I have taken this test twice and got different results. I just The Keirsey Temperament Sorter and was a definitive ENF,but equally split between J and P. The profile of the ENFJ was spot on, whereas I didnt identify with parts of ENFP. So... is that the tie breaker?


jill2daniel says...

SAME exact Experience for me!
then it says you could be a J or a P it does say read the description to figure out what you are... so my guess is yes.
I too resonated more with the ENFJ more so with the ENFP.

I haven't figured out the P vs J world for me.
I know i like lists and structure but in practicality my life just isn't run that way. I don't know if it's because people and how they feel are just more important to me so most of my activities involve people with different types so I tend to jump in their world.

But as for small tasks... i know i don't plan, i just jump in.
But for large tasks... i love to have a plan or at least some structure...

I haven't figured it out.. maybe i am a true... J and P...hm

Markus (not verified) says...

I had the same problem for a time, because this trait was in all tests almost equal.
I feel more comfortable if everything follows the plan and is structured, but in freetime I can also enjoy beeing spontaneous or just going with all the others in a flow.

If you really want to know, you have to look at the cognetive functions, because they are kind of opposite for those types:
ENFJs have extraverted Feeling as their dominant Function supported by introverted Intuition. Followed by extraverted Sensing and introverted Thinking as their less developed, but conscious functions.
For ENFPs it´s extraverted Intuition, introverted Feeling, extraverted thinking and introverted Sensing as their conscious functions.
ENFJs have all those functious in the shadow, which means the unconscious part of your brain, but in the same order (Feeling, Intuition, Sensing and Thinking) as before.
If you really want to get in deep in typology you have to understand, that the order of tose functions particular means for your type.

So they definitly share a lot of behavior, but from a completely different perspective.
ENFJs need order to get a long with their unconcious chaotic "shadow-counter part" and they generally feel safer if everything is settled up. They often feel lost, if they don´t know what comes next. ENFJs are afrid of not getting things done and can feel a lot of duty or guilt.

ENFPs need to be open, because they are more afraid of doing the wrong thing and beeing "non-authentical". They see the benefits of planning, but they don´t get satisfaction from it, as ENFJs do.

This changing of perspective is a result of extraverted Feeling supported by introverted Intuition in contrast to extraverted Intuition supported by introverted Feeling.

Of course there are more ways to tell them apart, but this is the most easiest for me and it kind of fits in the whole Judger vs Perciever confusion.
After learning about the function, for me it´s sometimes more difficult to tell ENFJs and INFJs or ENFPs and INFPs apart, because they share the same conscious functions.

At last, I want to apologize for all the words I spelled wrong, I´m not a native speaker ;)

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