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ENTP Strengths

Fearlessness. One of the ENTP’s greatest strengths and keys to success is his or her boldness in the face of challenge. These are people who are not afraid to try and fail and try again, perhaps thousands of times; they don’t conceive of it as failure, merely another step along the path to success. As they invent and innovate, they are undeterred by doubts, they are barely ruffled when outcomes don’t go as planned and they see all “problems” as opportunities to be embraced and pursued. 

Innovation. In all things—products, procedures and systems—ENTPs know there is always a better way and with the right kind of thinking, they will get there. As a result, they may suffer a lot of seeming failures in their lives, but will enjoy many successes as well. They can be marvelously rich and lose their entire life savings—perhaps a few times within the course of their lives. They live out loud and take risks.

Adaptability. ENTPs are generally go-with-the-flow people. This isn’t to say that they are particularly agreeable individuals, but that they are able to adapt to their circumstances and the problems that arise in life and work. ENTPs can improvise on the fly and come up with creative solutions rapidly. They deal well with fast-paced and frequent change and enjoy the corresponding challenges.

Confidence. Generally speaking, criticism and ostracism have very little effect on ENTPs. They are confident in their skills and talents and believe in the power of their ideas. Opposition on the way to success is to be expected and they don’t take it personally; they’d rather prove their detractors wrong. 

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ENTP Weaknesses

Flightiness. That which is a strength can easily become a weakness and this is seen in the case of ENTPs and their idea-generating nature. While this can be the ENTP’s greatest strength, it can also mean that the ENTP may be flighty and flaky, jumping from one idea to the next and struggling to follow through. Their fear of missing out can make it hard to commit to one idea or one path; they want to keep exploring and evaluating.

Impracticality. ENTPs have a chaotic air about them that can range from amusing to aggravating, especially to coworkers and spouses. In their tendency to get caught up in their ideas they often lose sight of the immediate tasks around them such as house work, yard work and other responsibilities of daily living, such as paying bills. An ENTP may be stunningly brilliant but also poor, disorganized and seemingly untethered.

Breaking norms. Nonconformity, while it can be a positive trait, often gets the ENTP into trouble. Their entire approach to life is founded upon charting their own course, pushing the boundaries and doing things their way. While this leads to great creativity and advances in their fields, in can also put them at odds with authority figures and superiors, which can, in turn, hinder their progress and impede their success. “Incorrigible” and “stubborn” are two words that wouldn’t be out of place in describing a typical ENTP.

Procrastination. ENTPs are also known for their tendencies toward procrastination and poor time management. To some degree, this is a product of their Perceiving component in which they prefer to continue taking in information rather than making a decision and getting down to business. The issue is not necessarily laziness as much as it is a disinclination to stop the intake of ideas and information in order to move forward with one idea or one decision. They have a hard time prioritizing tasks and will struggle to keep new information and ideas from getting in the way of the work at hand.

ENTP Growth and Development

In order to reach their full potential, ENTPs should:

Do a little more research. ENTPs are quick to dive into new projects and ideas headfirst. While this enthusiastic “all in” quality can be a strength, it can also be detrimental when people of this type fail to do the due diligence or to pay adequate attention to the details. The ENTP can help avoid wasted time and money by stepping back and investigating first. 

Look at the “small picture.” As big-picture people and conceptual thinkers, people of this type are focused on the broad themes and patterns and the big, important projects, often letting the details fall by the wayside. However details—while nothing more than a bother to the ENTP—are often essential. ENTPs will do well to realize that details often end up eating more time in the long run if neglected or overlooked.

Learn to adapt to rules and structures. Rules aren’t actually made to be broken, contrary to the ENTP’s belief, and the people who follow them aren’t to be disdained as thoughtless or unintelligent. These boundaries provide order. If everyone disregarded them we’d be living in very different circumstances. ENTPs will get along better at work and in society if they can try to have a little respect for authority and follow the rules.

Stick to it. ENTPs generate so many different ideas and interesting options that they simply want to explore them all. While this can be an asset, it also can deter them from simply getting on with the work at hand. At some point, in order to be most productive, the ENTP needs to make a decision on a course of action, plot the steps to the finish and then just get going.

Differentiate between the possible and the probable. ENTPs often don’t properly distinguish between these two categories and thus find themselves spending a wealth of resources pursuing something that, though possible, is not at all probable. People of this type will do well to factor in the feasibility of various ideas when considering their many options. 

