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ENFP Strengths

Excellent communicators. ENFPs have outstanding communication skills and they know how to use them. They will engage anyone in conversation at the drop of a hat, and they know how to draw others out in a way that keeps the discussion flowing. Whether casually shooting the breeze or collaborating in the workplace, ENFPs provide the horsepower that keeps the engine of conversation humming along. 

Imaginative. ENFPs are imaginative problem solvers and reject the idea that traditional ways are always the best. In every situation they believe an original approach is possible—and desirable—and they refuse to become prisoners of habit or routine. They see roadblocks as opportunities, and they confront every challenge they face with fresh eyes and no preconceived notions. 

Natural leaders. ENFPs step forward to assume positions of leadership readily and instinctively. They are confident in their ability to handle demanding responsibilities many people find scary or intimidating. ENFP leaders are consensus builders who work hard to gain the trust of their associates, patiently listening to their ideas and reacting enthusiastically to their good suggestions. Their assertive, “can-do” attitude inspires others and motivates them to action.

Strong social conscience. Often active in social movements, ENFPs stand up for what they believe in without apology. Some people talk the compassion game but don’t follow through with meaningful action, but ENFPs believe it is vitally important to back up caring words with good deeds. Despite their friendly nature, an ENFP will go supernova with righteous anger when they are exposed to suffering and injustice. They can get quite loud and assertive, if that’s what it takes to get their opinions heard.

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ENFP Weaknesses

Hypersensitivity. ENFPs sometimes let their imaginations run wild and often perceive bad intentions that don’t really exist. Being hyper-alert and aware helps ENFPs improve their social comprehension, but reading between the lines only works when something is actually hidden there. If it isn’t, misunderstandings can occur and hurt feelings can damage good relationships.

Lack of focus and follow through. ENFPs are endlessly creative, capable of filling a thousand days with a thousand bold ideas. But they don’t always follow through on their inspirations, and if others are not brought on board to handle the details, their best ideas may never be put into practice. ENFPs rely on their initial excitement and passion too much and don’t always show the discipline necessary to translate their ideas into real-world production. They have a tendency to start new projects before the last ones are finished, and failing to see things through is where ENFPs sometimes come up short. 

Overthink things. ENFPs have a tendency to perceive slights, resentments or hostility where none actually exist, and their habit of overanalyzing other people’s behavior can lead to unnecessary anger and conflict. If ENFPs aren’t receiving as many compliments as they expect from their significant others, their insecurities can be activated and they may start to feel unappreciated and unloved. 

Overemotional and approval-seeking. While emotional expression is a core part of the ENFP's identity, they can come on too strong. The bubbly, energetic style of ENFPs doesn’t mesh well with every partner and introverts, in particular, can sometimes feel steamrolled in their presence. ENFPs are also approval-seekers, and in their desire to receive praise and acknowledgment they may try a little too hard to make a good impression, talking too much and listening too little in the process. 

ENFP Growth and Development

In order to reach their full potential, ENFPs should:

Accept the fact that if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck ... ENFPs are intuitive and have a sharp eye for detail. They make a mistake, however, when they insist on looking for hidden motivations or covert agendas everywhere. In normal social encounters, ENFPs should make a real effort to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and take words and actions at face value. Assuming the worst can be a self-fulfilling prophecy, since people will eventually sense an ENFP’s mistrust and return it in kind. 

Take the foot off the accelerator. In social situations, that is. When ENFPs are tempted to turn on the charm just a bit more, or pick up the intensity in their presentation style, they would be wise to resist those urges. Smiling and nodding and listening are excellent communication tools. Interestingly, because they are so good with words, ENFPs actually need fewer of them to make their points or establish solid human connections in most instances. 

Don’t shirk the “dirty” work. ENFPs don’t always see projects through to the end, preferring to hop from one endeavor to another like a hungry hummingbird flitting through a juicy flower patch. So every once in a while, as a change of pace, ENFPs should make it a point to maintain tight control all the way to the finish. Detail work and project management do not always come naturally to ENFPs. But they have the insight and know-how to handle all the small stuff, if they just make the decision to put their noses to the grindstone and keep them there until the process is complete.

