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The Big Five model is the most widely accepted personality system in the scientific community. Unlike the Enneagram or Myers and Briggs’ model, the Big Five approaches personality in terms of traits rather than types, which is the most scientifically valid way of understanding the differences between people. While trait models take more time to grasp, tests based on the Big Five are considered the gold standard in validity, describing people along a spectrum of these five traits:

  • Openness: to new experiences or ideas, versus being more traditional and avoiding unknowns.
  • Conscientiousness: a person’s level of goal orientation and persistence, versus impulsivity.
  • Extraversion: likelihood of seeking stimulation from the outside world, versus conserving energy.
  • Agreeableness: how much a person empathizes and prioritizes others’ needs, versus their own.
  • Neuroticism: tendency to respond to stressors with negative emotions, versus moving on.

How the Big Five can elevate your team:

  • Understand the foundational traits that drive decision-making, priorities, and interactions.
  • Get research-backed insights into the strengths and blind spots of your team.
  • Better match employees’ preferences and gifts with projects and expectations.
  • Reduce turnover by proactively identifying potential areas of stress and burnout.

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Big Five Testimonials

“I found the results very insightful and accurate. I'm using this as a helpful source of information as I pursue a new career, and figure out what field would be better suited to me than the last. These results will also help me determine what type of company, boss, and team would be well-suited to my personality.”

— Jennifer

“Excellent and straight to the point, detailed and neat, matches with my results from MBTI, Enneagram and the GC Index… Overall, test was recommended to me and I have seen all the praise for it within my professional network.”

— Luqman

“This test was very insightful and scarily accurate! I have never really had a test describe me so well, especially because to many people I have some seemingly conflicting traits. The test was also helpful for understanding my workplace and career expectations.”

— Samia

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