Enneagram Type 7s are the fun seekers of the Enneagram personality system, mostly known for their optimism, adventurous spirit and spontaneity. Yet anyone who takes a deeper look at Type 7 personalities will soon realize just how much substance is lurking beneath their bubbly surface. Take a look at our top 10 reasons why we can all stand to be a little more like Type 7s!

1.   They are open to possibility, even if it's risky.

Type 7s know not everything will work out, but they believe that trying is worth the risk. In a world that asks us to continually be useful and take a route that ‘makes sense’, 7s know that the world has so much to offer. They assess what's practical and they also take into account their wildest dreams and hold them with equal validity. They embrace what's possible and aren't afraid to chase it.

 2. They are adaptable.

Type 7s know there is more than one way to go about something and are always prepared to switch gears if needed. They know that everything can't possibly go according to plan -- that's part of the excitement of life. They view change as something to look forward to, not fear. And they aren't afraid to jump when necessary, even when the road ahead is scary.

3. They know how to get out of their heads, which is needed once in a while.

Sevens get a lousy reputation for avoiding their feelings, but the truth is there is a time and place for everything. While it's important to not avoid your negative emotions forever, it can actually benefit you to take your mind off things for a while. Type 7s understand the importance of changing direction, especially when someone is about to fall apart. Sometimes you need to breathe and put your mind on something different before you fully face your reality.

4. They aren't judgmental of others and seek to understand

Optimistic and outgoing, Type 7s believe in looking at things from as many different points of view as possible. They don't judge a book by its cover, and they don't exclude people based on first impressions. They are aware that everyone has good and bad days, and meeting someone on a bad day does not automatically equate to them being terrible! Sevens believe we can all learn from each other, and they will not miss an opportunity to do so.

 5. They refuse to settle and don't want others to either.

If there’s one type that knows the things they are wildly passionate about, it’s the Seven. These types are acutely aware that great things exist in the world, and they don't want to settle for something they don't want. While it's essential to be realistic, many of us give up on our dreams and settle for something without ever trying. Type 7s, however, will push themselves to at least give their dreams a chance before they throw them out. While they eventually may decide to take a different route, they will at least know they gave it their best shot!

6. They challenge the status quo, often.

Type 7s aren't necessarily known as revolutionaries, but you can't argue that they stick with the status quo. These types are endlessly curious and adventurous, and they won't accept something until they understand the 'why' behind it. They aren't against traditions exactly, but they won't blindly follow anything if there isn't a good reason.

 7. They don't wait for things to fall into their lap.

Not only do Sevens know that opportunities exist, they are go-getters. These types absolutely will refuse to sit around and wait for things to happen. They chase after those chances! There’s a reason why 7s are often entrepreneurs -- they know a good idea when they see it, and they’re not afraid to jump on it.

8. They believe in trying almost anything at least once.

Type 7's won't limit themselves to just one thing. They are open to so much and have interests everywhere. Rather than dedicating their entire self to one skill or idea, they like to have a hand in many different things at once. They may never become an expert in one thing, but they are pretty fantastic at many things all at once.

 9. They are inclusive of everyone.

Sevens tend to be people-people; they try to get along with more or less everyone, and they don't want people to feel excluded or out of place. They have a knack for connecting with many different personalities and tend to see the best in people. Given their outgoing personality and genuine curiosity, they enjoy getting to know others and are aware of the importance of being friends with people from all walks of life.

10. They encourage others to try new things.

Sevens know how much variety exists in the world and feel confident and curious enough to step out of their comfort zones (and often). These are the foundations for a full and rounded life. Even better, nothing brings the Seven more joy than sharing these ideals with others. While they won't try and force someone to do something they genuinely don't want to do, a Seven will encourage that person to try it before rejecting the idea forever. They don't want others to let fear rule their lives, and genuinely want the best for the people they love.

Lacey Ramburger
Lacey Ramburger is a Kentucky-based freelance writer and poet who has covered topics from personality theory, astrology, and enneagram as well as dating, relationships, and lifestyle. Her work has been featured in Thought Catalog and The Spruce, in addition to others. When she has free time, she enjoys wine tasting, reading, and discovering new vegan restaurants across the country.