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An INTP (not verified) says...

E is for entertaining

N is for now we're getting ideas rolling

T is for think of all the possibilities

P is for pretty much has own mind

tanstaafl28 says...

We have a lot superpowers, but they come with a price. We don't always know what to do with them. It gets easier with age and experience. You will calm down and find it easier to stick to one lane at a time. Keep being you. The rest will shake out as you go. 

Vine (not verified) says...

The whole comment thread about the spelling of verbage and verbiage is so hilarious. Soooo ENTP, love you guys 😂😂😂

ELIZABETH PFOTZER (not verified) says...

For God's sake, I've had that very same conversation...why God's sake, I  to now haveask...

GenXNotMillenial (not verified) says...

ENTP’s thankfully mellow out as we age, depending.  Recently found out my ex is an INFJ, as is my current partner of 10 years plus.  Coincidence has nothing to do with it.  Literally they are the only ones that can put up with me, apparently.  INFJ males are the rarest type and ENTP females although not the rarest, we are still pretty hard to find irl.  If you can find this combo, consider yourself quite lucky.  (Tbh I don’t even understand how these 2 types would meet irl)   It doesn’t seem to work in reverse with INFJ female and ENTP male, both logically and from my personal observation of 1 instance.  If I had to guess, entp’s male or female, have more testosterone making it a bit out of balance if you are a male ENTP with an INFJ female partner.  It could work in a same sex combination though.  In general I do not think ENTP and ENFP should date, but they do make for fantastic friends.  That being said, I do know a couple who is ENTJ male with ENFP/ENTP and I believe it’s the opposite J and P that allows that relationship work.  

All this being said, generally speaking I think ENTP’s under 40 are a nightmare.  I put my darling INFJ through hell and back.  These days I try to be less selfish, and perhaps other ENTP females are better than I, but knowing the personality and the development first-hand, I am sure other ENTP females and males were just as annoying and irritating when young.  Kind of like a toddler that constantly questions and pushes boundaries.  Eventually the toddler will grow up, but the question is when?  Some people love the exuberance of toddlers but others just hate children.... which explains why some people instantly hate us;)

P’s should be matched with J’s definitively!  Aside from that, I personally think ENTP females and INFJ males can make for a very balanced pairing.  They can both think abstractly and have the oft plain weird thought and where one is more uptight and moral and the other is slightly more spontaneous and a bit wicked.  It’s how the political system is supposed to work; with checks and balances.  


JLSEMS (not verified) says...

So, it's funny you should post the above because I am an INFJ female and my husband is an ENTP (I'm pretty sure at least, he won't take test).  I swear, I don't think anyone in the world would put up with his personality other than me, lol.  But for whatever reason, our relationship seems to work.  We've been married 17 years so far.  He's just now starting to grow up a tiny bit and he's 50. He's a very strange mix of super silly, super emotional and super aggressive when it comes to what he wants in life. I'm much more of a supporter type that avoids conflict, sees the good in everyone and wants to keep my people happy. But I am very closed off and can come across as cold and serious at times so that's when his ridiculous side helps me open up a bit.  Plus we both like our space and are very independent so neither of us has to be attached at the hip. I guess we're both just complete weirdos if I think about it but all 'N' types, since we are rarer, do seem to blend into the world a little less than the sensors. Anyway, I just found your post to hit home and YES it can work in opposite direction, but I am a big time tomboy so that's probably why it works in our instance. I love all 'man' activities and I can be quite competitive and stubborn : )

GenXNotMillenial (not verified) says...

ENTP’s thankfully mellow out as we age, depending.  Recently found out my ex is an INFJ, as is my current partner of 10 years plus.  Coincidence has nothing to do with it.  Literally they are the only ones that can put up with me, apparently.  INFJ males are the rarest type and ENTP females although not the rarest, we are still pretty hard to find irl.  If you can find this combo, consider yourself quite lucky.  (Tbh I don’t even understand how these 2 types would meet irl)   It doesn’t seem to work in reverse with INFJ female and ENTP male, both logically and from my personal observation of 1 instance.  If I had to guess, entp’s male or female, have more testosterone making it a bit out of balance if you are a male ENTP with an INFJ female partner.  It could work in a same sex combination though.  In general I do not think ENTP and ENFP should date, but they do make for fantastic friends.  That being said, I do know a couple who is ENTJ male with ENFP/ENTP and I believe it’s the opposite J and P that allows that relationship work.  

All this being said, generally speaking I think ENTP’s under 40 are a nightmare.  I put my darling INFJ through hell and back.  These days I try to be less selfish, and perhaps other ENTP females are better than I, but knowing the personality and the development first-hand, I am sure other ENTP females and males were just as annoying and irritating when young.  Kind of like a toddler that constantly questions and pushes boundaries.  Eventually the toddler will grow up, but the question is when?  Some people love the exuberance of toddlers but others just hate children.... which explains why some people instantly hate us;)

P’s should be matched with J’s definitively!  Aside from that, I personally think ENTP females and INFJ males can make for a very balanced pairing.  They can both think abstractly and have the oft plain weird thought and where one is more uptight and moral and the other is slightly more spontaneous and a bit wicked.  It’s how the political system is supposed to work; with checks and balances.  


David452 (not verified) says...

Given your claim to be about visions of a better future, why has no a single one of you published on pollution free living? Accepting pollution as an inevitable part of being human automatically includes the acceptance that life is dispensable, yet you are part of said life itself? Our lifestyles is undoubtedly superior to our ancestors yet is so lacking in humility to where it's all taking place. Our dizzy heights mitigate the need to touch the very planet that carries us. In my vision of the future, you are not needed. Who is needed are people who Respect the very ground they walk on, and will give 100% of self to maintain contact with it, as it's your only food basket, no matter how near your supermarket may be. After 700 years the pope abdicated for a change. After 160 odd yrs in business big travel companies fail. The most technology airliners, fall from the sky. And electric blackouts happen without fail. And you place your Trust in this? Not very clever for a clever Trevor, is it

Dixie Lee (not verified) says...

I am an ENTP female who has been recycling even GUM WRAPPERS for over 20 years. I take a HUGE stance on environmental sustainability. Probably more than you do. AND I do not place trust in the enneagram. I find it hilarious, because we are constantly changing. I do NOT think we have a superior life to our ancestors. It is just different. We mostly don't behead people, simply poison them slowly.  I DO have hope for our future, and AM sorry for the fear I read between your condescending lines.

ThatCoolDude (not verified) says...

ENTPs and INFJs not listed as natural partners? Ehhh, doesn't really sound like it was written by somebody with much experience as an ENTP. If your non-empirical theorizing about relationships doesn't really match up with reality, you may want to chuck in the garbage and go with something else.

MeargleSchmeargle (not verified) says...

ENTP and proud of it! 99% of what they say here describes me to the letter.

Nico Q (not verified) says...

When my girlfriend and I started dating, I was an ENTP. During the beginning, I had asked her to take a series of tests to better understand who she is—whether it be her love languages or her MBTI. She was my complete opposite as ISFJ. I remember I told her I was doing everything academically in my power to become a doctor and was psyched to know that she was pursuing the medical field. Her MBTI was perfect for it! I was running through the lists of possible career choices for me and I'll never forget what she said: "I don't hear anything in the medical field." I'm sure there are a bunch of great medical doctors that are ENTP. However, it's through taking these tests over and over again every year that I began to think logically about what she said. So much of my academic perception about what I wanted to be revolved around what I grew up around. I thought about how I would act in a business setting and honestly, felt so much happier thinking about myself in that position than to be a medical doctor. Nowadays, I'm thankful for tests like these to help me reflect on my past and to help understand them to channel them into my future decisions!

Nigga (not verified) says...


Wesley (not verified) says...

I am really unhappy with my results. I was wanting to see if I was going to be in law enforcement, but no, the freaking Meyers Briggs crushes dreams of hopeful people.

New Year ENTP (not verified) says...

Wesley, the whole point of taking this kind of personality test is to get to know yourself better and to see how you were created to function. Certain personalities will fit better in certain careers. When people are in a career that matches how they think and operate, they will usually be happier and more effective. If you are young and seeking a career, talk with a career guidance counselor about your results, and about your reasons for wanting to be in law enforcement.  Perhaps you may find an area that you could do well in and be happy in, while functioning in your natural personality style. Maybe you may look at other options you have never considered before.  Certainly these tests are not to crush dreams of hopeful people, but to steer them in a more clear and appropriate direction for career satisfaction. :)

OvO (not verified) says...

