Are we really as cold as they say we are? Maybe people are too sensitive lol


Guest (not verified) says...

me again. BTW how many of you are bull rider's and pilots too?

Guest (not verified) says...

I don't think ISTPs are that bad. I've never actually met one but they seem pretty cool
(I'm an ISFP btw)

INFP72 (not verified) says...

I'm seeing a guy I think is probably ISTP. I don't think he's cold at all. In fact, he strikes me as very passionate and sensual, more likely to express his feelings physically than verbally. And, ya know, there's a lot to be said for that. ;)

OTOH, he occasionally says things that strike me as insensitive or lacking empathy. So if I need emotional support, I'll turn to the ENFP that I'm also dating, lol. (The ISTP is a "challenging opposite" to my own personality type, INFP -- so maybe not someone I would or should be exclusive with.)

PatISTP (not verified) says...

Once somebody gets to know me, he/she realizes that I (an ISTP) am by no means uncaring but actually quite passionate about the wellbeing of others. I simply demonstrate that more by taking action and by skillfully resolving problems (while others become too muddle-headed by their emotions or or paralyzed by their theorizing). Instead of being scared off by conflict, complications or difficulty, I can handle it skillfully -- and without a grudge. I think that ISTPs make excellent troubleshooters. And what relationship does NOT need problem-solving skills?

Curiously, this skill leads to long-lasting relationships while other relationships crumble under the weight of layers of emotions brought in from the past or bergeoning concerns about the future. Such relationship endurance offers ample time and opportunity to genuinely get to know someone as he or she is rather than as I think he or she should be. This can be far more heart-warming than a feeling expressed. How do I know? My friends of all types have told me so. (As an ISTP, I am more open-minded than most and, hence, have friends of every type).

Chris says...

I test as an ISTP: I don't always trust words; I observe whether others' actions match. This can make me quite sceptical about what I hear.

I pursue accuracy. So I won't 'empathise' with others, nor myself, unless I believe what I'm saying/thinking is accurate.

I had, I think, an INFP girlfriend and I was never exactly sure she was telling me the truth with important relationship issues, rather sugar-coating it, or just lying.

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