I have been looking into "the Big 5" personality traits that a lot of modern psychologists are promoting now, and I'm still a little skeptical about it, naturally as an intp I suppose.. But, anyway, I am wondering if anyone else has taken it and what they thought, and how it compares to mbti, and if there is a correlation.

I scored low in extroversion, average in agreeableness, average in Conscientiousness, high in Neuroticism and high in openness. Anyone other INTP's get similar results?


shaira (not verified) says...

I am an intp 20y/o female. I scored low in extroversion,agreeableness and conscientiousness, moderate in openness and high in neuroticism.

Guest (not verified) says...

I just took it. I'm an INTP and I think that my MB test says quite enough. This "Big 5" doesn't seem useful, or anything new. I'd rather take a personality test in Cosmo magazine to be honest. I score low in extroversion, (no surprise) high on conscientiousness, (no surprise) open to experience, (no surprise) low in agreeableness, (always argue and test authority and rules - so again - no surprise) and moderate in neuroticism. (Unable to brush off ugly negative reactions, and cutting remarks when I don't agree to something - no surprise).

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