Hey there everybody, I'm a very young INFP person who always wants to meet knew people indirectly. I'm kind of shy around those I admire. I always want to learn about my friends but I want to learn about those who rub people the wrong way to see why they do and if they can change their motives. I'm happy to know that there are others out there but I don't like that I haven't noticed any my age. My friends can be very negative and judgmental but boys will be boys... especially these guys. I am not like most dudes in grade 6, if anything I'm almost the complete opposite but I like bringing positive energy to others, even though they can be very very very very very very very very ignorant and inconsiderate so it's up to me to try keep the peace.


lexie.white says...


Nice to see an INFP who is so proud of what they are! Personally I'm actually a mix between INFP and INTP, and my preferences over thinking and feeling changes constantly, however I know what it's like to be shy, nervous, and a little awkward, especially in those elementary/middle school years. When I was younger I was always trying so hard to be something I wasn't, and it was actually the MBTI test that I took in high school that finally cemented to me who I was and showed me to never be ashamed of it! It's so nice to see that you've accepted who you are, because it's sure something I grappled with when I was your age.

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