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Typical completion time: 10-15 minutes
A few minutes to test, ongoing value

Assessments based on Isabel Briggs Myers’ theories are commonly used in coaching and counseling settings; these theories have been validated by decades of research. (Read here for more on the history, uses and our methodology.) Our user-friendly, 70-question TypeFinder® test builds on Myers’ well-known system, and provides depth and insight from our large-scale, diverse dataset. Your client's personality is assessed on four dimensions:

  • Extraversion vs. Introversion
  • Sensing vs. Intuition
  • Thinking vs. Feeling
  • Judging vs. Perceiving

Their results on each dimension are combined to create their four-letter type code, for example INTP or ESFJ. The TypeFinder® helps people discover and better appreciate their own strengths and blind spots. The TypeFinder® can help people understand more clearly why they do the things they do, help them gain confidence in their strengths and help them make decisions that suit their true natures.

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We offer a variety of downloadable resources for coaches, counselors and trainers looking to enhance their work with personality type. These materials are suitable for use during team-building sessions, development workshops, or one-to-one coaching.

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