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INFJ Strengths

Practical insight. Some people are visionaries while others are down-to-earth problem solvers, but INFJs manage to straddle the line between both identities—and they usually succeed masterfully. INFJs are insightful thinkers who see through situations and people effectively and enjoy developing practical strategies for action. 

Compassion. As a Feeling type, you might expect an INFJ to show compassion—but what sets them apart is that their empathy comes with a sharp intuitive edge. They are quick to recognize worry and unhappiness in friends and loved ones, even when outward signs of distress are not visible to others. INFJs are uniquely capable of detecting unspoken and unacknowledged suffering, and are called into action by their instinctive ability to see beneath the surface.

Keeping the peace. Mediating disputes is hard work, but INFJs have an astounding ability to help heal the rifts that divide people. They intuitively sense the real suffering that anger can cause if left to fester, and because they are good listeners they are quite effective at helping warring parties find workable solutions that will satisfy the needs of all. And they do it with great energy and determination.

Decisiveness. For INFJs, obstacles exist to be overcome and no problem can outmatch the strength and resilience that these types possess deep inside. INFJs follow through on their ideas with conviction, and have the willpower and decisiveness necessary to see projects through to the end. INFJs live for the opportunity to solve problems and bring about positive change in the world.

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INFJ Weaknesses

Overlooking details. No matter how practically-oriented they aspire to be, INFJs have a tendency to get so caught up in theorizing the big picture that they forget to account for some of the precious details that can separate success from failure. Details always matter, and while INFJs may recognize this in principle, in practice they aren’t always as diligent about the small stuff as they should be. 

Intensely private. Despite their loving and sensitive natures, INFJs have a tendency to close themselves off from the world and don’t give people the chance to know them or see the wonderful qualities they possess. Even in their relations with family and trusted friends, INFJs can be enigmatic. When they are feeling frustrated or introspective, they may retreat from social contact without so much as a word of explanation, which can throw others for a loop.

Conflict averse. INFJs dislike conflict intensely and will usually intervene to stop it, but this is one area where their perspective can get distorted. INFJs often fail to recognize that conflict can actually serve a useful purpose, allowing a good process of give-and-take to be established and giving all parties the opportunity to resolve their problem forever. INFJs would be wise to acknowledge the value of open and honest dialogue, instead of automatically assuming that all squabbling is harmful.

Sensitive. Once an INFJ has made up their mind, they tend to be very confident in their conclusions and may not have much tolerance for those who continue to dissent. When someone challenges their conclusions, they can react very strongly and are especially vulnerable to criticism.

INFJ Growth and Development

In order to reach their full potential, INFJs should:

Question their intuition. INFJs have outstanding instincts for the most part, but sometimes their intuition betrays them when they are dealing with others. When something is bothering them, INFJs will often withdraw into the safety of their own heads rather than speaking openly about what they are feeling; conversely, they seldom express their feelings of love, affection and appreciation as directly as might be expected given the depth of the emotions they experience. To improve their communication habits, INFJs should go out of their way to share their feelings—both good and bad—with others regardless of how uncomfortable it makes them feel to do so. 

Give others the benefit of the doubt. INFJs are insightful, instinctive and persuasive. But despite the enormous effort that INFJs invest in developing and selling their concepts and ideas, sometimes dissidents will remain. INFJs sometimes become disenchanted with those who refuse to accept their conclusions, and they will convince themselves that their opponents have hidden agendas and are acting in bad faith. When situations like this arise, INFJs should try to accept that total consensus is impossible and that some will continue to hold contrary viewpoints. In situations like this, both sides should simply agree to disagree and move on. 

Let others agree to disagree, too. When tensions are high and arguments are heated, INFJs will do all they can to restore lost cohesion and tranquility. But their love of harmony and aversion to division is so powerful that INFJs refuse to accept that sometimes the best way to end disputes is to bring them out into the open, where bridges of understanding can be built. On balance, INFJs’ dislike of conflict is a good thing. But their efforts to play peacemaker might be more successful if they would concentrate on keeping the lines of communication open when disagreements arise instead of always trying to sweep everything under the rug. 

