is independent enough, she now has the free time to write more and find her true writing voice. After 50 years did she finally know her true self. Fifty years in a shell. Just want to let you know it is never too late to discover your inner self.

Teresa Marie (not verified) says...

Hi Lilith,


Thank you so much for sharing your story! And applause to you for learning about what has been obscured and suppressed for years. It takes a lot of courage I think to examine and appreciate our true identities.

For years I continued to get INFJ each time I took the Myers-Briggs personality test. Today however for the first time I was surprised to get the INFP, which I feel like I most resonate with, especially with wanting to be of service to others in a career that is more meaningful to me. When you mentioned acting, it's funny because after reading through the INFP description, I have recently considered acting and am inspired to take a class for fun in the future.

Kudos to your journey of discovery, keep on keeping on!

Monalisa (not verified) says...

Hi fellow INFPs,

I have a dilemma, i feel like my personality type is getting in the way of my relationship. I've been in a relationship for 4 years now and in that time I've been having doubts about whether my partner is the one. I always imagine that the person who is the one would be someone with similar interests to mine. My partner and i dont share similar interests. I've been going over whether we are compatible and came up with the conclusion that we are not but after taking the test and finding out that tone of the traits of an INFP is dreaming of the perfect relationship and that there is a person out there who is their soul mate, I'm rethinking things and now im confused as to whether its just my personality getting in the way or whether my partner and i truly belong together. What if i end things and turns out i was wrong?! I feel that having this personality when it comes to relationship is stressful.

Ninith (not verified) says...

Monalisa, my ex was someone I had little in common with, and I tried for a long time to make things work, against my better judgement. Sometimes regardless of how hard you try, the person you're with simply does not meet your needs. Remember, your needs are important. Your desires are important. Your interests are important. And if you can barely find things in common, it can be a sign you're not somewhere that fits you personally well. I've since found someone much more attuned to my own interests and needs, and find life far more satisfying and a lot less stressful. Time spent in a relationship does not equate to the value that relationship brings you. Do they fulfill you? Do they bring your life joy? Do they make your accomplishments feel worthwhile? Do they give you emotional stability? Do they feel like "home" when you're around them? Do you enjoy being around them? Do they add meaning to your life? As with a job that's a wrong fit, being with the wrong person has many warning signs. If you feel like the answer to most of those questions were "no", staying with them could simply be wasting your efforts and time on the wrong person, when someone you can say "yes" to those questions about, would be more suitable to bring you happiness in the long run. You're important, so never let a relationship make you feel like you must constantly sacrifice your own wellbeing and happiness in order to please them and keep them.

- a fellow INFP

Sage Roku (not verified) says...

As I was reading on another site. It said that you can end up falling in love with someone you don't share similar interests with but deep inside your values are the same and that is most likely what attracted them to you.

Sammy (not verified) says...

It seems you don't have problem in the relationship but you thought you'd end up with someone different. You overthinking and being idealistic. Just stay in the relationship unless you are unhappy then communicate with your partner or leave. But from what you're said their doesn't seem to be a problem. 

Raquel (not verified) says...

hi, i am an INFP-T as well. i just want you to not make a rash decision about a relationship if it’s perfectly healthy already. if you truly feel the need to break off and do your own thing and find someone that you think is your soul mate, then do it. But if you love the person you are with now and feel it is unstable to just try and find your soulmate, i wouldnt. if what you have now is something beautiful i would cherish it. if im being honest i think ive found my soulmate already. we’ve been dating for 2 years, known eachother for 6 years all together now. he is literally nothing like an INFP at all. and i celebrate those difference. i think it’s perfectly healthy to have a relationship with someone that has a completely different personality than your own. you can gain life lessons from them, different perspectives from them, grow as a person with them, and everything of that matter. i mean they say opposites attract. i think its just way more fun to be with someone that definitely doesn’t have the same personality as you because you will experience things with them you wouldve never done by yourself or with someone just like you.

Gin Mullins (not verified) says...

there's a lot of information not present here. Im not going to prod you for it, if you felt its best not to share then thats completely ok. I will say whatever is causing doubts in you, you should probably trust your intuition on this, your gut feeling. You've been with them 4 years, im sure you've gathered enough to know yourself so trust yourself and don't allow someone to make you feel like that's all in your head. Ive been through a rough relationship and the longer I thought that way and gave chance after chance the worst he became. Very abusive one, emotionally and began hurting others i care for. Id hate to tell you to just up and close the door on him, but trust yourself. You know when something is not right and I can tell you it probably won't become better unless he is willing to put in effort. If youre not seeing the effort, jot even an ounce of attempt, then understand this. Hurt people hurt people. That needs to be healed over on their own, yes, if you can be in a friend dynamic with them and help them incredible, unfortunately it doesn't always work that way. By no means continue to hold if you feel like you're being abused or taken advantage of. You can always slowly emotionally detach now and give it more time so you'll be prepared in the event that he does not make the improvements you deserve to see and experience 

Rathul (not verified) says...

The one you talk about doesn't need to have the same interests as you. You're a partner is a whole different person and of course his individuality and personality will be different. But that's what makes relationships so good you can share each others views and approaches to things and life. Also there is no thing as belonging together or destiny if you love the person put in the work, appreciate the person for what they are and just work out the kinks. 

IN-er (not verified) says...

Honor yourself first.

You are the only person who will ever be with you for the rest of your life.


You already know the answer and what must be done. Move with intention.


Ask yourself, what advice would I give to myself if I were a friend.

Susan Epstein (not verified) says...

Am am also an INFP and I can't tell you how important it is to find your soulmate- it is difficult but not impossible! I am married to an INXP for 41 years. My husband is my best friend and soulmate. I believe when there is too much compromise in a relationship, it can cause undue stress. What are your partner's letters? This will give you deeper insight into the joys and the challenges of your relationship. You are correct to question your personal decisions and must analyze more deeply before making a lifelong commitment.

Shivvv (not verified) says...

I would say that most importantly relationships take work. No partner is going to be a perfect fit and you'll both make compromises for each other along the way. I have been having my own doubts with my partner, but realised it was the bedroom department I felt was most lacking, so have been playing lots of games and putting the work in to make it better. I have been very proactive and having more open communication which has helped immensely, which has in turn reflected on our relationship positively. 

Perhaps talking to your partner about how you're feeling and coming to some conclusions of a few activities you could try together, to form common interests going forward, would be a good idea. 


If you put the work in and still feel the same, then perhaps take these thoughts more seriously! 

SchoonerScotty (not verified) says...

Hi Monalisa,

Get the books, "Type Talk," by Otto Kroeger," "Gifts Differing: Understanding Personality Type," by Isabel Briggs Myers.  these should help you.  I had a friend who was an INFP, and she married a ISTJ against some misgivings, and I wonder if they are still together today.  People with an intuitive preference have a focus on the future and use mataphors, look for connections between often disparate items, finding a pattern or a whole, enjoy fiction literature, including fantasy and science fiction, think often about "what if..." situations, while their opposites, people with a sensiing preference tend to be concrete thinkers, prefer linear thinking, step 1 to step 2, to step 3, etc. prefer parts to the whole, and rather than consider something could be improved if we only had XyZ, they think in terms of, what they have, and make do with their resources.  They enjoy computer manuals, action adventure books, or movies, and realistic biographies about people, etc.

Introverts live in their own rich, inner world, where they often retreat to reflect on things, and look for inspiration.

Extroverts look outside of themselves for inspiration and energy.

Thinkers tend to make decisions using logic, and take a "firm but fair," approach to making decisions while their opposites, feelers, use their deeply held personal values when making decisions.