Look inside for validation. ENFPs enjoy compliments and try very hard to please, and this has a subtle, and not entirely positive, effect on their behavior. When ENFPs pay too much attention to the opinions of others, it can prevent them from following their own instincts and leave them open to manipulation. “If being true to myself gets me in hot water, then so be it”—that is what ENFPs should tell themselves when they start worrying too much about what other people think. 

Find good partners. Because they are a little lax with the details, ENFPs need assistants and co-workers who can handle the duties they tend to overlook. ENFPs enjoy working in teams so it should not be a big stretch to form relationships or partnerships with people whose skills complement their own. In their personal lives, ENFPs can also benefit by making connections with those who are good at the aspects of life they neglect. This could certainly be said about any of us, but ENFPs have a strong independent streak and may not reach out to others for help as often as they should.

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MGSKID says...

Hi all, 

Excited that I was introduced to take this test and verify me as an ENFP. A lot of what I am going through makes some sense, it is time to make some decisions and take a course of action. Although some feedback is appreciated! 

I recently quit a good job (that ended up fitting my personality, also my passion which was in the automotive industry) as well as give up my half of a partnership of my own business. I now regret it because I left it abruptly (in my own mind) but on good terms with the company. I was going through mental hardship in my relationship and wanted to leave everything as a whole and relocate somewhere else with fewer distractions and a fresh perspective. I was excited and planned it before getting cold feet and staying in my relationship, trying to find opportunities here but nothing has stuck other than feeling like I put myself into a hole, stunted growth, and unmotivated about almost everything! I still have the capability to do so but have some fears. I am from the northeast and planned on moving down south and seeking an opportunity there. Anyhow, I am stuck and not sure which route to go, either stick around where my resources, friends family, and girlfriend are or to take some time and go where I always wanted to go and try and make things work there. I have a sense of fearing failure of course and boredom after that novelty may wear off in a new place. Even though it may not be permanent, I reflect on it doing it with good intention not to "run away" but to dig deep into my own self without the same patterns and habits(some not being so helpful)

Taking this test helped me conclude a better sense of direction on what to apply for or get into. Between jobs and also going back to school and earning my BA. 

Any experimental feedback on what helped you other ENFP'S? Would relocating really help , or leaving/ post poning a relationship that may be harmful to my current growth? Or staying put and conquering these challenges. 

Overall time of reflection has been helpful and certainly confirming some strengths and weaknesses to work on but I almost feel as if I am not benefiting from my personality and fulfilling those good traits in my current position. BTW I am (27M) that had a decent track record(up until now) of being successful in business, relationship building and felt great with a good amount of experience leaving a solid name for my values, work ethic, and passion. 


Su (not verified) says...

Hey! I'm a female ENFP and have been struggeling with choosing what job I want to do later (like most of us). I have been interested in architecture for a very long time, but haven't seen any ENFP who is an architect. I was also considering interior design, but felt like architecture was a better choice. I remember I also wanted to be a graphic designer or fashion designer, but didn't feel like I was interested enough in fashion and creative enough to be a graphic designer. I'm also very interested in photography.  Just very confused because there are too many things I'm interested in. I feel like it was so much easier when I was younger, because I didn't have the pressure to choose only one thing. 

Madisonheart7 (not verified) says...