Make connections with extraverts. Because sharing with anyone outside a small trusted circle goes against their instincts, too often talented INFJs choose to keep their gifts wrapped up and hidden even though they have much to contribute. But INFJs would benefit by cultivating friendly relationships with extraverted people whenever possible. Opposites attract, and there is no doubt that being around more naturally open and communicative people can help bring INFJs out of their shells and out into the world where others can benefit from their intellect, empathy and compassion. 

Slow down! INFJs are productive and effective when they make a concerted effort to focus on one project at a time. But their fertile imaginations frequently undermine their efforts to stay on the straight and narrow, and they will often start new projects based on fresh inspirations before old ones are finished—and, before they know it, they will find themselves buried under an avalanche of work. There is really nothing INFJs can do to moderate the pace of their inspirations, but if they constantly remind themselves to slow down and take things one at a time, they may be able to resist the urge to go off on tangents at least some of the time. 

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INFJ girl (not verified) says...

 infjs are very special . i think only an infj can understand another infj.

although some of us have a strong tendency to be perfect but basically

we just wanna love and be loved.

Shannon Jennings (not verified) says...

Has everyone here took the test to call themselves infj or just read the description and devide thats Wat you ate??

Twixt (not verified) says...

I always devide wat I ate!

RLE (not verified) says...

I feel like I speak a language of symbols and gestures that no one understands and that maybe they're not even willing to try.  (The universe is full of meaning and there's a universe inside every person.)  Most people aren't willing to love what they don't understand.   

AMS (not verified) says...

What a beautiful thing to say, that we each have a universe inside us. As an INFJ, I feel the same, that it's very hard for people to get us. But our super power helps us to understand them and maybe bridge the gap, I hope. 

Guest (not verified) says...

@infjgirl I cannot agree with you more! 

sasi (not verified) says...

Rule number #1 :

Never be number #2 .

i as an INFJ always think this way . they usually are 100 or 0 . i dont know if it's a good thing or not but i think it can help you being very brilliant in at least one field. (theoritically)

but in reality i dont know why i am not so successful .

what is wrong ???

i want your opinions 



Skywalker (not verified) says...

Because in rule #1 said that, you never be #2. But it is not closing the possibilities of you being #3 to #(x > 3)

jr.s (not verified) says...

hey guys. i am an infj and a very perfectionist  person.

I spend a lot of time in my dreams and sometimes I totally forget about the real world.

As a matter of fact I prefer to live in my imagination and this is destroying my life because I can't act .

I have been waiting my whole life for a miracle .maybe  some of you have the same problem.

Waiting for something that will never happen kills you.

But I am f . . king done waiting.

Meta4 (not verified) says...

You would love the book "The Kin of Ata Are Waiting for You"

Also - yes!  Stop waiting and get busy taking steps to create the life you want by developing your talents/interests/etc.!

infj friend (not verified) says...

I don't know how an infj can survive without a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  My relationship with God truly and honestly gives my life the purpose, meaning, joy, and peace that I desperately need, because He is the one and only source of truth in this world.  I challenge you to pick up a Bible or find an on-line Bible or Bible app and start reading it, beginning with Matthew and the Gospels, and then read the books of Genesis and Revelations (particularly the last couple chapters) to give perspective on where we came from and where we are going, then read some of the Psalms.  I have also been deeply engaged by the website for helping me understand creation from a biblical but also scientific and archaeological perspective. If you start letting your mind dwell on Scriptures, it will transform you, and God will fill your life with truth, purpose, and peace, and you will find the miracle that you have been searching for.  

ryan cayenne up flyin (not verified) says...

idk if i'ma good person to take advice from.  but regarding where i am in this area of life:  i find that i get overwhelmed and feel most impotent when i start to perceive myself how the popular world might see and label me in various ways...  i feel most empowered and things start to flow easily when i totally set my own standard for who i want to be in every regard.  for instance, if i am a, "loser," because i don't earn a lot of money or am not kicking butt in all kinds of secular areas of life, then i just realize that i have no interest in being around those who see me this way for too long because i know i'm actually capable, smart, and able to engage altruistically to help/support others exceptionally well.  so their judgmental supposition essentially makes THEM the loser in my world ;P.  they end up living in a closed minded, common, unimaginative and drearily linearly competitive existence (one most often not conducive to creativity) (just remember to maintain high standards for yourself and the team of fellow non judgmental lovers and dreamers.  don't let yourself be fooled into thinking you're worthless just because those who would judge you based on narrow minded, popular notions of worldly success deem you to be lesser than they; know what i mean?)

Mi.lly (not verified) says...

This is me too. Writing helps me cope and still be able to live in a world of my own while also dealing with the real world

sahar (not verified) says...

I feel you

I have been waiting for a miracle my whole life and f... tired of it 

farhad (not verified) says...

Next morning when you are waked up, go infront of a mirror and look closely...

if you couldn't  find any miracle, you will never find it anywhere else.

you need to find yourself first. then you will understand what are you going to do with your life 

and miracles will show themselves to you.

wish you the bests.


AlexandraRodriguez_ (not verified) says...

I, an INFJ, agree I've had my own struggles in life like anyone not to judge anyone or discredit anyone else pain, though I have learned the only way I could get better is from within, I normally wouldn't comment but when staring in the mirror was stated I lit up because this was my start to recovery exactly, having heart to heart sessions with myself in the mirror reminding myself of my own strength and that I am all the motivation I need. I've known other friends who struggled in similar ways and they'll only get better once they look inside themselves for answers.

Shikamaru (not verified) says...

lol why waste your life waiting for a miracle thats never gonna happen?

LM (not verified) says...

It sounds like you are more an INFP. Get some guidance from a career counselor and make it happen. I agree that waiting for something to happen is not healthy. Set a goal and take baby steps to achieve it. You can do this! 

jr.s (not verified) says...

i dont know if i am an infp but thank you for your adavice.

i think i should do exactly what you said

MSJWJR (not verified) says...

Male INFJ here..

You said, ".... this is destroying my life because I can't act."

My guess is that you can 'act' but that you are feeling overwhelmed by the thought  of it.

Your dreams will manifest when you act on them--that's a guarantee.

The good news is that you can do this at your own pace and at your comfort level--so relax, no need to feel overwhelmed.

Acknowledge that you do not need to devise an action plan from start to finish in order to begin the process. 

You can start the process by using your keen intuition and imagination to decide what will be your first step--

And you certainly have the capability of visualizing that first step in your imagination.

Access the many gifts that your INFJ personality possesses--

And it begins in a very safe place, with yourself, in your head.

Search for the 'fist step' to take, you will find it in your imagination... and then 'act' taking that first step.

The second , third and other steps will make themselves known and that something that you dream of, will happen!


jr.s (not verified) says...

thank you man...

it was awsome .


chinea (not verified) says...

Hi there! fellow infj here. the good thing about us infjs is that we are the type of person who can never resist a good plan. we crave that structure and the sense of feeling which direction to go next. so i suggest that you do this. you plan, plan, plan. you make a plan a, then a plan b, then a plan c, and so on. allow yourself to get lost, for a little while, in planning. then ground yourself back to reality and put those plans into action.

i did this a year and a half ago (back then i didn't even know i was an infj), and now i am at that point in life where i AM done waiting. my dreams are coming true, my goals finally being realized. the best thing i can say to you is that you shouldn't wait for a miracle, but rather make it happen. "When the world owed you nothing, you demand something of it anyway."

something that i also only recently read on this site is that us infjs will benefit the most from seeing a therapist (or something like that), and maybe this will also help you. whatever happens, i deeply wish you the best. 

jr.s (not verified) says...

you are right . this comfort zone finally will kill me.

but thank you my friend. it was very helpful

Klaus (not verified) says...

Hi, i'm INFJ too. Btw, I had a phase in my life when I was fascinated by my own potential. It was undeveloped, but the contemplation made me a little arrogant (to say the least). On the other hand, I was kind like you, just didn't noticed that. Well, INFJs always stand for a cause, that's what drive then forward. I suggest you to always be optimistic and search a cause you can stand for. Try figuring out what makes your eyes shine.

jr.s (not verified) says...

appreciate that a lot brother.

Jade (not verified) says...

I think the truth is that you can't keep waiting for a miracle, it won't happen. You just need to learn how to put your world into motion, step by step, without pressure, till it becomes kind of natural. 

jr.s (not verified) says...

i hope it will .

thanks jade

bkk (not verified) says...


I am an INFJ as well and I used to live in my imaginary life, too, wainting for some miracle. Sometimes I was so caught up in my imagination that I completely lost the sense of the present moment for hours and this went on for years until I started dating my current boyfriend. I think that he unknowingly made me more aware of my surroundings and taught me how to enjoy the RIGHT NOW. So I quess that in my case he was the miracle I had been waiting for.

jr.s (not verified) says...

i wish the bests for you two .

and i hope you will be happy together  

A-joe (not verified) says...

Only recently discovered my MBTI type, Yes, INFJ, as a result of research to help me recover from brain surgery. Wish there was a way to find a female INFJ to be my friend that I can develop enough trust with to have those deep conversations that I crave. I'm probably more shy than most INFJ guys until you get to know me and that's a big handicap as far as meeting someone to try and get to know.

Silverwind (not verified) says...

I've been feeling the same way. It's funny because I don't always want deep conversations but sometimes, I want to look deeper into normal conversations. I'm really fascinated with the way people work and the why behind it. It can be really hard to find people to talk to shy or not, so I understand what you're going through.

Pride (not verified) says...

I am an INFJ and dated an INFJ girl I assure you that this is not gonna end well. You will start to play Games because you love analysing things and both of  you need emotional support at the same time so sometimes you will start to blame eachother.INFJ is private person yet can analyse its partner so all the things you or your INFJ partner thinks are Private will be come to light by both of you.You need a loooooot of trust from the start for eachother but INFJs are not good at trusting people from the beginning.  

Warren Weeder (not verified) says...

To be fair playing games is more typical of younger or less mature people than a personality type. Playing games also sabotages any chance for a genuine, trust based relationship, regardless if this was the intended result. Just saying, as soon as the games start, the realtionship is really dead - the participants may just not realize it yet. Based on this, it is possible your relationship with another INFJ could have succeeded if you were both mature enough to abandon games. 

Metoo (not verified) says...

I am INFJ too and female

Penny E. (not verified) says...

Same bro

Hieu (not verified) says...

I am a male INFJ.  Some sites say that male INFJs make up .5% of the population.  Whenever I meet another male INFJ, it's like two unicorns meeting, really.

I've been learning about the INFJ personality type for years now and I'm still learning more each day about myself.  If you're interested, I have a youtube channel "Hieu TV" where I interview other INFJs online.

See you guys later and may the most high bless you!

WZY (not verified) says...

I'm a 25 year-old INFJ but not yet ever met any of my type. Probably as a introvert and reserved person it's hard to meet people at first place.

Gilbert (not verified) says...

Hi, WZY. You could register on a dating site like okc and set up a sophisticated profile. There are quite a few INFJ on that platform and they often seek both friends or partners. I found some amazing profiles there! Give it a try.

MangoesRDR2 says...



Christina K. (not verified) says...

Hi All!  I have just recently discovered that I am an INFJ (1.5 days back.)  So I am clearly but an "infant" in the whole scheme of things.  SO... I took several tests on several different sites because I quickly discerned that many are not all that accurate via other commentary.  And... I suppose, just to be (more) certain since I'm not all that familiar with this specific concept of internal/personality identification... (not that that really means anything, right?) lol

Anyway, I am genuienly grateful to have found deeper insight into understanding more about who I truly am and I am also quite eager to continue delving deeper into/devouring through more content, revelation and methodologies.  (A HUGE Thank You to site Creator/s, content writers and whomever put this site together!)  SO much of it is extremely "Spot-On" and I find it is so very helpful and actually somewhat of a relief the more I learn about myself (and other types.) 

(*Side bar*)I think one of the main things that keep standing out to me while reviewing commentary (and I also find a bit comical) is how INFJ's; being only 1-2% of the population, AND then combining how nearly 100% of the commentary has been made by INFJ's?!  Sorry... I just could't refrain from pointing that silly observation out and I mean ZERO disrespect to anyone, whatsoever. 

It's also comforting to know that I don't feel quite as alone when considering my belief hierarchy system/traits are actually shared by others.  Not that I'm unable connect well with others, because it's typically quite effortless/seamless... but always still felt an element of lonlieness due to the sheer fact that I had instinctively learned long ago exactly how different I really am from most.  That in and of itself made it difficult to ever feel like many could ever understand ME (thus the "lonely part of it all)... but I love helping others so much, it was always easy to overlook because my need to serve/improve others was my driving force (and why putting myelf on the backburner is (I consider) such a natural "byproduct" of our internal processing/methods.)

Now off to doing what it is I love doing... Enriching the lives of others as best I can... (Now with more fuel to feed my internal fire!) :-)

B. (not verified) says...

Hi Christina 🙂 you are so INFJ! The way you create these long, intertwined sentences, trying to fit all these thoughts and connections in one sentence. I do the same... so glad there are other out there my sister! ♥️ I feel you! Everything you said, I would not describe differently. Lots of Love, B

Here and now (not verified) says...

I am an INFJ that works with languages. Usually, I write lengthy texts and do translations. It's a very creative and challenging job and I really enjoy it. I think this type of career is perfect for an Intuitive.

Me (not verified) says...

Hello, i find what you said really interesting i am an infj too and would like to work in that field can i ask some questions about your work ?

mator (not verified) says...

I'm an INFJ, (24 years old, female) I studied social work and had several jobs for a short period but i'm still struggling to find what I want and can do. It's not easy in my country to find a job as a social worker so when I was searching for a job I first worked as a childcare worker, which was nice because I like children but it wasn't very fulfilling because it's jut a lot of caring for the children. I'm very interested in the psychology and child development but I couldn't really use that a lot in the job. After 8 months of working there I found a temporary job as a family counselor (3 months). I worked with the parents and also cared for the children. I liked this job but I also felt like i didn't have enough knowledge to share with my clients, I had one client of 16 years old who was pregnant, so I had to tell her all about pregnancy haha. I did like to work with the families and they respected me but I just felt insecure a lot because i felt like I new very little of how to raise a child and such.. So after 3 months the employee that I replaced came back and I had to go. Didn't feel so sad to go because I was still adjusting to the work. They did say that they were gonna miss me and that they liked me. Two months later i found a job in a school with children who have behavioral problems such as autism, as a school counselor. It wasn't in my city so I had to use the train, which was a change for me because I studied in my city and never really use the train that much. But I was excited that i finally found a job, at the interview the boss was really nice and kind, which made me feel comfortable. The first day of the job went okay, I had stress but the collegues were really nice and showed me around the whole day. They told me what my job was, one part was counseling kids, but i first had to get to know them, they said. An other part was watching the students who had to be put in time out, these are tiny rooms where they have to sit and settle down when they lose their temper. Didn't really like this part of the job because you just have to sit there and wait untill they are calm. The second day they already gave me a lot of tasks to do, such as having a conversation with two students who were fighting, making letters,.. I did what I could do but felt like I knew so little of the students and school to already do my job.. The next day i started freaking out and felt a lot of anxiety. I still went to the school and like it was planned i had to watch the students in the time out for 4 hours. I didn't feel okay so i talked to the other school counselor. She was very kind. I told her i'm not sure if i can do this and that everything is going really fast for me. She understood me and told me that it's sometimes even for her a very stressfull and emotional job. She told me i could go home and think about it. For me it was already decided that I was gonna quit. My friends and family tried to convice me to just try and that it might get better. But I just didn't feel it and I know that I have to listen to myself. So I quit, I felt very dissapointed in myself ( I already had this experience twice as a trainee, so I felt like a faillure again.) I once did a good traineeship in a (normal) school so I expected that I was really gonna love this job.. Now I'm at home searching for another job, I'm more carefull with what I'm searching for but that also means I have less options. People ask me why I just don't go working in a shop but I really don't want to do that. I don't know if all this is typical for an INFJ or it's just me who is always very anxious and sensitive.. I'd like to hear your feedback.

Kevin Walker (not verified) says...

Sorry if this might be coming a bit late, but I have this issue alot, where I kinda dislike jobs that I do. I found out (for me) all jobs are, at their core, basically the same. It is the people and things I work with are different.


I went from working at landscaping company, where it was kinda rewarding because I would work with plants, talk with elderly people, and get physically fit, cardio and full body. Then I joined the Navy, where I would work with elrionic___ equipment and figure them out, and how it works, and worked with great and outstanding people to the worst of the worst, that would do anything to get you out of the way without actually killing you. And now for the past 4 years, I was hopping around job to job, working contruction, flipping burgers, being muscle for bars, to a fancy suit and tie restaurants. I am now at a cable company, where I will be helping people with a service they want, but dont like paying for. We all had to pay for something we want but it doesnt do everything we wanted.


TLDR to above, I get you and where you are coming from and maybe where we might be going.

I like helping people, learning and understanding them. Just keep going. I doubt I will ever find a job that is exactly me, but I will continue helping myself to get better, faster understanding, be more intuitive of the people around me, and trying to be the best version of me. I had a problem of comparing myself to others, and I would see myself as a failure and it wasn't helpful at all. Once I started to compare myself with my past self, it made more sense and allowed me to be aware of what I did, what I want and maybe how to get that. I do not have the exact idea of what I want to be, but I will just build upon myself and be more. I think by doing this, I started to be more extroverted, at least that is how people saw me as, but I just started to live more in the moment and do what I was doing without holding myself back. Also I started to have less expectations for everything. Its started when I noticed I started to dislike movies, because I had a idea of what I wanted, then I stopped watching previews. Then movies started to be fun again, something I started to actively enage with and try to understand with putting my attenion into it completely. 

I would recommend talking with yourself, finding out what you can do, what you want to do, and maybe how you can get there. BUT DO NOT make it in rock, make it in sand. Be as trueful with yourself as you can be. Write it down, record yourself talking, make a character on paper who is like you, but you observe yourself, aka an OC of you. Be real with youself and accept the great with not so good, because that is you. That is amazing. Life changes, I have met incredible, who I have loved, but they pasted away, but that doesnt stop me from wanting to meet new people. "Keep on, Keeping on." "It is, what it is" "Cie la vie." "I just don't know sometimes, and that is ok because I will learn." "When I eat, I eat. When I laugh, I laugh. When I love, I love. When I cry, I cry. When you do anything, do that anything and not worry about anything else." "That is for future me to worry about." I love phrases, and those helpped me alot, and they dont really mean anything, but that is why they mean something to me. 


I am 30 years old, a INFJ-A at home and my core, but I may across as a ENFJ-A outside and to others. That is because I am hungry to be more.

Bria says...

I'm a female (INFJ), who is 25 years old. When reading your comment it made me think of myself and how as an INFJ we do our best to understand exactly what we want to do but then feel defeated when we feel less passionate about it in the field. Here's why,  most of the time we are trying to mold ourselves under other offices and corporations. Which I do think is good for learning and experience. However, while you are there, think of ways that they could improve the process of helping children or the environment. Think of all the things you like social work, child counseling, maybe even artistic hobbies and what would happened if your combined your love for all those things. Can you create a business plan? Can you open your own office? 

As INFJ we are creative independents and we see things differently. It can be hard to make others see our vision but if we are in charge or establish said vision, it can be hard for others to imagine it any other way. I hope this was helpful.

Etra (not verified) says...

I'm a male INFJ(T). I've been an <EN-JP> translator for 2 years. It's a very enjoyable career and has a high payment.

Troy.D (not verified) says...

I'm a male INFJ and i totally get what your saying, I'm 17 and im picking what i want to do for university if i even end up going at this rate. I feel like it is typical for us to feel like this cuz i dont know what i want to do for a job or career yet, but it will have to be pationate and fulfilled by the job i feel. I also feel very anxious,  sensitive to curtain things and very observant to were its kinda weird. Im also a gemini so the indecisivness doesnt help at all.

I'm currently interested in photography and this is were im trying to be expressive at the moment. I would maybe try a creative outlet or a job where you can make people happy.

Sorry my reply is a mess, hope it helps. Just some of my idears.          /As im still at the earlier stages of life i dont know much else to help you unfortunatly, just dont feel bad as all you can do is explore more jobs and interests.

Guest (not verified) says...

You should be a hospice social worker!!! 

Jewelia (not verified) says...

I'm a female infj, & am interested in healing. However, because of my sensitivity, being a hospice worker would be far too difficult! I help people with natural remedies & prayer, however.  

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