People who prefer Judging in their orientation to life prefer a scheduled, organized, and planned approach to life.  They may often buy time share condos, or have summer house in a special location where they go year after year.  They tend to stay in the same career.

People who prefer a Perceiving approach to life, enjoy a life open to change, get energized by last minute rushes, and may take off with friends on a special adventure when the spirit moves them.  They may vacation in Quebec, Canada, one year, Istanbul, Turkey the next year, and Sao Paulo, Brazil the following year!

Susan Epstein (not verified) says...

Type Talk is where it all began for me!


glooms (not verified) says...


4 years feels like the 'make it or break it' marker for a lot of relationships. To me, it sounds like there is a part of you that isn't happy with the relationship and wondering if they are "the one" is your way of allowing yourself to feel those doubts and questions that maybe you feel guilty about or are scared to feel. First of all, honor those feelings, it's okay to be in that space. Whether someone is "the one" or not is always, always your choice to make, and if there are needs/desires that you have for a partnership that cannot be met by this person, then I don't think that longing will go away. With that said, a partnership- one person, isn't meant to fulfill all of our needs, friendships can also help fulfill our needs. So it's just a matter of, do you love and want to be with this person enough to evolve and carry on a partnership together even if they don't meet those needs/desires? Or do you feel a longing for a different kind of connection? My advice is to listen to your heart, listen to your intuition and longing. Have a little faith that when you let honesty and goodness be your compass, everything will turn out best possible outcome. 

Wishing you strength in love <3

Wel (not verified) says...


To be honest, I have the same problem! I've been in a relationship for almost a year and been overthinking everything ever since! I guess it's just our personality. Dreaming of how it would be if we met the one.... but what if the person we imagine doesn't even exist? 

Don't give up on your relationship just because of some overthinking.... maybe they are THE one? Just keep going as long as there are no problems! And you shouldn't question your not their feelings! 

Good luck <3

Po (not verified) says...

Hi I just took this personality test (actually a couple times) and got INFP. I feel as if yes I relate to this personality type 100% but for some reason after the results and the comments I'm left kinda disappointed. I love to constantly learn and that includes figuring out how I can positively grow and work on myself. Don't get me wrong this did give me a greater understanding of how/why I operate the way I do and is quite accurate but it also kinda backfired idk and now I'm in a bad/ansy/idontevenknowanymore mood. I always thought the way that I am right now directly stems from my depression and anxiety and with therapy I would be less like this but its exhausting to kinda come to terms with the fact that its mainly attributed to my personality. I dont want to overthink so much all the time. I dont want to be concerned for other people all the time. I wish I cared about money and was mindless and ignorant so I don't have to experience so much god damn stress and gloom thats results from navigating this toxic world. It just feels like with the INFP personality... anxiety and depression is an envitable symptom. It's a personality that inevitably is doomed in the modern world. Everyone is so cold and selfish and we feel so much it's a blessing but also a curse.

Obviously this is just my perspective and how I felt after learning my personality type - can anyone relate or throw some advice my way :o

Jaelle (not verified) says...