This is too eerily similar to my interests! I'm obsessed with architecture, and interior design, I've spent most of my life changing careers and switching majors in college, I'm 30 now and I've been in college way too long. I'm not happy at the moment but I'll share regardless maybe help to give you perspective as we are just so similar based on your paragraph here. I ended up choosing computer science in college, I forced myself to stick with it even though I really really dislike it (although has its moments, the problem solving aspect can be interesting) but I decided on this based on the fact that it will lead to the highest salary with the lowest degree (BS) and that with that result hopefully I'll be able to take the salary and use it to explore my ever changing interests (that happen to be mostly creative) 

I do sort of regret not going to school for architecture but in the end it might have been a good choice not too, it's truly such a LONG and hard road (see:Drew Paul Bell on YouTube, he speaks about architecture school) And quite honestly I think it would have drained me, school has always been such a hard thing for me, even though I have the intellectual capability, it's really just torture. So in the end I chose a route for financial benefit (hopefully) that will allow me to have more creative freedom! That's the plan anyway, talk to me in a year, I might be in pilot school. ;) 

best of luck my ENFP soul sister/brother, life's about the journey is not just a cliche, it's really true, especially for an ENFP, you'll never feel truly sure about any one path, find a path that allows you freedom and flexibility of some sort, and stay on it!

JaneINFJ (not verified) says...

Maybe an Art Director? Can span a number of those arenas, varied work, and pays very well.

Elise h.k. (not verified) says...

Hi! I am a female Architect and an ENFP! I have found that I am not like most architects because I really value the relationships with the clients probably more so than the design itself. I also have a ton of different interests which keeps life exciting but can make decisions hard for a career path. If it helps, I have read that ENFPs have an entrepreneurial spirit and I am in the process of starting my own firm. I think that's the beauty of ENFPs, we adapt to change quite easily we just have to take the leap to make that change. I say go for it, pick what draws you in the most and know that you can't go wrong. Eventually you will get to where you want to be!

Su (not verified) says...

Thank you for responding! I will definetely give it a shot :)

Ed Childs (not verified) says...

Check out product design and UX/UI, those at good blends of the two and the $ is great! Also, if you can't take fashion design classes, you can always start your own blog, website, and especially your portfolio (this will help with side hustle opps to compliment your day job), and who knows, maybe the two can overlap down the road?!


ENFP Career Counselor


BNRF (not verified) says...

Your career choice os the intersection of what you are good at, what you enjoy and what will maintain the lifestyle you are willing to live at.

Sammi (not verified) says...

Hey I don't know you but I just feel like you should continue to invest your time in architecture. not seeing any ENFP in that field is all the more reason why you should be the first. One of the best things about being an ENFP is that our originality is inspiring. Plus you never know, your career in architecture could lead to an outlet for you passion in interior design. wishing you the best! Xoxo 

Su (not verified) says...

thank you!! x

Julia Sara Burns (not verified) says...

Hi Su! I feel exactly the same way and I am also trying to figure which of those exact career paths to choose from! I have been researching interior design and, at least in Washington State, as an interior designer you can design residential buildings and small commercial buildings so there's a lot of flexibility there! My challenge is how to move forward on my career change. Any ideas?

good luck!


Heather Mallette (not verified) says...

As an interior designer, also contact property management companies who are managing apartment buildings for the owners. The managers have to rent the apartments and apts always rent faster when properly staged. Also connect with realtors for the same reason.

Su (not verified) says...

Hi! I think interior design is a really good idea, it probably won't bore an ENFP and gives you lots of opportunities to be creative. But unfortunately where I live interior design doesn't have as much flexibility as it does in Washington State. You have to be very good at doing art and that's also why they ask for a portfolio if you want to get in. I'm creative but haven't really worked on my drawing skills that much. I was actually going to study spanish language and literature this year, but decided not to continue because it wasn't really what I was looking for. So I think I'm just going to pick one and see how it goes (but also don't really know how I'm going to move forward). Keep me updated tho! I would really like to know what you end up choosing!

Henata Volleyball says...

see my comment downwards it might help

aiyanna :) says...

Hey, ya lovely people! I'm kinda in a pickle, a bind. I've tested as an ENFP for the last 6 years, every single year. I'm pretty sure I'm still an ENFP. I know that a personality type isn't a say all be all, but I know there is definitely an influence.

I have loved medicine for such a long time, it's a sustained passion of mine- which is great considering that I will bounce from languages to softball on a whim. I started self-studying at 8, I'm a senior in high school now. I have my CNA. It has been a constant thing. I have taken action to start on this. 

Most people doubt my ability to take it on, and I will do it simply out of spite but spite is not sustainable. I have a feeling that people chalk me up to stupid. It's just easier to be friendly and imaginative than cold and rational. I'm pretty sure I've harnessed my tertiary function pretty well. Of course, I'm biased. Personally, I really need a rigid structure just as much as a sprinkle of chaos. Not stifling, but a healthy dose of structure. Without it, I'm useless. It's probably being around so many thinkers. I'm just so tired of being doubted and having people ask me my "back-up plan". I don't plan on falling back on anything.

Is there a good fellow ENFP in healthcare?

Esmee (not verified) says...

Hi there!

Also an ENFP here:) Like you I'm really into medicine and like you I didn't have a back up plan (at least not one that stuck with me for more than a week) and right now I'm in my second year of my medicine bachelors! I have to admit that medicine is hard sometimes, because right now it's a lot of theory and not enough chaos so staying motivated can be a bit difficult at times. So I took a little job in health care that is kinda hectic sometimes (just the way I like it) and it is helping me stay motivated and reminding me that it will al be worth it (at least until my clinicals start). So go for it:)

Henata Volleyball says...

Hello there. I am an ENFP male.

I agree with what you said about our need for structure and many other things.

So two things I think is important for ENFPs to remark when choosing a major:

1. Differentiate between the idea of becoming (what you want) and the actual day-to-day tasks in the real world and the real market.

Many ENFPs love the idea of becoming something without understanding and realizing fully the nature of the job and the environment of the job. They are just mesmerized by the peak but when it comes to the mounting ahead of them they need to climb, they are simply not willing to do it because it's not interesting for them.

2. Differentiate between:

A. The interest of the applications of the field you are interested in

B.  The interest in how things work.

Many ENFPs for example like the idea of building a mobile application, inventing new medicine, moving a heart from one human to another, or even building a rocket! they are curious by nature and they find everything amazing.

 but if you ask one of them to build one of these applications, they won't because it is just too boring for them.

Now what I advise you to do is to go to the library and pick some medicine books and take a look at them

also, go to youtube and search for the hard subjects of the 3rd-6th year, take a look at the curriculum

if you can imagine your self studying and enjoying these subjects, and you feel like " I can't wait to learn this stuff"

Then go for it and don't let anyone discourage you. if you could see yourself doing it and being happy with it, do it.

Also, visit the closest med school from your home and have a conversation with them and simply express your thoughts and see what do they think about it.

But be careful don't let any of them discourage you with their negative thoughts.

And If you could see yourself doing anything else and being happy with it, do it.

I'm not sure about the accuracy of my thoughts, so if anyone thinks it is not right please don't hesitate to correct me. 


Also, take a look at these websites and also pay attention to the inaccurate and negative thoughts:







Nix (not verified) says...

Can/should ENFP's become medical doctor's?

Henata Volleyball says...

See my comments upwards

T* (not verified) says...

Yes! Here is one :)

All personality types can be found in medical practice, as well as there is a wide variety of specialisms.

You will often here that each specialism comes with its own kind of people. Try searching 'personalities' and 'medical specialisms'.

But please, read this for your enjoyment and not as an careerguide. Keep an open mind and you will discover what you like during rotations. Have fun!

T* (not verified) says...

Here = hear, an = a

Efnp; typing with enthousiasm and not caring about the little details ... also I'm Dutch ;)

bunny (not verified) says...

where my enfp barbbbzzzzz @ 🦄 ??!!!!!! stream nickis new docu-series on HBO in 2021 ! 

Henata Volleyball says...


roman's stepson (not verified) says...



Alexandre (not verified) says...

Heey Everyone =) I'm an ENFP and one advice I can do to us: "We need to Verbalize Our Learning"
Always remember that! "We upgrade our energy with each Social Interaction"
You can Start an Private YouTube Channel just for you!! To upload videos of you talking something about what was your latest learn!! Please! We need this! "Interaction for us =  Life" More one thing that helped so much was Download some Video Chats App in my mobile phone! This is one way to Interact with other randomly and at home! Thank you so much ENFP for reading this =) I hope and bless You and incredibly awesome Life fullfilled with Social Interactions =D! 

Michael says...

I'm ENFP too , and u are right about this no doubt ... thank u for sharing us your experience .. cheers =)

Julie (France) (not verified) says...

I'm 24 (I know it can be reassuring to know the age). I've always been doing artsy things such as sketching/painting, video editing, photography, dancing, playing instruments... But I ended up graduating in International business because I didn't have the guts to make a living out of my passions (it was too hard to choose one too). Also it felt like this degree could give me assurance and opportunities to travel (I did Erasmus which was the best experience so far). After having my bachelor degree I worked one year in tourism as a cast member at disneyland Paris, although work was fun and I could practice my languages, it wasn't stimulating enough for me to stay any longer. I decided to go back studying a master degree in international negotiations only to realize after passing my first semester that I was feeling so drained by this major. Quitting this business world has been the hardest and longest decision (more than 4 "socially lost" years) yet the best one I've ever made. I got back into tourism by working as a tour guide which was absolutely cool. But after few personal life troubles I had to take a break and travel (can't complain I had the chance to go to bunch of places already). 2020 was supposed to be a year of world exploration but it just left me clueless of what to do next. It's been one year I've been unemployed and a bit depressed by this situation and I feel like I am a jack of trades but master of none. But after taking the personality test and knowing the reasons why it is difficult for us ENFPs to choose only one path, helped me a lot to see a brighter side of this story. I am still afraid of doing something now and don't know what my next step is going to be, maybe volunteering, maybe a solo trip to Spain, maybe being au pair for a couple of months, maybe starting a new degree in psychology, sociology, language teaching or cinema... Maybe all of that, maybe something totally different. But in the end I know it's okay as long as I'm doing a bit of what i love everyday. I hope we don't lose our spontaneity along the way and will find ways to feel fulfilled with our life choices. Please don't stop believing ! Thank you for reading, I'm sure we're going to find whatever we're looking for. Let's just enjoy the journey.

Char (not verified) says...

Hi Julie,

I'm 51 and feel the exact same!  After a 20 year career in television, I quit to open a shoe store (epic fail), then I landed in corporate communications (great job, but got laid off) so I'm now getting my MBA, hoping it'll help me figure out what I want to be "when I grow up".  I got my real estate license during the pandemic, but one thing I didn't expect about real estate is how much solitary work there is trying to find clients.  I'm not enjoying that part, so now I'm thinking that HR is the way to go.  I've been circling around that idea for a few years.  Now I just have to get someone to hire me!  Ugh. 

Good luck!!!!


Serena090 (not verified) says...

Wow this resonated with me so much!! So many of the comments on this post did.. it's actually really refreshing to know it's not just me going on this rollercoaster alone. One day I want to pursue acting, then in want to continue travelling, but then I want to start a business and maybe I want to go and study psychology... there's so many amazing things to explore in the world and so many paths we can choose but if we keep exploring I'm sure we'll all be just fine 😊

Mark G (not verified) says...

This hits home more than you could ever imagine. Knowing that you're 51 and still working and earning new skills settles me down. I hope that you find something you truly love, at least for a couple of years ;)

Amanda (not verified) says...

Hi! I'm enfp too and I really resonated with your post. I have to choose a major for college soon and I have been very torn between a lot of topics. I was thinking about going down the business route because of the idea that I'd be more secure that way. Your post helped me remember I should study something I am genuinely interested in and try to find a balance. Also, it helps to know we're not alone in our struggles so thank you:)

Michael says...

I'm ENFP too and the story of mine is so much similar to you , the problem is we can't choose 1 only path in carrerpath , we should be struggle in life , and find the main purpose that make us work and imoproving , i mean for example if u see yourself is very good in psychology .. u can try to work on it in order to work like life coach or psychologist .


KrystalAlex (Hou) (not verified) says...

Wow. I am also a 24 year old ENFP and I cant even tell you enough how much this post resonated with me. You are not alone in this journey and the universe is conspiring in your favor. Keep living. We are lovers of life and meant to experience it in its totality. 

Sonis (not verified) says...

Hi, try transcendental meditation. I'm enfp myself, some days you can do anything, launch a spaceship to the moon, and another day you just can't get out of bed. TM seems to balance those swings. Just try it for yourself, you have nothing to lose :p

Jia (not verified) says...

Hi Julie, reading your post just make me feel like you are exactly like me! I am 27 years old and i like to dance, sing, playing piano and travel. It's hard for me to pick one and stick with it. Unfortunately, I also studied Economics/Business at college because I thought it will secure a standard living for me. But after three years working, I am drained inside and I need to get out of it. Maybe do career coaching, helping other kids to find their passion. Maybe be a yoga teacher, why waste my talent on dance! I don't know, I'm still figuring it out. Thank you for sharing and I am just glad to see that you are brave enough to do something you love! Go girl!

Nabilla W Karunia says...

Hi! I'm a female ENFP and attending International Relations for college. I think this is the best for me, now. I can see myself joining a NGO or even build one if i could. I love helping people and building new relationships. My role model is actually not decided yet but i guess the one that could be my role model is Toto chan!!! If anyone have read toto chan, yes she was a unique child attending a unique elementary school in Japan. But when she grew up, she became an activist (i believe) that help the children in Africa. Her story about that is written in the 2nd book of toto chan. 

But actually, i'm still figuring out my actual talent. Like i know i love helping people and make friends easily, but i'm not sure if that's considered a talent,,,, I'm actually not a good presenter or anything that requires talking in front of people while having to presentate something. So i hope i can work on that. I'm not that artistic, i guess i'm moderate tho. I love art, of course, but not an expert in creating it. I do feel i am a bit creative, but sometimes it just works under pressure and i hate that tbh. The way i work best under pressure is stressful so i need to work on that too. Well that's all i could think of, i'm a bit open in person so that's from me <3

Clarissa Janice Noerjanto (not verified) says...

you literally so much like me, we need to be friend😂 we have so many similaries omg, I'm also like art but i think I'm not that good at art,  I'm also not good at public speaking or presentation, I'm also want to help many global issue such as climate change and i really want to be a volunteer cause i want to help people.

I'm 12th grader right now and I'm kinda confuse about what major i should take in the univ. i have 2 choices, internasional relation or art and design. and i just think that international relation is the best way for me. 

can you give me your instagran username or email? i really want to talk to you more further

ynglinaa (not verified) says...

Hi Nabilla!

I totally feel what you are saying. That description lowkey really fits my personality too, haha. I just had to comment because i see your good intentions, but espechially if you want to work for an international NGO later, you should watch out to avoid saying things like "helping the children in africa". Africa is a very large continent with different countries, thousands of languages and ethnic groups and cultures who all are totally different. That expression just generalizes african people in a bad way. I know your intentions are true, thats why i wanted to give you a heads up and a recommendation to do some research without supporting white saviour stereotypes (im not saying you are one).

best regards, lin

Solveig (not verified) says...

Im ENFP and i have an office job. I work for the gov. Paying education salaries. I dont particularly love it but i get along with my work mates and the hours and pay means plenty of time and money for me to do whatever i feel like doing or persue whatever dream i have at the moment (they usually change from one week to the next lol) 

Andy Nguyen (not verified) says...


I'm a male ENFP, 23 yrs old. I have a bit of background in digital marketing. However, I dont think digital or performance marketing is a good fit for me because it's required me to checking on numbers hourly and always staring at computers. So I tend to change to neither B2B sales nor operations since I'm always naturally good with people and my long-term goal is to operate my own business. What do you guys think is this a good fit for our type and what should I prepare to pursue it? Thank heaps

Michael says...

don't think about administration work , i'm enfp like u and i worked before as operation spesialist and i needed to be so much detailed in numbers and it was like administration work but i figure out after reading about enfp that we are not good in administration work at all ... so u can think about sales B2B ... it will be a better choice of u , and in my opinion , marketing is so much better than sales to be honest with u .


Cassie Calkum (not verified) says...


I am an INFP, but my boyfriend is an ENFP, and he and I have been talking about different careers that he could go into, and he's currently having a really hard time finding something else that will work for him. He's been working in the restaurant industry for a long time, and served in an army in a base in Georgia for 4 years. So I was wanting to ask other ENFP's to see if anyone has any careers that have made them feel happy and fulfilled. So that I am able to better support him on his journey.

Chrisbegnaud (not verified) says...

I work as dod civilian, ex Army

I love it cause when i get board usually 3 years i can change fields but stay in same pay band and benefits.


Peter Beck (not verified) says...

I don't freaking know what job should be, it is all so confusing! I just don't understand some of the jobs for this personality type and it feels different than I expected. It is is all so odd to me, and I don't know why.

SBarros (not verified) says...

hahaha I know the feeling. I just finished Chemical Engineering but I knew from the beginning that I could not see myself doing that for the rest of my life, so I decided to take the most out of the course, to have some great skills as my advantage. I graduated last February, and I got rejected for an engineering position. Thankfully the same company looked at my cv and saw my potential and decided to put me in a data analyst field focus on the customer. AND I AM LOVING IT.


Right now, feels like I should have gone to marketing. But the lesson here is to focus on whatever you decide so you can explore your skills later.

Holly1110 (not verified) says...

Literally. Same. It kills me. Lol

Ruffrey (not verified) says...

ENFP here, went to school for psychology and social work. Which fits with the suggestions and other personality test and career test suggestions I had in high school.

Working as a therapist and social worker bored me to tears after the first few years. I switched to software development and it has been over 10 years. I never looked back. Engineering can require a high level of collaboration and creativity. This is great for many ENFPs, myself included. I have met several other successful engineer-type ENFPs and it seems the difference is we have been forced to learn good discipline and focus on the team's goals and values. Executing to a very specific plan is hard for the ENFP but executing to big goals and teamwork is highly valued in software. 

Samuelbarros says...

I can definitely relate to this.


Maps (not verified) says...

You sound like an ENTJ rather than an ENFP . A career in engineering requires a certain level of attention to detail as well as mundane routines which ENFP could never tolerate our attention span will not allow this . an ENFP pays no attention to deadlines unfortunately. I would say you were screen wrong 

Jeff Hanson (not verified) says...

I opted out of Pyschologist/Counselor and created a Coaching business for Addiction/Mental health because of the problem you describe.  It's torture to listen to the same thing over and over without an end in sight.  

I've priced my service high as only certain personality types are interested in exploring and coming up with new ideas to solve an issue in the beginning phase...then implementing them at the time I feel that person is ready.  This does not work for most.  I've found people want to be "fixed" or to "fix" someone else.

Before, this I did a good amount of computer coding and found it highly rewarding and healthy for me.  It's a puzzle that requires a healthy imagination mixed with focus, but for me I did need to see my work translate into an output I can be proud of.  Software development is one of those.  I've done the design side as well.  I don't think it's "forced discipline" as much as seeing the value in personal structure and having that reinforced in a positive way through a team environment. 

When I explain myself, "I don't need to be the lead singer, but damn right I'm gonna be the lead guitarist who may throw in some background vocals on some nights!  Tho, I'll also be the one to ask for the bass to be pushed up the mix so he feels part of the band ha."

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