How do you manage your tasks?
What ambitions do you have for the future?
Can you take of yourself independently or not?
Is it possible to achieve anything as long as you try?

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Nicholas Mocalis (not verified) says...

What is the meaning of life? says...

INTP here. The meaning of life is different for every individual. You must define your own, and you must define it for yourself. You may not agree with my interpretation.
I don't manage my tasks. Organization eludes me.
I want to make a scientific breakthrough. I also wish to become a frontwoman for a metal band.
I am one of the most independent people you'll ever meet.
It is possible for humanity as a collective to achieve anything given enough time and if enough people persist. "Trying" by itself isn't enough. An individual by themselves isn't capable of achieving anything due to lifespan. Some things take several lifetimes to figure out, even for people with immensely powerful minds.

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