Has anyone else got bad spending habits?? i always spend to the last penny and cant save im getting worried for the future. if i earn more i spend more any advise?


mark esparza says...

I would not worry about spending money. It makes no sense to save it. every where we look the word save on TV ads over and over again.saving money on the brain is how the rich keep us from noticing we work for nothing. To put it in perspective I asked a construction worker if he had to build a house by himself how long it would take him , he answerd three months. Most people do not ever own there own home in there lifetime after working fourty or fifty years.  The problem is people who work for a living are getting screwed. Instead of worrying about saving money you should spend that time creating an income that brings more money that you can spend. We need to be rich in this country not to buy things but to be free. Poor people get put in jail for being poor and poor people have no rights. I have been to jail at least thirty times and im not a crimenal or ever give the cops a hard time.I have been locked up four times for crossing the street.Why put money in the bank so they can use your money to invest and at the same time charge you every time you make a transaction. I have not figured out how to make any money yet but I am working on it. How ever I do, it will be something positive. I am in school and have so many ideas that keep coming. Now Im starting to network, since I do not know anyone, this is a good place to start. it is hard to spend money when we have none. Dont be fooled by the illusion of good paying jobs they are in the same boat. becaus most people have no idea the gives us more room and opertunity saving money will do nothing for the future. for maney people not saving money is a sorce for anxiety and OCD I could be wrong but it looks like most every one is loosing their lives to employment and saving money.


Xavier Guillaume (not verified) says...

Have you ever looked up asceticism? Asceticism focuses less on material objects and more on spiritual wellbeing. So instead of buying a bunch of things you don't need, asceticism would say only buy what you do need and what you will use. Part of it is dwindling your possessions to the bare minimum. This may seem like you would be less happy because you would have less stuff, but asceticism states the happiness comes from not being burdened by things. This certainly would save you lots of money. You can also use asceticism to save money on experiences. For example, instead of paying $100s on a fancy concert, asceticism might lead you to spend zero dollars and hang out in the park and listen to the music of the birds for free and have just as much enjoyment from the sounds of nature.

Iris Shikoba says...

I would put the money that you would have saved into a savings account that you would use *only* for emergencies. 

For example: if you bought a sweater for ten dollars, when it was originally fifteen, the extra five dollars goes into that savings account. 

And you need to make it a rule not to touch that savings account unless it’s an *absolute necessity*. (This is where that pesky willpower comes in to play.)

Jamillah (not verified) says...

I have the same issue. Somehow I manage to get by, but it is very hard for me to remain consistent with saving, and honestly I also think saving is a big joke. I think, when you get a large sum of money you should invest it into some sort of retirement fund or a mutual fund or even buy stock! As an INFP as well, I work in high energy phases, so maybe you can set a certain time period (4-6 weeks) where you can save like a maniac, and at the end of that put it into a savings account.  You can do this as many times as you deem necessary. However, dont be so hard on yourself for just wanting to enjoy life. We only get one so make sure you do treat yourself. You can also divide the types of savings accounts that you do have. I say you have one that you can spend on whatever the fuck you want but only after a certain time period. For example, if you can not touch it for like six months, give yourself a pat on the back and blow it all. Over time you will get better. However, just make sure this isnt the only account you have. Also remember that all of thiis will take time :)

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