I've been reading about this a lot lately, and i've realized that i have extreme difficulty engaging in small talk. I literally can't seem to do it without coming off completely uninterested or awkward. It is almost frustrating that i can't seem to have a conversation with someone without wanting to automatically get into something really deep and or trying to find deeper meaning in everything we talk about. I realize that i withdraw from having contact with people in general to avoid the awkwardness. Does anyone else have this feeling to this extreme extent?


guest (not verified) says...

Yes.. I am like that too. I want to find deep meaning in everything I do,think, and say.. It is hard to say the least because not everyone wants to be deeply involved in things that are easy to become superficial about. But that is who we are. I have a friend that is an INTP and we can talk about anything for long hours and it never get boring. Find that one person you can talk deeply to so you don't always have the desire to talk like that with everyone.

DEVY (not verified) says...

Wow, I completely agree.. If someone wants to be just a superficial friend, I am completely out. I get so frustrated by this. My best friend, an INTJ, is trying to understand this, she can accept anyone with their limitations. Me I just feel like I am wasting time.

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