Oof I'm both an ENTP and an INTP

Cesca (not verified) says...

Good article, I'm a dudette and s'pose the ENTP's ENTP, working out as a strong entp or equivalent, whatever test i do.

In a highly compatible career as an ethical, scientific Anthropologist, who specialises in Palaeontology , i'm a happy bunny/

Sammi (not verified) says...

As an ENTP female (that sometimes swings to J) I have realised after almost half a century on this planet; that the order of senses is a better way for me to understand my emotions.

If the extroversion is in the drivers seat, and Intuition is in the passenger seat; thinking is in the back seat and my feelings are in the toddle booster seat behind me...

It's not that ENTP's don't have or understand their feelings, but that we go through logic and rationalising before applying it to our feelings. I have learnt to put aside my feelings in a given emotional situation; especially emotional conflicts, to allow myself the time it takes me to work it's way through (sometimes a few days later) to the toddles back seat to my feelings.

It is then, I can safely look at the whole of an emotional situation and see the big picture, which under unemotional situations, is something I need no time to arrive at a conclusion immediately. 

Richard H (not verified) says...

Interesting. I just went through the MBTI assessment and came out ENTP with very clear E & T, moderate N and slight P.  The ENTP characteristic that I strongly identify with is the way that I analyse and solve complex problems and build "what if" models (and tear them down) in my head. And when I commit my outputs to a plan they are usually 95% right. It's very inate with me, almost like breathing. I always thought it was because I've been an analyst all of my working life. I actually get frustrated with people that call themselves analysts and don't have that degree of mental agility. I also love the debate and the defending of a position....but I will always concede if I'm wrong. Yeah....ENTP fits me pretty well. And as for..."ENTPs are the most reluctant of all the types to do things in a particular manner just because that is the way things have always been done." Absolutely! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing today that you did yesterday and expecting the outcome to be different!

Danelroy (not verified) says...

I’m also an ENTP. I find myself either bored, irritated or dumbfounded by others stupidity a lot of the time. It’s utterly exhausting to be around people who are so incompetent. I’ve tried to find some way around these uncomfortable feelings, to try and take the “joy” out of a situation, rather than being disgusted by someone who I deem moronic and inept. No such luck yet. Anyone else have the same feeling?

shlomo (not verified) says...

I find that I am living in the city of Gotham (wise men of Gotham).

lapartyboy (not verified) says...

The author failed to mention the following:

This is the ideal personality for human beings. If everyone was an ENTP- Earth would literally turn into heaven. 

Don Chan (not verified) says...

I am ENTP and INTP. I can be  on both extremes of either introverted and/or extroverted. Both sound pretty accurate. Did test a few times and it came out to both those. Seems to be I'm the only one who got INTP and ENTP?  

Annunaki (not verified) says...

ENTP-T -- T/F are close enough to cross over when needed.  For example, I'm in a job which requires me to project manage "T" and, while I despise the deadlines, structure, timeline, and boring ass details, I can do these things if I really have to.

On the other hand, my free mind is far more comfortable in the "F" zone (writing, painting, philosophy, sociology, theology, wherever-the-heck-my-mind-takes-me).  

But this all kinda makes me jack-of-all-trades though, right?  The devil is on the other side that reads, "master of none".  Where do I find a good paying job that allows me to use these characteristics as useful assets?

This is the first time I've knowingly taken this test and am beside myself (haha) concerning the results.  Like many others, it almost feels like a future me wrote about me, and now I'm reading what I wrote about me.  It's so meta I can't stand it!  But you KNOW you love this too.

So, who else desires to pour your weird-assed ENTP/ENFP space unicorns into a series of short novels?  Paint the world with your camera? Explore every enchanted corner of the universe just to see what shiny new things await?

Who else read your personality results and immediately thought of Marty, the zebra in Madagascar?  For me, at first, I was SURE I was the only one who conflicted inside my mind.  I was unique and tormented. Now I meet the other zebras and I'm like, "Huh? Nonsense! There's nobody like me! I'm the only one -- but hey, you're pretty cool.  And you too.  And you. And me! This is my tribe.

Yeah, that's us, at least many of us along the spectrum, more or less.  I think.  But I could be wrong because, you know, that "-T" at the end.  Damn turbulence.  It's a curse.

bLamar (not verified) says...

 Under different test I have been typed an ENTP 7x and an INTP about 3x. Despite this, I continuously question whether I am actually INTP.  The margin between my use of Extraverted Intuition and Introverted Thinking is very small. When I interact with people I question the factual accuracy of what they are saying and cast doubt by offering alternative positions whether I actually beleve they are true or false. I return to what they originally said and say: It might be true but without any factual evidence how can you be sure? What makes me think I am an INTP is that I don't like being around too many people, espeically if I perceive them as materialistic, gossipy or wanting attention. However, I get excited and energized when I am able to share my ideas about how x object or system works and their intrinsic potential. I absolutely hate being to myself and prefer to be yapping away about my ideas and philosophical reflections.

LukeSkyWalker (not verified) says...

Have any of you guys found fulfilment in your work life?

I have been an engineer for 6 years and I am dying of boredom. No mater where I go, jobs are so damn repetitive! Yes, I got bored of engineering, which was supposed to be dynamic, exciting, mentally challenging. Companies seem to be mostly after damn brainless monkey-engineers who will sit down and repeat a task until the project is done. I'm out.

Is the solution to change career every few years and go EXPLORE something else? Or maybe give everything up and roam the world like a thrill-seeking-junkie? What if even that gets repetitive an monotone?

Regards from Sweden

Sammi (not verified) says...

As an ENTP woman, who is also and engineer - I have left my profession many times in the last 25 years. I get bored sensless with engineering. I love the hunt the chase and the deal; so when I need excitement I switch to sales. 

When I feel like more sability, I go back to engineering, usually project management

TrevorOfTheRiver (not verified) says...

In the "Facts about ENTP" portion of the article, points 2 and 5 seem to contradict each other based on what I've read about Type A personality. Hmmm.... curious. 

JennyGump76 (not verified) says...

My son is ENTP.  Feelings are not his strong suit-not that he doesn't HAVE them, he very much so does, but expressing them or working through them-I think he would rather have his appendix removed sans anesthesia.  That would be less painful for him.  He has a hard time processing strong emotional reactions from others.  Example:  I am INFP, through and through.  Most movies I watch, I get completely absorbed into the characters and feel all their feelings and think "Oh my gosh!  I would be so (insert response here)."  All that is going on in my head while the movie is playing.  I almost always cry at the end, especially if it's a drama.  However, I have been known to cry at animated movies, superhero movies and yes even that horrible Trolls movie.  This embarrasses the Son.  He will tell anyone who goes to the movies with us, "Oh, by the way, Mama will cry.  She cries at every movie, so just prepare yourself."  Eyes rolling, head shaking in my general direction.  (LOL)  The thing is, despite his crusty demeanor he is a loving, caring person.  He's very compassionate, but doesn't just let anyone know that.  (Who wants every charity case showing up on your doorstep.  Who has time for that?) He's helpful and he always has some great, creative idea for how to help someone...if he's inclined to help.  I would never say he is cold or unfeeling...just very particular about who he shares that with.  Finding his personality type has helped me tremendously in communicating with him.  We've always had a really great relationship, and this just helps a lot, in that I don't see him as being "a stone" anymore.  I just realize, his waters run deep.  That was a great thing to discover.  Rock on, ENTPs.  Thank you for keeping us feelers from floating away into the stratosphere.  (LOL)

Brice BASTY (not verified) says...

It's fun how I'm switching from ENFP to ENTP. I was a very emotive and impulsive ENFP before. Taking decisions on emotions. Now I'm way more lucid about things, less naive, I usually think before deciding. The last example I have was my old ENFP side that took a decision to go travelin. A week later I was like "man why did you took a decision from an emotion, it's illogical and will lead you to things you don't want". So I self reflected on my decision. I've already played the 300€ but NVM it will learn me to think before acting. My Feeling side caused me so much problems last years that I decided to switch to logical decisions. One of the decisions I'm proud of was buying some items on Amazon. At the time I was more in the Feeling side it was "see and buy". The last was more "wait 1 month, think for it, then buy". I'm really in a switch as I just can't stand emotions now. I've become way more analytical and "breaking-through". Like Tyrion in GoT. Btw, I was a big musician. Now I enjoy making music less. It's a downside of this switch. But emotions are... Cool for friends... Not for everyday life. One thing that changed is my new live for nihilism and atheism. I was a very "New Age" bohemian man. I just can't stand with non sense now.

mehdi (not verified) says...


When you see people you know studying hours for a test while you are playing video games and read maybe one page of the textbook. Then they become angry at you for getting a better grade.

You know your an ENTP when you manage other peoples money better than you manage your own.

When you manage to charm people into doing what you want. After all, you were so sweet about it, right? 

When you see successfully cheating on tests as a measure of your own cleverness, not as something morally wrong.

when you're not afraid to walk in on any situation because you know you can bullshit your way out of anything.

when you can come up with stuff on a topic you know nearly nothing about, and be RIGHT.

when you get called "a mature person" and after 5min... "Act your age !!"

You know when your an ENTP when your teacher tells you you did a good job BSing your way through your last test.
when you can change political parties two times in one day.
when your music library consists of country, gangsta rap, opera, indie, movie sountracks, pop, and bagpipes.
when you... Sorry, I decided to go do something else mid-sentence.

You know you're an ENTP when only other ENTPs know what the hell you are talking about.

Sri1979 (not verified) says...

I laughed and then I cried - so true. I feel like I've met my tribe. 

Wish there was a way for us to get together in real life and laugh about our ridiculousness. 

Van (not verified) says...

I don't usually include myself in a group, but since most of you fashion yourselves intelligent, and apparently spend a lot of mental effort to improve the world, this group might not be the worst to be affiliated with.  I am curious, if most of you are type A personalities.  I am not.  The other thing I wonder, is how each of you think you came to have this personality.  You know, nature or nurture.

Cesca (not verified) says...

That is a great question Van, my answer is dunno, could be either. My Mum is an ENFP, course we get on great and i love her to bits

Jsadz (not verified) says...

Ha! I came to Truity to find tips on how best to deal with a frustrating ENFJ at work.  I love that the comments on our ENTP page are significantly longer and more introspective than those on that page (despite how longwinded I find Fs).  I love the sentiments.

Guest (not verified) says...

Yes, I am Smart! Score.

I am amazing.

omoyemi (not verified) says...

Just discovered I am an ENTP ...who can help me discover more about myself?

Guest (not verified) says...

I haven't read through the other personality types and their comments (yet, though of course I intend to), but I must say that these threads are captivating and so very familiar in many instances. Long, introspective, analytical.. I can relate. I think these forums are wonderful because they also give insight into the thought process of other personality types with whom we may not so readily relate.
However, when it comes to emotion and its relative importance in the decision making process, I have a few thoughts. Its importance falls behind that of logical reasoning. I completely agree that decisions should be made on an entirely logical basis, whether or not your emotions may be in agreement. That should not surprise anyone. But in the interest of the "big picture," emotion should not be ignored or feared. Fear, after all, is an emotion too. Don't let it get in the way of your logical reasoning or understanding of your emotion. Rather than fear it, analyze it. Rather than leave emotion out all together, look at the processes behind it and factor in their significance for yourself and others. Granted that significance can be greater for many others than it may be for you, but that does not make emotion insignificant.
There is a biological, genotype/environment dynamic at work which, if overlooked, may leave out a very relevant detail to the overall big picture. The process behind the emotion is more important than the emotion itself. To ignore the emotion would be to ignore a contextually relevant process.
What is the schema, belief system and cognitive behavioral understanding behind the emotion? I find that while I look at the big picture, I am very observant and detail oriented. Emotions are just details, but all small parts make up the whole. I like to gather all the information before I make a decision. Emotions give you information, though not the definitive type of information you would use as the basis for a rational decision.
So many times the details logged away in my brain are irrelevant at the time, but have significance later on when their meaning finds its proper category/relevance.Most of us would agree, I am guessing, that the information we gather runs through a very complicated machine which influences the way we perceive, categorize, associate and download the information we use to make our logical decisions. But that machine is not an island. Because it is effected by the environment we live in, the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the exercise we get, the stress we may be under and yes, our blood sugar level, I find that emotion is sometimes the first and most obvious clue as to the health of ones brain. When it is aligned with my logic, I usually don't notice the emotion. It almost becomes overlooked. This may be why some of your posts refer to it as hard to understand or communicate. It is simply in sync. When my emotion is out of sync with my logic, or when I find other people's emotions to be illogical, it is a sign that something is wrong biologically, conceptually or environmentally. I sometimes get so lost in thought that I forget my environment all together. I forget it has an effect on the process, though maybe not the final outcome. It's all about context. Every gene in our body has at least 7 ways to express itself depending on the environment. Homeostasis of the brain, neuroplasticity, mind/body interaction... Its all so very intellectually stimulating. Don't fear your emotion. Just listen to it and analyze it instead. We do it all the time with everyone else. You will learn the foreign language very quickly and expression of your emotions will come naturally after that. So will your ability to categorize them appropriately and take note of the clues they provide.

williyamjam (not verified) says...

The ENTPs enjoy playing with ideas and especially like to banter with others. They use their quick wit and command of language to keep the upper hand with other people, often cheerfully poking fun at their habits and eccentricities. While the ENTP enjoys challenging others, in the end they are usually happy to live and let live.

Guest (not verified) says...

Can you tell the main differences between Ti and Fi (ENTP and ENFP)?

MissMarie (not verified) says...

This came at a time when I really needed it. I’m at this stage where I’m rethinking everything. What I’m reading is the perfect description of who I am and how I feel. I always thought I wasn’t normal. My family always made me feel like something was wrong with me bcz I never want to do thing the "normal" way. I always get the "but why did you have to do this or you just can't be normal". My answer is always "what the hell is normal, what does that mean?" I’m in the process of changing careers. One of my main issues at my numerous workplaces was the structure in place and the rules. I always felt like I was suffocating trying to be someone that I’m not. I had a few bosses tell me I would be a good manager if only I was willing to follow the rules. Don’t get me wrong I try but, it doesn’t last long. I’m an accountant by trade which does not fit my personality at all. You can just imagine how I feel getting to work in the morning. All I could ever envision myself to be is an entrepreneur owning a business having employees, being in control of my Schedule, my time etc.

T (not verified) says...

I have been dealing with the many emotions of my son all his life. He is now 27 years old. He has been self diagnosing himself for years. Only tried working with a doctor in his adult life 1 time. From my point of view, I know his life is not easy. On the other hand, I feel that he spends more time finding new diagnoses to support his behavior than trying to find a solution or a way to deal with his emotions. Anytime we get into a discussion about his mental health, he'll say things like, "well, I don't feel the things you feel because of (latest diagnosis). or "I can't help with household chores because of (latest diagnosis) or "I can't get up for work on a regular basis because of (Latest diagnosis). I feel he tries harder finding reasons to justify his mental health than trying to find ways, tools to help him through life. When I say this to him, he then refers back to another diagnosis. To me he seems very functional when he wants something, wants to go somewhere. Is it me not being understanding enough? Or is he just using mental health diagnosis as a crutch? I'm extremely frustrated and want to help, but I feel defeated no matter what I say or do.

Guest (not verified) says...

Someone noted this above but I do want to argue here that knowing the functions will help you understand that being "on the border" between ENTP and ENFP "is not" a thing." The test is just a starting point for exploration.

I am a female, 49 year old ENTP with an ENFP, almost-grown daughter, and I can assure you firsthand that the differences between NeTiFeSi (for ENTP) and NeFiTeSi (for ENFP) are ENORMOUS! I think some are confusing the emergence of Fe in ENTP with a false conception of ENFP. ENFP has VERY low Fe - very low natural insight into how others are feeling even though they appear highly sociable, and often spread "light and love" wherever they go. Instead, they operate from an authenticity of feeling, the way that an INFP does.

One of the biggest differences between ENTP and ENFP (that my INFJ husband and I often note in our students/therapy patients) is the absence of a desire to Ti in the ENFP. Types with Ti have a significant capacity for theorizing, philosophizing. While the ENFP (who prefers Te) is comfortable with the abstract, they don't tend to enjoy abstracting as a hobby.

Also, "expressed emotion" is not the same concept as "F" - either Fe or Fi. ENTPs can be very emotionally expressive, but at the same time be uncomfortable with understanding their own emotions because they won't submit themselves to analysis as easily as other bits of information. In managing the emotions of others, ENTPs can "flip the objective switch" and appear very unfeeling as they go into Ti analysis. ENTP's expression of Fe - even when motivated by true concern, can come across as false and forced to the Fe experts like ESFJs, who smell a rat. Often they are right as Fe is a developed function and not automatic ...

james.day1961 says...

I am an ENTP. I work in Cardiac ultrasound and have a PT band for 12 years playing New Orleans Music in blues festivals in the Mid-Atlantic.