Hi Po,

I'm an INFP too, and also struggled with anxiety and depression for about 7 years. As I've gotten older, I believe I've really become the person I'm supposed to be. I look in the mirror, and want to dance around because instead of feeling like my face is foreign and I'm not sure who I am, I now feel emboldened and alive and I love myself for who I really am (Praise the Lord)! I still have plenty of room to grow of course, but what I'm trying to say is that there is hope. You don't have to be defined by depression. I think INFPs really need to be true to themselves, and when we try to conform, live a lie, or when we neglect ourselves, we can end up feeling empty, hopeless, and lost. But it is not our doom. I've been going to therapy for years and it has helped immensely. As INFPs we are empathetic and kind and want to help people, but a lot of times that means people take advantage of us. Take some time to talk to a therapist and ask about boundaries. I think boundaries are extremely important for INFPs. Even though I sometimes feel guilty for not allowing myself to help people even when I know it will be bad for me, It is much better in the long run to take care of yourself first and then help others. Otherwise you're basically running on empty. Learning how to say no gives so much freedom. Learn to focus your love and empathy on the people you know and trust, who have earned it, and don't give away your heart and soul and energy to just anyone who walks in and asks for it. Taking care of yourself means putting your needs before other people's wants. I don't know if that applies to you at all, but I know that learning how to be more independent and how to take care of myself has helped immensely in the depression and anxiety front. And if you're not a Christian, and you're struggling with depression and anxiety still, God is a healer and he healed me from my depression. I was living healthier after therapy but I was still feeling lost and often a little empty. I hadn't really experienced freedom until I was healed. He could do the same for you. I hope you find peace and meaning in your life. I know my relationship with God has helped me to find peace and it'd be cool if you could too. :) if you're not in to that, at least try therapy. There is good in this world- alongside the bad. Good worth fighting for and living for. I hope this helped or at least lended some encouragement :)

Christ (not verified) says...

I can relate to what you are writing as I used to struggle with this for quite a long time. What helped me (with support of my Therapist) to accept that I am a person who feels a lot, thinks a lot etc. and find solutions how to handel this in a healthy way. Meaning, I created a routine for myself, I got very cautious with whom I spent time with, what kind of job fits to me,  avoiding negative people/media. how I can basically take care of myself. Know your boundaries and set them in a healthy way. It's not impossible but is a lifelong journey. Keep going, you're a wonderful soul and this world needs your kindness :-)

Chad Monson (not verified) says...

Po, I sympathize with your sense of disappointment at the results-- while it lends clarity to learn your personality type, some of the characterizations of an INFP would be disheartening to anyone willing to view them as stone-carved depictions. My advice would be to not bind yourself in this way. It has been helpful to me to step back and consider my reasons for taking this test to begin with, and to re-calibrate my expectations. Was I seeking to have my fortune told? Did I really expect all of my hard decisions to be made for me? While I disagree with the statement made by another in this thread that MTBi is 'for entertainment purposes', I do think it is important to avoid looking at the often painfully accurate descriptions of our personality type as inevitable fate, and take them with the proverbial grain of salt. We are particularly sensitive and spiritual in nature, and seem to be on a perpetual quest to understand ourselves; this struggle for identity predisposes us to accept rather broad generalizations as air-tight boundaries, and then confine ourselves within them. My friend, don't allow yourself to be limited by anybody else's explanation of who you are, and why, no matter how accurate it may seem. Or, at least consider this: Your best friend took 15 minutes to complete an online quiz, and accepted the results as simply everything she needs to know about herself. What might you tell her about the wisdom in this? For yourself, then, accept the results of this particular exercise-- one of the many personality profiling tests you have taken, if you're anything like me-- as a surprisingly accurate indication of your inclinations, allow your self-awareness to grow, and step forward with courage into the challenges ahead of you. You are kind, and cannot act without compassion and authenticity. It is nothing short of a blessing to know your deliberate contributions to the world can only ever be meaningful, and that you cannot force yourself to do anything less-- the only real curse behind it is the tendency to inaction, if you become convinced there is no path forward, but I promise you that you DO have the strength to overcome this, time after time if needed. Know your values, and then stay close to that internal source of what compels you to do... well, anything, really; keep your head about you when others fly off in random directions in pursuit of material things. As much as anything, have the patience with yourself to choose just one of the many, many worthwhile causes dear to your heart, and then to commit fully to it until you have seen it through. Then do that again, and again, and again. You have my word that your life will be filled with meaning and unfathomable joy as you raise up others and bring into reality what others may only regard as fantasy.

Toni (not verified) says...

I totally get that and I agree but there's an old Indian story about the two wolves inside all of us;it all depends upon which wolf u feed..the good wolf or the bad going down the depressed,frustrated etc path then yes u wil b these things but u can also take the other path(feed the good wolf) and use ur talents to help,heal others and in that u wil get help and healing too! Works for me anyway! I'm not only an infp-t but I'm also a Pisces so I know!

