Not sure really where to start.

I'm trying to find my niche, people have told me to take the Myers Briggs Personality test and I am 100% an ESTJ, not sure where I should go from there. The career lists on Truity say's :

 But i don't see myself doing any of those. I went to college and received a Bachelors in Communication Studies, I wanted to eventually become an event planner/wedding planner, or something involved in that. What should I do to incorporate what I am meant to do and what I want to do?

I currently am in marketing/sales but not happy I don't like sales, I don't like having to sell myself.

I'm lost and need some direction.




Anonymous INFP (not verified) says...

While MBTI can be very helpful in understanding ourselves and our strengths, it isn't always the best system to predict the best career paths because everyone is so unique. A lot of the recommended ESTJ jobs seem related to sales, and yet you don't enjoy that. However, what talents and interests do you have that scored you as an ESTJ? Focusing on your talents and interests will help weed out the things you don't want and hopefully guide you towards what you do.

Are you business-oriented? Organized? Enjoy working with people? You said that you have a background in communications, marketing, and sales, and originally wanted to be an event and wedding planner. These are social, organized, and business-related professions. If you still want to work in the event or wedding industry, maybe you could try interning, volunteering, or even going back to school to get into that field. Even if you're not sure you still want to do that, gaining experience may clarify whether or not you still want to pursue that.

Sales is obviously not the right profession for you to stay in if you don't like the principle of it. However, it's a valuable learning experience, and I imagine you could work in some other department with the skills and experience you picked up doing that.

I don't know you personally, but from what you've said, here are some ideas:

-Would you consider using your marketing/sales background to start your own business specializing in events and/or weddings? Then, you could sell something you're passionate about.

-Would you want to work in a company that specializes in these fields, such as wedding cakes, catering, party/wedding venue, etc? There are a variety of positions there ranging from culinary to hospitality to business (which is diverse in and of itself).

-Operations managers, from what I've heard, get to work a lot in event planning and execution. One of my friends is pursuing this in sports business because she wants to interact and work directly with teams. Maybe that would be an interesting path?

I'm not an expert on your field, but I do know that it's possible to change your path. I think its very possible to transfer the skills you've learned in school and on the job to something new. It sounds to me like you still want to work in event/wedding planning, so maybe you could look into the next steps towards that field?

From my own experience, researching possible careers and MBTI recommended careers only got me so far. Try to get experience in the things that appeal to you (or at least don't sound aweful), because experience is a much better indicator of whether or not you'll be happy with the day to day work in your profession. Finding opportunities to try different things helped me understand what I did and didn't like about different professions, industries, and types of companies to work for. I know that you are a working professional and it's hard to find time, but I think this may be the next best step for you to find you path and see what possibilities are actually out there.

Picking a career is tough, but I wish you luck :)

Anonymous2 (not verified) says...

Excellent advice provided above. There is no substitute for trying / the experience and in the meantime, talk with many people (particularly who know you) about what they think. 

Paul H (not verified) says...

Software sales engineer for cloud company

Estj the realist (not verified) says...

Weddings involve feelings, your not 100% ESTJ must be 1 in a million test fluke or your sex status before jumping into such a field :)

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