I like sailing & snowboarding and was an airbrush artist. I am the Poster Boy for ENTP!!!!!!!!! -()8^)> ( science beatnik)-lol

Guest (not verified) says...

OMG! I am also an ENTP/ENFP (but mostly ENTP). I am glad since I never expect that there are so many people like ENTP/ENFP. I can see patterns everywhere especially in people's gesture, word and action. Just like I can read them easily. And it's freaking me out :(

guest (not verified) says...

Having only known personalities categories even exists, and I'm 30, is quite liberating to know I'm an ENTP.

Me in a nutshell (if possible)
I'm a Civil Engineer
Pretty outgoing in social situations and enjoy intellectual conversations
I have a constant strive knowledge and to pass it on.
I do show and have feelings but only to a select few and rarely. (my wife and my twin brother who are the only ones who can provoke them)
I can't really stay angry or sad for very long as requires too much effort.
Always seeing the bigger picture which allows me to move on quickly.
I don't get bored easily as there is too much to do or think about.
Pretty active in sports.
Being annoyed (not angry) with others people's habits and knowing they have a flaw. Maybe because i know i can't do anything about it.
My major flaw is getting annoyed with myself. This is wide ranging, from forgetting to lock the house to emotionally hurting someone (not physical!) close to me. I can beat myself up unless i resolve it.

I do like a debate but not as much as its made out with the ENTP description. When i get into arguments or heated situations and knowing is about petty, or emotional, or unjustified things I look for ways to resolve it quickly. I think to myself "how do I win this, so they feel they've won but with no consequence for both parties because this is silly". Maybe i see it as a problem to solve so i can move on and therefore i say and do the right things to calm it rather than actually mean what i say. Even i know there are flaws to point out but i know it would make the argument worse so i ride it out. If i know the person i would want to know, maybe a few days or weeks later, and ask them "what was the point in that argument?" and most of the time they say "it was just silly/frustrating/emotional/annoying/just letting of steam etc." Then when i know this, in my eyes, its fixed.

These are just few things about me but its nice reading other entries above and their lives being an ENTP.

Guest (not verified) says...

I don't know whether I'm an ENTP or an INTP. I'm pretty sure I'm _NTP. The thing is I don't really feel like an introvert but not like extrovert either (more like an ambivert). One of my best friends is clearly an ENTP but she's a lot more outgoing and friendly and charming than I am and basically fits the description of an ENTP perfectly.So now one might think I'm an INTP but they often described as too internally focused and emotionally disconnected to fit my personality type. And I have a friend who is ISTJ so an introvert just like the INTP but she is much more of an introvert than I am even though INTPs are often described as THE definition of an introvert. I don't know I just feel like I'm stuck in the middle because I appreciate human interaction, not enough to be an ENTP, but too much to be an INTP.

lucassmith307 says...

pretty accurate , but depressing to know I will never accomplish much even though most with my personality do great things. We now live in an age where dominance is frowned upon and free thinkers are shunned as conspiracy theorists. I have an interest in most of these things, but to accomplish my many goals would take a 10 lifetimes with the constraints of government laws and peer on peer suppression, it would seem as though its very difficult to stand out and accomplish the things that interest us.my test was halfway ENTP and INTP.

Guest (not verified) says...

I just found out I'm entp. I'm amazed at the accuracy of my predicted careers. Currently I'm a creative director and producer director I also do commercial photography.

Guest (not verified) says...

After taking the test, finding out about me being an ENTP and reading the comments, it has been so bizarre to find out how accurate these statements have been. For example, someone in the comments was saying 'ENTPs are in touch with their feelings, they just don't discuss them.' and I find this incredibly accurate, among a lot of other things, as they are statements in which have been described about me from my friends and family through normal conversations and have shown up in the exact description of an ENTP. as I am only 17 years old, I am aware that my personality type may change over time, as I've heard from other people. I am trying to figure out what career path to follow for the future, I have considered either going down the science route yet also love doing art and always considering what it would be like to run my own business in something, and guess what!? these types of jobs were all in the ENTP careers list......very strange.
For A-levels at the moment I am studying biology, psychology, English and art, and want to go on to further education, is that very ENTP of me?
I have questions that I would be grateful for any of you to answer... what if you have to be a certain personality type to want to take this test in the first place? and could that effect the results of how many people are certain personality types world wide?
(obviously I am not aware of why people take this test or if it is compulsory in certain situations)

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