Arya Singh (not verified) says...

This is a pretty cool mantra to live by;)

Cece (not verified) says...

I understand what you mean. I have also wished that I could be an extrovert or something like that. People usually take advantage of kind people and being an INFP that's inevitable. Also, I get what you mean that you thought that the way that you're now comes from anxiety and depression. I have social anxiety disorder, so I always thought that if I could find a way to overcome that I could be an extrovert. I still think that I could be an extrovert. I just don't think NFP part could change. Especially the feeling part. Because I'm always constantly putting others before myself. I have friends that treat me badly because I'm quiet. But for that friend that's how they express themselves. My other friend only talks about herself, and always enforces her opinions onto me. So, when my friends do that and say mean things to me I don't know how to react. I always try not to say anything negative, but when I do suddenly they use that against me. They call me mean if I say one thing... and even after that, I don't think they realise how much that sticks with me. I will think about that for weeks or maybe even months. I will be embarrased and treat myself badly, for making someone feel that way. That's why INFP is a curse like you said.

Violetta J D'Avila Winter (not verified) says...

No I don't think so! I'm an INFP too, but I think anxiety and depression is an inevitable symptom of low self-esteem and confidence, not your MBTI type. I was very quiet and reserved as a kid, but then as I grew I gained more confidence in myself and brushed up on my social skills so much so I come across as an extrovert to those who don't know me. You can "change". Anxiety and depression are not a result of your personality type but your mental health. You can be a mentally healthy INFP so I don't think you should accept anything! :D

Red Loam (not verified) says...

My wife asked me to take the Briggs Meyers version of this test. It was like a new layer of reality was unveiled. I know in the comments someone said it is for entertainment purposes only and for some people they might not feel that they fit in a particular personality. There is no doubt with mine. I'm an INFP and an INFP male on top of that which is only about 3% of the world population. I'm a deeply emotional male which is different for allot of people to interact with. Over the decades I've built up a wall I was unaware I was building. I ignored my intuition ( gut feeling about people, material possessions, going into a particular fast food drive through) which I never ignore anymore. I don't have a verbal inner dialogue really it's as though a certain emotion was assigned to every word in the English language. It's overwhelming and in the past has led me to abuse drugs and alcohol. I have the tendency to isolate which feels overwhelming satisfying and horrible at the same time. After finding out my personality type it explained almost every event in my life and why I reacted to that event that way. It's hard to understand your mind   when your only tool is your mind. The world is overwhelming and I definitely can focus on the negative and let it destroy me. (Reason for the wall) since my main tool to understand myself is flawed I realized I have an amazing ability to help people realize and put into words what is making them upset, depressed, etc. It helps me identify things that are making me depressed and anxious. I just texted my wife this morning that I wish I were simpler. I don't know if that's really true. The emotional depth that I feel towards the people I love is indescribable. I just always thought people felt like I do but know I realize they don't and I feel sorry for them. I don't know what the purpose of life is other than emotion. The way people made you feel. The way they made you feel. Everything else is just bullshit. Depression and anxiety weren't always there. I made that myself but it's a small price to pay if the alternative is just being a shell watching sports on the couch

Jason Casale (not verified) says...

I said the same thing.

I always thought people were like me and felt and experienced things like me as a INFP male too I get it.

It is diblitating in some ways floods of emotions and being able to read and see through people is intense at times.

The sensory overy load forced me to drink sometimes because of how intense it is.

I understand buddy.

I have often thought and wished I was not so complex and simpler as well.

My life would be easier instead of so contorted at times.

I get it and I undersdtand you.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says...

i looked through this personality and didn't see myself in anything they said.

then i read the weaknesses... am i doomed for failure? just when i thought i could get better and improve, just when i was finally grasping the light, i slipped and fell into the deep abyss that kept me for so long. who knows how long till i'll see the light once again.

