Enneagram Types and Relationships

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Ever wonder which Enneagram type pairings are the most common? How about which types are happiest single, which types are serial monogamists, and which types are most likely to pencil “LTR” into their long-term goals? Truity surveyed over 88,000 users to find out more about the Enneagram types and their relationships. Here’s what we discovered. For more about our findings, check out our blog post.


Kevin Urban (not verified) says...

What about 7?

a concerned 5 (not verified) says...

what about 3, 6, 7, and 8? None of those were surveyed?

As for 5s, I'd say that's depressing, thanks for that.

no nameeeeee (not verified) says...

Don't base off your future off of these answers or surveys. You alone can make your future and all 5's are different. If you long for a relationship just make sure to strive to put in the work and the relationship will be fruitful. What you sow you reap. 

Nickolas E5 (not verified) says...

sometimes being alone is depressing and huge blocks prevent any relationships(not to meet needs and meagre resources) 

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