Has anyone else got bad spending habits?? i always spend to the last penny and cant save im getting worried for the future. if i earn more i spend more any advise?


mark esparza says...

I would not worry about spending money. It makes no sense to save it. every where we look the word save on TV ads over and over again.saving money on the brain is how the rich keep us from noticing we work for nothing. To put it in perspective I asked a construction worker if he had to build a house by himself how long it would take him , he answerd three months. Most people do not ever own there own home in there lifetime after working fourty or fifty years.  The problem is people who work for a living are getting screwed. Instead of worrying about saving money you should spend that time creating an income that brings more money that you can spend. We need to be rich in this country not to buy things but to be free. Poor people get put in jail for being poor and poor people have no rights. I have been to jail at least thirty times and im not a crimenal or ever give the cops a hard time.I have been locked up four times for crossing the street.Why put money in the bank so they can use your money to invest and at the same time charge you every time you make a transaction. I have not figured out how to make any money yet but I am working on it. How ever I do, it will be something positive. I am in school and have so many ideas that keep coming. Now Im starting to network, since I do not know anyone, this is a good place to start. it is hard to spend money when we have none. Dont be fooled by the illusion of good paying jobs they are in the same boat. becaus most people have no idea the gives us more room and opertunity saving money will do nothing for the future. for maney people not saving money is a sorce for anxiety and OCD I could be wrong but it looks like most every one is loosing their lives to employment and saving money.


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