“...their incredible talents can go completely to waste when they become too discouraged to continue.”


“...suffer in silence”


“INFPs who look out at the world with idealistic eyes often see grand vistas of beauty and limitless possibility that others are not capable of perceiving. But INFPs sometimes choose to retreat into these fantasies instead of using them to solve real-world problems.”


“Because their standards are so high, INFPs have a hard time forgiving themselves when they fail to meet their own expectations. They may also become indecisive and fall into a perfectionism so extreme that it cuts off their flow of creativity and makes it impossible for them to excel and achieve.”

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says...

oof sorry i was being a little deep

infp for life (not verified) says...

And you thought it was your depression only to find out that you are made this way. It so ironic I could laugh, only if I haven't gone through that myself.

Purpose is especially important to us idealists. Find meaning in all you do.

INFP does seem like a disappointing personality type. You are the idealist of the bunch, the least practical of all the types. But as you find your center and find a comfortable pace of personal development, your psyche - the source of your current pain - will become more vast than the universe itself.

Melly (not verified) says...

Seems  like we're all here trying to find ourselves today.

Your last statement was just the thoughts that I had in my why do we seem like the ones people take advantage of - the ones people cannot understand - the ones who cant figure out life.... shoot, I still don't know what I wanna be and I'm 29. 

Bry (not verified) says...

I'm also an INFP and basically what you said is exactly how I feel most of the time. But let me just point out that the MBTI test is just for entertainment purposes only. It can't predict your future or even your present. Also this weird zodiac signs don't make sense sometimes. I'm a  sagittarius and it says im so extroverted but in real life i'm not. The mbti test does say that most infp's are always depressed but I don't think that's true because I am not in any means depressed infact life is going great for me. This weird facts aren't tied to who you are. My mbti job is supposed to be something like a nurse or actor or something like that but I don't really like those jobs I'm more into the coding/enterpreneur stuff. But apparently those jobs are supposed to be only for Extroverted Thinkers. As infps we have this weird tendancy to know more I bet you've researched a lot about your personality type but come man or woman don't always believe what you see on the internet. It's just peoples thoughts. And sometimes when I feel like how you felt I usually just compare my life to someone else out there then I start feeling grateful. Bet there's someone else going through something much worse then you right now. 

michelle says...

Yes I totally agree. I'm a female INFP and scorpion, and I'm not into nursing/caring or aristic jobs. I work in data analytics and analyse financial markets in my spare time. I don't get depressed for long but I can change my mood quickly. I tend to be more optimistic and motivating, and have been described very determined and focused by family and friends. Yes I do have a very wild imagination but I don't really daydream much unless I'm meditating and doing visualisation technique. Don't believe it 100%. It's just a concept. I think you should look at your environment, social influences and values. 


JessAW (not verified) says...

You sound like you fit INTP better for which engineering/coding is a preferred career, so it's actually not true that those things demand extraverted thinking. I actually got INTP, but I feel INFP perfectly suits me. Perhaps those who tend to toe the line between Feeling and Intuition get tipped in the wrong direction in the end. 

alex43354345353 (not verified) says...

I am not a theatre kid.

Vincent Carty (not verified) says...

'How Others See the INFP"

"Oh, let me read this! I'm fascinated by this heading!"

To my disappointment, only the word "cool," which is already well known, really tries to answer the question!

Carlos Sanchez (not verified) says...

I don't find myself cool lol but I'm an INFP

Trinity C Casey (not verified) says...

I'm in college and I'm majoring in Sociology. I'm still feeling it out and it's not set in stone completely, but I'm enjoying it so far. I would definetly suggest Sociology to any INFP I were to encounter.

Po (not verified) says...

so cool! i just graduated university majoring in sociology :) for sure helped me figure out my morals and values way better 

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