The Enneagram for the Workplace


Typical completion time: 10-15 minutes
Nine personality types, dozens of applications

Truity’s validated Enneagram tests are the most popular in the US — with millions of tests taken to date and an average customer rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. With its more intuitive approach, the Enneagram is a great fit for relationally-oriented organizational cultures.

Our Enneagram for the Workplace assessment applies the insights of this widely-used system to business and team development. Truity’s test will accurately assess the nine personality types on your team and help you discover how each team member’s unique type drives their work style, approach to teamwork, communication and leadership style.

How the Enneagram for the Workplace can benefit your business:

  • Reconnect and build team bonds with a widely-known approach.
  • Rich discussion-starter for offsites and planning meetings.
  • Inclusive way to embrace talents, traits, and motivations of all team members.
  • Discover the interpersonal/intrapersonal factors that influence how you work.
  • Identify factors that affect success that aren’t identified in other personality tests.
  • Highlight where people may be getting stuck, to promote growth.

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Enneagram Testimonials

“This should be REQUIRED if you're in a position of leadership, or working your way there. Amazing test!”

— Lizzette

“I like that the full report breaks into multiple categories and thoroughly explains how they’re all related. It also explains how you can try to improve in certain areas that aren’t so manageable. I’ll be recommending this to a lot of my friends and coworkers.”

— Megan

“This is the most spot-on and comprehensive personality report that I have ever received. Through my corporate and coaching careers I have come across many assessments, the value for money that I got out of this one is definitely the highest. I can even direct my clients to this web version so that they can get more insights into their strengths and blindspots.”

— Kelly

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