I'm struggling now, at age 55 with the aspects of not being "future" oriented, especially around finances. I know I have to change, and the goal setting strategies that coaches and successful entrepenuerus utilize just have no meaning for me. I'm not competitive at all, so winning challenges doesn't motivate me either.
What are or have any of you done to help put some desire or fire into goal setting and achieving? Bleh. Thanks. I have my vision board, and am working on my "why" to help with motivation and the reasons to do what is uncomfortablenin order to grow.


INFJ1961 says...

"The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace D. Wattles. It's deeper than the title implies. Initially, I read it. When I told the great friend who suggested it that I liked it, she bought me the audiobook version.

Although I liked it from the get-go, I didn't come away with just what to do. Part of its instructions are to listen to it (or read it) over and over again. I did exactly that, and a little at at time, I gained insights that have helped me set a vision, a plan, and move forward with greater efficiency. I still have work to do, but there is less ambiguity (much less), and greater faith. I will still listening to it regularly, just to re-charge and keep building momentum.

The audiobook is around 3 hours. I have listened all the way through, as well as a chapter or few at a time. Other times, I have listened to a specific chapter over and over in order to ingrain its lesson(s).

KWJ (not verified) says...

I found a couple of links to blogs or forums that other INFP's have written about goal setting for our personality type. I hope it helps.



I don't know if you are having issues with self confidence, if you are here is a link that talks about how to build your confidence if you are an INFP. This might help push through to working on your goal setting.


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