ENTP fictional characters are hugely entertaining to read and watch. Their quick wit and combative style means they often get the best lines. They’re always on hand to hit someone with a scathing and sarcastic comment when needed. At the same time, they’re not afraid to speak up and challenge people when they don’t agree with their views, staying true to their values.

For many ENTP characters, these traits can often land them in trouble. The people in power don’t always take kindly to this challenger personality type. They’re too far ahead of their time to be fully understood - except by the audience! - and that makes us love them even more.

Here are 5 of the best ENTP characters that you’re sure to relate to if you’re an ENTP.

1. Tony Stark - Iron Man

Perhaps one of the best known and most loved ENTP characters is Iron Man. Tony Stark is a big character who lives out his ENTP traits to their extremes. He is inventive, open-minded and witty.

As a typical ENTP character, Stark uses his intellect to come up with new technology and creative solutions. The only difference is that he’s responsible for solving some of the world’s biggest problems. Thankfully, his fearlessness allows him to push the boundaries of what is possible and come up with ever bigger and braver inventions. Unlike the other Avengers, Stark’s brain is his superpower. 

Besides this character’s brilliant inventions, what is most memorable about him is his humor. He’s constantly poking fun at the people around him, sliding sarcastic comments into every conversation. His supreme self-confidence means he approaches every scenario with swagger and sassiness - even when he’s up against the most intimidating villains.

2. Elizabeth Bennet - Pride and Prejudice

The heroine of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennett is a memorable and lovable character. Many type her as an INFJ, and you can certainly see hints of the passion, altruism and sensitivity to criticism that are common in people with INFJ personalities. However, like a typical ENTP, she breaks away from the strict norms of Georgian England. Elizabeth Bennett resists the expectations of the people around her, searching for love and freedom rather than a comfortable, conventional marriage.

Where Elizabeth’s ENTP character traits are most clear is in her conversations with the people around her. She uses her quick wit to outmaneuver her conversational opponents, never fearing to speak her mind, whatever the situation or setting. This is most clear from her verbal duels with Mr. Darcy which are fantastic to read and watch. This ENTP character is fearless and fierce.

Like many ENTPs, Elizabeth Bennett can sometimes frustrate the people around her with her impulsiveness and impracticality. She fails to fit into the gender roles constructed for her by the world she lives in. She is stunningly brilliant but also risky for her time, preferring to live life on the edge rather than settle for a respectable, acceptable husband.

3. Dustin Henderson - Stranger Things

Clever and confident, Dustin Henderson is a hugely likeable ENTP character in Netflix’s Stranger Things. Dustin joins his friends in facing up against a wide range of ghoulish monsters from the Upside Down, using his creative and quirky mind to come up with ways to beat them.

What’s most impressive and interesting about Dustin’s character is his inventiveness. He builds his own inventions to combat the bad guys and adapts to every new challenge, no matter how scary. He’s not afraid of pushing the boundaries and breaking norms.

Dustin’s character is outspoken and sarcastic. He’s constantly teasing his friends and poking fun at them. This is seen most clearly in his friendship with cool-guy Steve Harrington. Despite their age difference, Dustin challenges Steve and undermines him in a fun and adorable way. Ultimately, whatever Dustin says and does to his friends, it always comes from a place of love.

4. Tyrion Lannister - Game of Thrones

An example of a challenging ENTP character is Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones. This ENTP character has had to deal with a lot of hardships in his life. Abused since he was a child, Tyrion had to develop a thick skin. In many ways, he uses his humor as a weapon against the people who are most cruel to him. It’s a form of self-defense.

One of the things that shines through most about Tyrion’s ENTP character is his creative problem-solving skills. He’s able to stay alive and stay ahead in the dangerous world of King's Landing by being adaptable and mentally agile. Tyrion Lannister is not just resilient, he is extremely cunning.

In many ways, Tyrion is defined by his nonconformity. He is not afraid to live his life unconventionally and often shocks the people around him with his antics. This heightens the conflict with his family members but Tyrion wears controversy like a badge of honor.

5. Princess Merida - Brave

Growing up in a world of princesses, knights, witches and dragons, Princess Merida is all about breaking with convention. Though she’s technically a Disney Princess, this heroine from Brave is far from stereotypical. She’s bold, courageous and adventurous.

Merida is an archery champion, a brilliant rider and a force to be reckoned with. She refuses to marry and be tied down by the expectations of her family and her position. Instead, Merida is strong and stubborn and fights for what she wants - to be a princess in her own way.

As free spirited as her mane of red hair, Merida is curious and open-minded. She has little patience for people who aren’t on her level, rejecting all of the would-be suitors set up by her mother. When it comes to ENTP characters, Merida takes the fearlessness and boundary-pushing traits of this personality type to the next level.

The best and most lovable ENTP characters

These are 5 of the top ENTP characters from fiction. If you’re an ENTP, you’re sure to find traits in these characters that you can relate to, from their humor to their headstrong ways.

To find out more about the ENTP personality type, check out this type description. Or to find your own type and see where you fit in the 16 type system, take our free Typefinder test

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