From avoiding someone you know at the supermarket to doing a happy dance in the kitchen when someone cancels their plans with you, we Introverts do weird things that can sometimes confuse people – even ourselves! If you want to understand your introverted ways better (and laugh at your own expense) this article is for you. 

Here’s our list of 14 strange-yet-fascinating habits that make you who you are. Go, Introverts! 

#1: Stopping the microwave before it pings

Is this an exclusive Introvert thing? Not at all, but that fire-alarm-like microwave beeping sound can really get to you when you’re highly sensitive to external noises. It can also distract you from your deep-thinking mode, so you might as well stop the microwave before it reaches zero.

#2: Crossing the street to avoid someone you know

The best walk down the street is a solo walk down the street. When you’re not feeling sociable, the last thing you want to do is put on a fake smile and make small talk with an acquaintance. You have better things to do, like going home and watching trash TV after a long day at work. So you go the other way and cross your fingers that your old high school coach didn’t see you there. 

#3: Locking yourself in the bathroom when you’re overwhelmed

You can always rely on an Introvert to take strategic toilet breaks when they’re peopled-out. Why do we do this? The confines of a restroom stall are hardly the most glamorous surroundings, but they’re the perfect (and closest) spot to have a much-needed moment of peace when exhaustion hits.

#4: Experiencing 'vulnerability hangover' 

Vulnerability hangover is a term coined by vulnerability expert and bestselling author Dr. Brené Brown. It describes that feeling of unease and discomfort you experience after sharing your deepest feelings with someone. Sound familiar? Some Introverts have a hard time trusting people, so when you finally decide to talk it out, embarrassment may rise to the surface. For tips on how to allow yourself to be vulnerable as an Introvert, check this article.

#5: Canceling plans at the very last minute

Let’s be real, you often have no idea what future you might want to do on a Friday evening. That's why you make plans and then cancel at the last minute, because you might have been feeling sociable on Tuesday but now it’s Friday, and you’re just not feeling it any more. Of course, you don’t want to be rude. You wait until the very last moment to cancel plans, precisely because you are deciding what is the best way to write a lengthy, sincere apology without sounding like an idiot.

#6: Only speaking to the host’s pets at a party 

Been there, done that. I mean, who likes to be dragged to a party where you don’t know a single soul? Certainly not this Introvert. For any hosts reading this, let me be clear. When I say thanks for inviting me, what I mean is, if you need me I’ll be in the corner, making eye contact with your cats and caressing their fur for as long as they let me. 

#7: Apologizing for “talking too much” when you feel like you’re monopolizing the conversation

Maybe you’re the type of Introvert who loves debating and sharing your ideas with anyone who listens. But then you stop mid-sentence because you feel like you’re monopolizing the conversation. It’s funny, really. You hate being interrupted but end up interrupting yourself because you’re so accustomed to being an observer.

#8: Coming across as snobbish when you're quiet

At the other end of the spectrum, sometimes you're so quiet during a conversation that people wonder if you are really there (spoiler: not always). Yes, you could be secretly judging other folks when you’re silent, but most times you’re just absorbing what’s around you. That’s why you may seem aloof or snobbish. Just processing information over here, ok?

#9: Coming up with imaginary arguments in your head 

One thing that unites Introverts is our mastery of the art of imaginary discourse (thanks, inner monologue). Sure, you may not be the most skilled at in-person confrontation, but you can definitely deliver when it comes to making up imaginary arguments. 

#10: Having a hard time articulating your thoughts, though everything is crystal clear in your head

Everyone is waiting for you to eloquently articulate your ideas about postmodernist art in the North American context, but all you can think about is how much easier it would be to put things into writing. #Introvertstruggles

#11: Working with headphones on to avoid office chatter

I don’t know who first came up with the idea of open-plan offices, but I am pretty confident that person was not an Introvert. If the lack of privacy and constant distractions are a nightmare for you, you’re not alone. But how do you keep yourself sane when Janet, at the next cubicle, is shouting on the phone? Headphones on, world off. If anyone needs you, they’ll know where to find you. 

#12: Automatically assuming the role of counselor when a friend (or a total stranger) needs advice

You find yourself offering free therapy sessions to random people who come up to you on the street. Your friend just had a terrible date and needs to vent. Your co-workers are stressed out about an upcoming project you’re involved in. Who are they gonna call? The supportive Introvert in their lives, of course. 

#13: Bringing a book to the hair salon so you don’t have to talk to the hairdresser

You know you need a haircut, but the thought of having to make small talk at the salon makes you come out in hives. The solution? Bring a book with you. Nothing says ‘Not in the mood for talking’ like a good, chunky novel. Some say it’s against salon etiquette, but who can blame you? Introverts gonna Introvert.  

#14: Adjusting your mood to the mood of the people you’re with

Whether it’s because you can’t stand having people arguing in front of you, or just so you can avoid the dreaded “tell me about yourself” question, you might adjust your mood to match the mood of the group of people you’re with. Still, if the mood reads “party hard” or said group is larger than three people, this Introvert will head straight home #socialbatterygone.

Andreia Esteves
Andreia is an INFJ who used to think she was the only person in the world terrified of answering the phone. She works as a freelance writer covering all things mental health, and psychology related. When not writing, you’ll find her cozying up with a book, or baking vegan treats. Find her at: